Woot, Woot!  Some Walmart stores have Totino’s Party Pizza for only $0.50!  If you find this price at your store, you could get one for only $0.25!

Totino’s Party Pizza $0.50
$0.50/2 – Totino’s Crisp Crust Party Pizza – (totinos.com)
$1.00/5 Totinos Crisp Crust Party Pizza Products, any flavor/variety from SS 3/20
$1.00/5 Totinos Crisp Crust Party Pizza Products, any flavor/variety from SS 4/17
Final Price:  As low as $0.25 each when you buy 2

Thanks, I Heart The Mart

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32 thoughts on “Totino’s Party Pizza at Walmart, Only $0.25!”

Albertson is running a sale on these for 88 cents from (6/1/11 til 6/7/11) and this 50 cents coupon doubles making them free

How is it if you buy 2 that you can use these so many coupons? like $1 off 5 x 2 when your only buying 2…. don’t you have to buy 10 to save the $1 off twice?

coupon printed for $.50 off one. That’s great. However, my local Walmart sells Totino’s Pizza for $1.25 each. I wish I lived where they sold for only $.50!

this coupon printed for me today for 50 cents off 1 pizza!!!

I have never printed coupons before and when I tried, it said I printed the maximum aloud. What?

I went to my local albertsons in west texas (they double up to .50) and they were on sale 4/5.00…..I got the pizzas for .25!!

I’ll have to go check this out. I usually shop at Martin’s but they don’t carry Tostino’s. Might have to check Weis like Ken mentioned.

$1.25 at Wal-Mart in Central PA too. Took it to Weis where they were (2) for $3 and with the doubled coupon got them for $.50 a piece.

I just went & my walmart has them for $1.25 so bummed… :(

i have a walmart peelie alert!! Minute rice, whole grain brown rice, reg $1.68, some boxes have a $1 off instant coupon!! 0.68 cent rice and the box is decent size!! hope you find one!

How do we get the ss coupon? I looked on their website and I didn’t see it. I saw they mentioned certain dates for these coupons, do they have an archive of their coupons?


I want these pizza’s! My problem, the DH is now complaining there is too much food, first he was complaining there was not enough food. He might freak out if I come home with 6 more pizzas LOL. I can’t win.


Went to my Wal-Mart in Covington, LA~ still priced for $1.25

fiesta!!!! ole!!!

Thanks Mrs.S i called the Easley WM and yep they are doubling wow Thanks i am in SC 2.

I live in Simpsonville and I am going to call my Walmart to see if they double. Thanks for the info!!!

boo walmart is 1.25 here making it .75 each not bad but .25 each or free would have been nice

looks like free pizza at walmart if they happen to have for sale at 50 cents. wow

Our Kroger in Hopkinsville, KY doubles coupons up to 50 cents. They carry the pizzas for 1.25. If our Walmart doesn’t have offer the pizzas for 50 cents I will just go to Kroger. The coupons are 50 cents off of ONE, so I will SILL get the pizzas for a quarter a piece. I have ten coupons so the freezer will get its fill…. :)

Thanks for the infor Robert! I’m in Lexington, if our Walmart does not have them for .50, I’ll run over to Kroger and pick them up.

the coupon printed 50 cents per pizza. :)

On the back of the pizza rolls is where the $1 off three is found

Walmart in Easley, SC is doubling coupons up to 60cents!!I have 50c on 3 if this price is the same… 50C for 3!!

yup, its 50cents off ONE. good deal!

my walmart doesnt double

The coupons I printed from their website are 0.50/1, not 2 :-)

The printable coupon came out to .50/1 making this FREE!!!!
Now I just have to check my local walmart :)

The coupon says .50/2 but when you print it, it’s .50/1. At Kroger’s they are on sale for 1.25 so you can get them for .25 as well since they double.

There is also a 1/3 coupon that would make it .16 cents each. Not sure where the coupon can be found i bought mine off ebay.

just called our walmart, they are priced at $1.25. Bummer, these are great for an easy last minute meal when you can get them priced right!!

These pizzas were ten for ten at Food Giant. They doubled my 50 cent coupon and I got the pizza for 4 cents!! I wish I had more coupons, pizza is my favorite food.