Did you get the awesome Wet n Wild coupon in your Red Plum today? It’s great to stack with the month-long sale at Walgreens on Wet n Wild Products.

Wet n Wild Megalast Nail Color (Reg. $1.99) $0.99, Sale price through 5/26
Use $1.00/1 Wet n Wild product from RP 5/13 (exp 6/30)
Final Price: Free

Wet n Wild Megalast Lip Color (Reg. $1.99) $0.99, Sale price through 5/26
Use $1.00/1 Wet n Wild product from RP 5/13 (exp 6/30)
Final Price: Free

Wet n Wild Megaslicks Lip Gloss (Reg. $1.99) $0.99, Sale price through 5/26
Use $1.00/1 Wet n Wild product from RP 5/13 (exp 6/30)
Final Price: Free

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70 thoughts on “Free Wet n Wild Products at Walgreens!”

How many can you get in one purchase for free? I have ten of these coupons. 

where can i get a coupon from???

 I used mines in riteaid yesterday their sale was buy 1 get 1 half off damn I wish I knew walgreens had a better sale :-(

can someone tell me what RP and SS stands for?

Red Plum and Smartsource. These are coupon inserts that come in the Sunday Paper

I was really looking forward to this coupon for me and my daughters.  But we didn’t get it here in Tacoma, WA.  Does anyone have any extra they would be willing to send me?  I’d return the favor if there is something I have that you need…

I live in Chula Vista CA and I was fortunate enough to get the wet and wild $1.00 coupons. I had a total of (7). Went to my walgreens to purchase 7 wet and wild products using my coupons. In a perfect world the scenario would have went like this: My total price after using all my coupons would have been .47 cents (the tax) for 7 wet and wild items. Making each item .07 cents.Unfortunately that is not what happened. I really am beginning to hate when stores put things on sale for .99 cents and I have a $1.00 coupon, there is always an issue for 1 cent. The cashier rang up all 7 items, for a total of $ 7.47, she started scanning the coupons and after the 5th coupon, the register would no longer take anymore coupons although I have purchased 7 items and their policy is one coupon per item. I was like well take one off and try to scan the 6th coupon, it wouldn’t even let her do that, she had to call a manager over and it still wouldn’t all him to scan all my coupons. I ended up being able to purchase 6 items and use 5 coupons, for a final total of  $6.40 minus (5) $1.00 coupons equaling, $1.40 making each item .20 cents. Still great savings but a little annoying. I don’t think I am paranoid but it seems like some companies make it difficult for couponers to use their coupons and create new policies to support that. 

It sounds like they needed to start adjusting down with the 5th coupon. I’ve also had cashiers change the price of the item to accommodate the coupon, which actually makes more sense, since they submit it for reimbursement for the full amount 😉

I don’t know what it is about Walgreens in my city, they don’t adjust down coupons, they would prefer you not use it. Doesn’t make sense, its not like they are giving me anything, they will get reimbursed by the coupon manufacturer. It was like the register locked up and I even asked the manager to adjust the coupon down, it was only a penny difference between what I was buying and the value of the coupon.

roflmao. can you imagine the confusion on the cashiers face when you walk up with an item for .99 and say . You, “Ma’am I would like to pay  $1 for this item.”  Cashier, “Huh?” You, “I would liek to pay $1 for this item.”  Cashier thinking….this chick is nuts or trying to rob me.  Cashier. :you want to pay more or the item than we are charging?”  You, “Yes.”   Cashier, “Let me get my manager.”   I am rolling just thinking about that one!

I have actually asked that of a cashier and you are pretty darn close on the conversation we had.  LOL

5/20 Rite Aid sale will have the Wet N Wild BOGO 50% off with a $2 +up reward when you spend $5. I’m going to buy (4) $1.99 items (masacara, eyeliner, and nail polish) and use 4 of these coupons to get them for free plus a few cents moneymaker.There’s also the monthly buy $30 of any nailpolish and get a $10 up reward deal going on so any Wet n Wild nail polish purchases will give you credit towards that promo.

This sucks, we didn’t get this coupon in Yakima, WA

I live in Yakima, WA and we didn’t get it either, that sucks :(

I live in Yakima, Wa and we didn’t get it either….that’s too bad.

Love free make up, I can’t believe I used to pay full price for it.  I just love this site, thank you so much for helping me save money  :)

My Walgreens said: New coupon policy. We cannot do overage. The nail polish must be priced at a dollar and then we can use the coupon. .99 is not a 1.00

 As Tarayn said, they can adjust the coupon down. Be leery of anyone telling you verbally that they have a “new policy” and have the written, corporate one on hand to show them :)

I was told by the walgreens manager that they are not getting reimbursed when they “adjust down” because the company is looking for the amount of the coupon on their receipt.  I have no idea if this is true or not, justwhat I was told.

Okay, I am new to couponing, what is the Red Plum?

Red Plum is the name of one of the inserts that comes in the Sunday paper :)

We didn’t get that coupon in WNY either. :(

We got it here in San Francisco, CA! (: Free lipsticks and nail polishes!!

The nail polish  is a MM at Rite Aid if you have Silver or Gold status.
Regular price 99 cents.  Will be 89 cents with silver, and 79 cents each with gold status.
I bought 11 😉

Got it in NW Arkansas!! Yea, we usually don’t get the good ones!

Military mommies out there, the Exchange has the nail polishes for $0.99 regular price.  I was walking around today and wanted to check. 

Please refrain from posting prices of items at the Exchange and commissary. :)

Ok, not a problem.  Didn’t know it wasn’t allowed.  You do have military followers out there by the way.

 didnt get in seattle wa

Got in in Texas!! thanks KCL!!!

Not in Delaware either. =[

I’m tempted to buy some online!  I love the wet n wild lipsticks and nail polish!!

Got the coupon here in Miami.

nope..Not in Manteca, California :(

Not in Ft Wayne or Indianapolis, Indiana… :(

Got it (Long Island, NY)

No coupon in Oregon :(

Not in Western New York. Sad, sad, day. 

Not in the Kansas City MO papers.

Got it in Cleveland Ohio area, using it towards the Rite Aid deal!!!

i live in gilmer texas, but we get longview and no coupons here. the dallas paper is 3.00 here

I am in Kilgore. We are close. For really good coupon weeks, I get the double Dallas papers. It has 2 papers for $5. Still expensive, but some weeks is still worth buying one.

Do you have access to the Star Telegram (FT Worth’s paper)?  I get 2 bundled together and they are $3.99/2 and the Star has the same SS, RP and P&G circulars in them. I started with the Morning News ( at $5/2)  and switched. The coupons are laid out in a different format, but they are there.  My mom gets the Morning News (Dallas) so still compare coupons from both papers. I just cannot stack the Star and the News coupons and clip them all together at one time.   Every $ counts.

The dollar trees in DFW sells the sunday paper for $1 :)

Here in Dallas! Yay!

Got the coupons here in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area. I need more nail polishes for my sister in laws baby shower. I’m couponing for eyeshadow and nail polish.


I don’t know if I got it or not, because I haven’t bothered to look for it.  What should I do?

Not in Central Ohio’s inserts either. :(  

we had them here in the high desert

they were here in the high desert!!!

I got it, here in SoCal, only in the L.A. times, but not in the press enterprise.

sucks!! I hate it when the good coupons r only in some newspapers

Not in Connecticut! Thaty really sucks, I was so looking foward to this coupon, and I got my daughter all excited.I dont think its right that they do that, all the inserts should be the same…

Awww!  I have a few extras – if you send me your address, I can send a few to your daughter. nicholedottiffany@gmail.com :)

Oh my, that is so nice! I will, and Thank you so much!! 

I tried to e mail you twice and it didnt go through, Im not sure what the problem is. I would definately love the coupons if you still have them my address is Mary Smith 93 Grand Ave Apt 2 Vernon, CT 06066. Thank you again sooo much, and if you ever need anything please ask. Thanks, Mary & Haley :)

Not in ny either… :(

These were in the L.A. Times!!

 Free Wet N WIld counts towards 10 wyb 30 in nail at rite aid.

So glad to hear that! I was starting to worry 😉

Is Wet n Wild free at Rite Aid this week too? 

We didn’t get them in washington state either…..soooo sad! : (

Didn’t get this in a small WA paper. Might be in the Oregonian, haven’t looked.

Weren’t in the oregonian inserts either…..

same here … no coupon in AZ…

Same here and not in the RP eBook either for us AZ’ers :(

Bummer, we didn’t get that coupon here in Sacramento.

Didn’t get it in Omaha, NE either.

i didnt get the coupon , iam in tigard oregon near portland