Here are a great deal on Ban Invisible Solid deodorant.  Pricing is valid now thru 6/11!

Ban Invisible Solid, 2.5 oz $2.99
Buy 1, Receive $2.00 Extra Bucks, Limit 1
$0.75/1 Ban Solid from SS 6/5
$0.40/1 Ban Product from SS 6/5
Pay as low as $2.24, Receive $2.00 Extra Bucks
Final Price: as low as $0.24

Spend $10, Receive $3.00 Extra Bucks when you buy these John Frieda Products, Limit 1

Buy 1 John Frieda Collection Shampoo $5.00
Buy 1 John Frieda Collection Conditioner $5.00
Use 2 $2.00/1 John Frieda Product from SS 6/5
Pay $6.00, Receive $3.00 Extra Bucks
Final Price: $1.50 each

Lamisil Jock Itch Cream, 12 g., Cream Gel, 0.42 oz or Continuous Spray, 4.2 oz (excluding 24 g), $9.99
Buy 1, Receive $5.00 Extra Bucks, Limit 1
$3.00/1 Lamisil Product from SS 5/22
$2.00/1 – Lamisil AT or Lamisil AT Defense Product – (
Pay as low as $6.99, Receive $5.00 Extra Bucks
Final Price: as low as $1.99

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38 thoughts on “Cheap Ban Deodorant and More at CVS!”

  1. Mandyfaith20 says:

    At the Indiana stores, the deal was per household.

  2. I cannot wait to hit CVS this week! I got a raincheck for Nestles Pure life Water so I will be picking up another 2 cases of that. I see so many comments of disappointment about the shelf being cleared or sale items selling out quickly. I agree with KCL this is not a problem for me. CVS has rainchecks and will include ECB’s. This is gold for me! I get the rainchecks and pick up everything that I missed the next week.

  3. Anonymous says:

    All the stuff that was on sale @ Walgreens & CVS I just took them went to walmart and did my shopping there. That way i don’t waste gas running around to 3 different stores.

  4. Anonymous says:

    walmart does price matches with any retail store,you could just go to one place and shop with the same price with other places.

  5. Martha Chavez says:

    The Coupon has expired I was trying to find it my self

  6. Cter5368 says:

    I have five smart source coupon ads from the newpaper for 6/5 and I cannot find these ban coupons at all! Anyone help me out and tell me which page its on or something. Maybe I am missing it but I have looked though everything and I cannot find it anywhere! HELP! Don’t want to miss this good deal.

    • Cterr5368 says:

      okay I looked again and no ban coupon :( Guess they do not get sent to everyone like I thought they did…. boo!

    • they were on the 2nd or 3rd page i wanna say… i dont remember cause i already clipped them. wish i could help out more. i think they were below the excedrin ones

  7. Shelly Bell says:

    Can you use both the .40 and the .75 on just one?

    • Autumn24 says:

      No, you can only use one Manufacture coupon per item. Walgreen as the best deal on it right now.

      • I was wondering the same thing since it says on there to use both coupons… i never understand how that works. i know the coupon states- “one coupon per purchase” so does that mean that no other different amount coupon can be used with it?

  8. Naimbe22 says:

    Kat, it’s per EB card.

  9. Kat says:

    question, for the Ban, if the limit is 1; is the limit one per transaction or per EB card?

  10. noname says:

    We don’t have a CVS here, but Walgreens has ban deodarant on sale for $1.49, plus the $0.75 coupon makes it only $0.74 for one.

  11. Nicole says:

    Shop-Rite is also offering Ban deodorant for $1.49. Depending on the Shop-Rite it can be free if you have the 0.75/1 from the circular. If not, it will be as low as 0.49.

  12. Sarah says:

    You can actually get the ban deodorant for .74 for 1, because with the in ad coupon they have them for 1.49, limit 4, and if you use your .75/1 you can get 1 for .74! Making 4 of them only 2.96!

  13. Paige says:

    I DID get the Ban coupons in Sunday’s Columbian. I live across the river from Portland, Oregon in Vancouver, WA. I didn’t get the John Frieda $5 coupon, but I did get the $2/1 coupon. I hate that we don’t all get the same coupons!

    Good Luck!

  14. Melissa says:

    My SS came with a $1off 2 Ban deodorants so that deal doesn’t really work out that well for me cause one will be regular price.

  15. Jrmccall says:

    I didn’t get the Ban deo coupon either.

  16. Hope says:

    I never get the good coupons that are advertised. Is there any way to get them, I tried the SmartSource website but the BAN one wasn’t there!

  17. nicki says:

    On the Ban deo, I have a bunch of those coupons, but mine expire on 6/4??!!!

    • rach says:

      nicki – that’s why she posted the new coupons that come out tomorrow 6/5. :)

    • Melinda says:

      Prisematch and use your ban coupons at walmart.They dont advertise it, but they DO accept expired coupons! Im sad, there were no ban coupons in my ss today!

  18. mandy11467 says:

    does anyone know where to go for tuna fish coupon?thanks

  19. christyle says:

    Wow John Frieda shampoo + conditioners are moneymakers at Publix!
    They have a $2.00 off special making it $3.49.
    With a $3/2 Target coupon + $3/1 Root Awakening manufacturers coupon it becomes $1MM!
    Already made my Publix rounds this week but returned for this sweet deal. Got salon quality hair products and $1 from each to buy some B1G1 Tacobell meals from Publix. That’s coupon Zen baby!

  20. Nelly says:

    OMG… I have the SS in my paper this morning and no Ban coupon :( or John Frieda ??

    • Candy says:

      I didnt get the Ban deoderant coupon either…what zip code was that in?

    • ASL2010 says:

      I have two of the Ban coupons from today’s paper I will not be using. I would be more than happy to mail them to you. You have time, the pricing is good until 6/11/11.

    • Kristina says:

      Same here, in TN.. I wanted both of those deals too. Do you know if there is a way to get the coupons??

      • The-Krazy-CouponLady says:

        You can look on ebay,, or Just make sure that if you order them they get to you in time!

  21. Brenda says:

    You can actually get the $1.50 per bottle of John Frieda Full Repair product at Publix without having to deal with RR.

    John Frieda is on sale right at Publix ($2 off all) so $3.49 a bottle
    -(1) $3/2 John Frieda Full Repair Products (
    -(1) $1/1 John Frieda Product (Sunday Newspaper, I never keep track of what date it’s from though sorry!)

    Total= $6.98-$3-$1= $2.98 for both bottles!

  22. Jessie says:

    For the ban deodorant, I thought you cannot use more than one manufacture’s coupon on the same item? Can someone explain this to me? Thanks :)

    • The-Krazy-CouponLady says:

      SO you are right, you can only use one manufacturer coupon. It’s just that coupons vary by region so what you might have, someone else out there has a slightly different version of it. So I have just listed all the available coupons out there for this product. You choose the ONE that you have! Hope that helps!

      • Stacy says:

        Just wanted to let you know that in my smart source insert the only coupon for ban was 1.00 off 2. Thanks

  23. Maricel says:

    Hi! I was wondering if I buy multiple items that have RR do I have to make separate purchases? For instance

    Buy 1 John Frieda Collection Shampoo $5.00
    Buy 1 John Frieda Collection Conditioner $5.00
    Use 2 $2.00/1 John Frieda Product from SS 6/5
    Pay $6.00, Receive $3.00 Extra Bucks
    Final Price: $1.50 each

    Ban Invisible Solid, 2.5 oz $2.99
    Buy 1, Receive $2.00 Extra Bucks, Limit 1
    $0.75/1 Ban Solid from SS 6/5
    $0.40/1 Ban Product from SS 6/5
    Pay as low as $2.24, Receive $2.00 Extra Bucks
    Final Price: as low as $0.24

    Do i receive my extra bucks from both items?
    I get confused on how the ECB’s work sometimes.


    • Brian says:

      You do not have to do seperate transactions for items that produce an Extra Buck reward. Each product in your transaction that offers an ECB will print at the end of your receipt.

  24. maritza says:

    Omg. I LOVE Your site.

  25. Wonder-Mama says:

    Thanks for the head’s up!!