WOOHOO! Yes you CAN get great deals on organic and healthy products with coupons!  There is a new $0.75 off 1 Santa Cruz product on the Santa Cruz Organic website. With Santa Cruz Organic Lemonade being $1.00 at Whole Foods this week you can get it for $0.25 after coupon!

Santa Cruz Organic Lemonade $1.00
$0.75/1 – Santa Cruz Organic Item, Any – (scojuice.com)
Final Price: $0.25

Thanks,  Sea of Savings

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28 thoughts on “Santa Cruz Organic Lemonade at Whole Foods, Only $0.25!”

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I bought 24 of these for .25 each!! I was hoping to get the case discount which would have made them .15 ea. but they said no case discount on prices that were already rock bottom. I also got Back to nature cookies for .50 ea box and 24 rolls of 7th generation toilet paper for .07 a roll!! A $70.00 shopping trip for $17.00!!

Crud…they were 1.50 each at my Whole Foods. Oh well lol. Got the AWESOME Back to Nature cookie deal though!

So Cal has them 4 for $5 so $0.50 after coupon. I bought 12 and got the 10% case discount which pretty much paid for the CRV so still a great deal! Plus they let me mix and match flavors… I didn’t have to buy all the same flavor :)

I printed out this coupon 10 times and used them all in the same transaction.. I asked my checker if it was ok to use them before loading up my cart and she looked it over and said as long as my name matched the coupon it was all good.. it just required a override by the manager for some reason. Both of them were happy to do it for me though.

At my Whole Foods near Portland, OR they are on sale 2 for $3 right now, making them 0.75 after coupon.. which is still pretty cheap considering for the rest of the year they are like $4. And the expiration date on them is for April 2013 so they will last awhile.

Same question…can I print this more than once? I printed twice and it has the same numbers on it..so I’m not sure if this is like PDF coupons that are unlimited or not? I live in MA, I’m sure it won’t be this cheap!

What would the proper ettiquette be on printing coupons like this? where you can print pretty much however many you want?

Here in San Jose CA. they are on sale for 2/$3, so that’s .75/ea.! That’s a great deal since my kids LOVE lemonaid!!

Yea but the problem is that the store near me is running a completely diff pricing – 2 for $4 or 2 for $5 which doesn’t really make this deal all that amazing.

I was able to print this coupon multiple times – can I use them all at the same time if I buy an equal # of items as coupons? I noticed they all have the same bar code # – does this void all but the first one I use? Thanks!

Our Whole Foods has this as 4 for $5. Does this mean 1.25 ea or do I have to buy 4? Can I print out 4 coupons and use them for each bottle I buy? (very new at all this)

If you printed the $1 off q they had a month or 2 ago…it’s free! I am hoping the N. Cal stores has the same price!

FYI…ALbertsons carries these also :-)

$1.00? This is 2 for $4 at my Whole Foods in NYC! I swear, our prices here are seriously jacked up. Most of the deals you post, I always pay at least 10.cents more here in NYC

I just printed the coupon and it has void in the bar code. Hope it works! I am at whole foods quite often and the kids enjoy lemonade! Thanks

you have to go to the next page after you register to get the real coupon…they WIL NOT accept the voided coupon it is not valid you real coupon will have your name on the top of it:-)

Here is a link for the nutritional info for this lemonade if anyone is interested :)

Add some protein to eat along with it, and you’ll be just fine :)

Can’t wait to get some!

I know there is a Whole Foods near me, but I’m never there. However, my Giant Eagle (PA, in and around Pittsburgh) has an organic section. When these are on sale they are usually about $1.25….GE doubles so that would be a freebie!!!

Whole Foods also gives 10% discount when you buy an item by the case (12).

ohh this stuff is delish thank you for the coupon

my comments are being deleted smh

Can i make ice cubes out of this drink and feed them to you mi amore?

this is organic, which should not be confused with healthy

organic or not this is still just sugar water which really isn’t very healthy at all

these were 2/3 at my store in Mass. so they were .50 each not bad but when you know they could have been .25 its a bummer

yes you CAN get a great deal on healthy foods, if there is a rare coupon AND the store is near you – lol strike out again :(