$3.00/1 – Huggies Diapers, Any – (huggies.com)
*when you share with 3 friends*

Happy Day!  This is my most  favorite coupon of all!  The $3.00 off 1 package of Huggies coupon is back!!!  Just login to your account or sign up if you are new.  Then share your coupon with facebook friends or through email to print a $3.00 off coupon to use on a package of diapers!

Thanks, EEEndeavors

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48 thoughts on “Save $3.00 on Huggies Coupon is BACK!!!”

I went to target today and got the buy 2 for $29.99 each and get a $10 gift card. I used my 2 coupons for 3.50 off and got the gift card. For the size 3, that is 14.9 cents per dipe! That is awesome! Esp since I am not used to buying disposables. I usually cloth!

Thank you for sharing this link. I got to print 2 $3.50/1 60 ct or higher….can’t wait to see a good deal…thanks again.

My Kroger policy, I had to e-mail them through main website to get it, says no internet coupon over $1.

I keep trying to sign in and it won’t accept my password. I have an account but it won’t let me sign in. Help!!

Just so everyone knows the 3.50 is for the 60+ count of diapers, not ‘any’ like the 3.00 coupon.

Thank you! I got 2 of the $3.50 and 2 of the $3.00 coupons. Fred Meyer still has their $3 CAT promo running until the 24th. Can’t wait to use these!

I tried the “share” to get the $3 coupon and it says I’ve already printed…I got $3 coupons a week or two ago, from a link on a blog. Oh, and they didn’t work on pullups at riteaid…it beeped saying product not found, so I got snug and dry instead.

Got 4 $3.50 off can’t wait to use them!

well, went to Target today, found one package of huggies for $24.64 and got one for $29.99. Got to the register, they would not give me the $10.00 GC because the $24.64 was a clearance and that doesn’t qualify….uhh that sucks. Went ahead and got them since they were going to be expiring soon. I normally get Target Brand Diapers (love them), but when i calculated per diaper, after coupons and the GC it would have been the same price. I went ahead and got them. Should have waited though…. : )

I’m having trouble logging in even after they send me a password reminder!

i have to deal with cashiers trying to refuse computer printed coupons. i have been told i am creating coupons…hello i have no clue how to create my own coupon bar code. target is kind to accept computer generated coupons, wal mart does not LIKE coupon generated coupons.

ok.. so i left a question in this site but coudnt remember where. how do i know my question has been answered..

This week Publix has a coupon in their flyer for 2.00 off Huggies, if you have a Publix near you it might be worth it! Haven’t bought diapers in 14 years but I always used the Huggies when I did.

Bookmark the share page for future referrence.

Also I think if u cut ur coupon bcs u can’t use them they’re invalid but talk to thr mngr.

It says, I already printed them and I didn’t. Is it gone?

i was able to use these on little swimmers at walgreens this week. they were onsale for 6.99, then there was a 2$ off walgreens coupon and then this coupon. got them for 2.15 with tax!! i got 3!

That is awesome!! I have the swimmers and pull ups on my list, I cant pass up saving $3 on the pull ups!!!

I printed the $3 off coupon yesterday from a link and went to Kroger! I asked the manager if the coupon could be used on ANY Huggies diapers and he said yea bc it doesn’t specify. When I went to checkout the cashier said I couldn’t use a printed coupon, but the manager was there so he allowed be to use it this once since he hadnt noticed earlier. I ended up with 2 packs of Huggies that were 8.99 each for around 11 dollars. I then took the $3 reward and purchased 2 Huggies wipes that were 2/5. Added 2 of my 50 cent coupons and got them for free!!! That’s my first buy since I’ve started trying to learn how to coupon!!!

Why would they not take printed coupons?? As long as it has an expiration date, says manu coupon, has the remittance address and a barcode, they should take them. Have you checked Kroger’s coupon policy to see if it says that you cant use printed coupons?

I shared with friends yesterday and when it took me to the coupon it said no more prints available! Any ideas what to do?

If you have Rite Aid nearby, there is a spend $30, get $10 UP reward the week of 5/29 that includes Huggies, Kotex and Kleenex. Diapers are $8.97/pkg. That’s what I’m saving my coupon for. (A $3/$15 survey coupon will make the deal even better.)

Thanks for the heads up! I will definitely be holding on to my coupons for then. I’ve got a $3/$15 and an UP to use, so this will be perfect. Hello cheap diapers!!!

Do you know what the count is on the 8.97/pkg is?

Would you help me please – I was cutting coupons and I cut through 5 coupon barcodes. Can I tape them and still be able to use them? thanks in advance for the help!

Janis, I’ve had that happen to me before and I taped them up. They worked fine. YMMV (Your mileage may vary), Good Luck!

Ohh, and I haven’t had that problem since I went “pro” and got a paper cutter. It’s awesome, and it keeps all my coupons in line. :)


It let me log in, and share my info with 3 friends, then the bricks coupon said I had already printed the # of times allowed:(

When you sign up on huggies website they also periodically send you coupons and samples in the mail I love it!

The site is “taking a nap” :(

What is the ideal sale price you would want to use a coupon like this on?
I haven’t bought diapers before but would like to stock up but I don’t know what a “good” price is.

I usually wait for at least a 7.99 or 8.99 sale on the jumbo packs, it happens fairly often at Walgreens and CVS, often with a Register Reward/Extra Bucks with it. So with the $3 coupon you are paying $5 for a package regularly priced about $11.99- I call that a great deal on diapers!

the huggies site is not letting me log in. anyone else having this problem?

When trying to sign up it keeps telling me to “please complete the mandatory* fields and proceed to next step” I have gone over it many times and I am not missing anything! This is so frustrating, anyone else having this problem??

Nevermind. I finally found it by searching for “coupon” on the huggies site. :)

Can someone tell me where to find the coupon, please? I have logged into my Huggies account, but I don’t know where to go from there. Thanks.

I signed up and went to promotions located on the bar that goes across the top. It said $3.00 coupon but when I had to click to print it said $1.50 did anyone else have this happen to them?

Go to Promotions on the far right, then coupons, you will see all the coupons there. You can print two of each of the ones listed. I did 2 of all of the coupons.

AAAAHHH! i lost my infant care booklet. i was going to stack them with this coupon…so upset!

Can these be used on the little swimmers, I believe they are also made by Huggies?

Can this coupon be used for Pull Ups since they are made by Huggies?

isn’t workin for me to sign up on site :(

Me either, it keeps asking me to sign in and doesn’t log in when I put in my info :(

I am having the same problem. Won’t accept my info, and says I already have an account!!

Got 2 $3.50 coupons and 2 $3.00 coupons. Woot Woot

I got 2 $3 coupons and 2 $3.50. Use other email accounts! Myself and my husband each have 2 accounts that’s how we were able to get so many.

I was able to print 2 coupons for $3.50 off 2 couons for $2 off. I can’t wait to use them.

I love this coupon!!! I printed two last time around and bought two small package that were just under 60 count each and got the same amount as a medium box of diapers for less!! Thank you!

I have tried since first signing up with huggies to print their coupons it just doesnt want to work for me does anyone have any ideas ?Thanks

If your using chrome try internet explorer. I use chrome most but when printing some coupons I have to use internet explorer