Wow are you as overwhelmed with all the great deals this week as I am? Not a bad problem to have though!  There is a new $0.50 off 1 Speed Stick Deodorant coupon that you can use at Walmart to get deodorant for only $0.47!

Men’s Speed Stick Deodorant $0.97
$0.50/1 – Men’s or Lady’s Speed Stick Deodorant – (
Final Price: $0.47

Thanks, Passion for Savings

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46 thoughts on “Speed Stick Deodorant at Walmart, Only $0.47!”

i’m kind of late, but is it still $0.97 at walmart right now? this post is from a couple weeks ago. well, i hope it is because i have a lot of coupons for it!

I have had this problem a few times before. I have used many different zip codes and this coupon is nowhere to be found. Why can some people get it and some can not?? Makes me mad!!

So I went to my local walmart today and they did have the full size mens speedstick for .97. I had 20 coupons for .50/1 , I only bought 5 to start off with but plan on going to get more.

Fred Meyer has full size Speed stick on sale for .79 this week

wow ladys I cant find that coupon I entered zip 22193 and still nothing….. FREACKING OUT here I want that coupon…. lol

I can’t find this coupon either using any of the zip codes mentioned. If anyone could email it to me I’d really appreciate it. Thanks

Went to my Walmart today and found the 2 oz available for .98. Had two .50 off coupons from last Sunday to get them or .48 each. They had stock and the cashier gladly took my multitude of coupons (including 3 of the free Ivory). My Walmart is GREAT, I hope that spreads to others who have had troubles. Also got the free sample of Revitalens from the vision center for my contacts!

Same with me Kim…I have tried the zip codes posted here….

I can not find this coupon tried different area codes and still nothing, any advice?

I have five that I clipped from my inserts on Sunday if anyone would like them?? My hubby and I don’t like Speed Stick so if you do let me know I’d be happy to pass them along =)

If you haven’t got rid of your coupons I would love them. I can’t find them anywhere, even tried diff. zip codes and nothing :(
you can email me at
Thank you!

There was only one kind of Speed Stick for 99 cents at my Wal-Mart. The rest were $2.19. Call before you go. However, to answer an earlier question, it was the regular 3-ounce size.

For folks that live in the New England region served by Big Y you can get degree mens and womens deodorant for FREE. There is a $1.00 off and Degree mens/womans coupon in the 4/17 Red Plum and Big Y has them on sale for $1.00.

please pass on sites where i can find coupons thanks everyone for the help.

Please look at the upper left-hand corner of the page and you will see 3 major online coupon sites to print manufacturer’s coupons from (,, and (their store coupons)). You may need to download their coupon printer so the coupons will print correctly from your printer.

Try 90210 under personal care. I just found it there.

I’m not finding the coupons at

The Speed stick coupons says “available at walmart”, does it means that I have to buy it exclusively at Walmart?

No, because it says manufacturers coupon at the top, not Walmart coupon.

Use zip code 75098

Thanks for zip info, Got my coupon :)

Ok, is there a KCL member in the 22193 zip code area?? I swear, 9 out of 10 times, the walmart deals I’m going for are sold out. Today it was the ivory soap and the speed stick. Last week it was the nivean (sp?).

Hello!! I live in 22912 zipcode!! Maybe we should get together…strength in numbers, especially at Wally world. Message me if you like –

The ones from the sunday paper exclude travel/trial size. The printables do not exclude travel/trial size. Before anyone makes a special trip, $0.47 is not a bargain for travel size, unless you need one or two to get by till we get full size or other travel/trial for free. And I know you can get full size for free…in the last month I got two mens and two womens, full size for free. And one dozen travel for free.

Has anyone used this at walmart yet? They are so picky about their coupons and if it “beeps” for any reason, they won’t take it. I’d hate to waste a trip there if it’s just going to beep. Anyone?

Yes, I have used them with no problem. Just because it beeps doesn’t mean they won’t accept it…print out their coupon policy because they can enter it manually even if the computer doesn’t cooperate…computers make mistakes.

Not my walmart. Both of them in my area will tell you as soon as you get to the register with a printed coupon “We won’t accept it if it doesn’t scan for any reason”. I tell them that’s fine and I don’t want the product if it doesn’t scan for any reason. That’s my policy wherever I go.

Walmart is AWFUL when it comes to coupons, I was there yesterday and while I still saved a bunch, they won’t stack coupons, so I didn’t save as much as I should have. And I agree, if it beeps, they won’t take it. I wish my walmart doubled coupons, I would like to know why one does and the others don’t since they aren’t privately owned.

9 outa 10 times, a store who doubles coupons means their prices are higher than others.

The print limit has been reached

There is also a $0.50/1 coupon in the 5/1 SS insert I received…I happened to score 27 inserts at once while dumpster diving so, hi-ho, hi-ho, off to Walmart I go! :)

what types of places are yall getting all of the coupons from when you dumpster dive??

i do it at my condos everyone just throws theirs in the recycle bin

Adriona…I went to my local recycling center (less than 1 mile from my house) and they have 8 “Newspaper Only” bins. I just happened to catch a lady dumping newspapers that were excess and got all the inserts out of them, but I have found many other coupon inserts while looking. Monday afternoon and Tuesday lunch time are the best times to go (after Sunday papers are tossed). You can also call your local newspaper and ask where they recycle their unsold papers (I wouldn’t tell them you are going to take them!!!) and when they dump them (I told them I was doing a research project about recycling). Good luck! :)

thanks so much Im about to call lol

That is awesome. Where do you dumpster dive?

The cheapest Speed Stick at my Walmart is $2.42.Can’t find regular size for 97 cents..

On if you click on “personal care” in the left column it will bring the Speed Stick coupon up. And there is no Speed Stick coupon on, it’s a coupon for Degree Deodorant!

I can’t find this coupon on, am I doing something wrong?

Just go to the top of this page and under the picture of the speed stick it will say:

Men’s Speed Stick Deodorant $0.97
$0.50/1 – Men’s or Lady’s Speed Stick Deodorant – (
Final Price: $0.47

Just click on the link that says and when it opens look to the left where it says personal care and It will come up on the right hand side of page two. I had trouble finding it yesterday.

What is the size on this .97 one?

Not trial…right?

Lil…I only found one, the 2oz size of one scent that was $0.98 at my Walmart…the 4oz were all $2.18 still.

I’m pretty new to this, but I actually had to start taking my zipcode out and refreshing for mine to show up. Hope that helps!!

what zip code are you useing. it’s not showing up on mine :-(

I started doing coupons about 6wks ago, and yes I’ve saved alot. A few things free. With my husband and I working full time we found its alot of work. We have decided we are sooooo done with shopping at walmart. The few cents we hope to save by stacking or finding the item 25 cents cheaper over all isn’t worth the hassle. Albertsons, Fred Meyer, Walgreens and Rite Aid have no problems having enough items on hand to purchase when my day off is tuesday to go shopping. AND most importantly the clerks at these stores know what they are doing. Walmart is always sold out, and the clerks call person after person to help them figure it out, I had to stop there 5 nights in a row after work to find Nivea, when I could have skipped free and paid 25cents right across the street. I have to stand there and talk them through everything. I bought 4 cases of water one time with 3 coupons and 2 clerks held up a line for 30 min. it is a mess. I’ll pay a little more and shop elsewhere.

The reason that your Walmart is out of stock is because of us! When a deal is posted at Walmart…where do we all go! To Walmart! Geez, if something was posted as Walgreens…then they would be out. It’s just something that you have to learn to put up with if you really want the deals…and yea, this is not easy and does take time. You can’t plan on finding what you want just on Tuesday! I consider it my ‘other’ full time job.