Get squeaky clean with free soap! Right now at Walgreens, you can pick up a 3 pack of Ivory Bar Soap for free. Use a coupon from this weekend’s P&G insert and head to Walgreens where Ivory soap is only $0.99. Remember, P&G coupons are limited to 4 per shopping trip (not transaction)!

Ivory Soap Bars, 3 pk $0.99
Use $1.00/1 Ivory or Safeguard Personal Cleansing product, excludes Ivory Dish & Laundry and trial/travel size limit of 4 like coupons in same shopping trip from PG 7/1 (exp 7/31)
Final Price: Free

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139 thoughts on “Free Ivory Soap at Walgreens!”

  1. cKeylor says:

    I had issues at WAGS 2 times today.  I went to the first store, the cashier flat out refused the coupon because she did not consider soap to qualify for the coupon.

    At the second store, the cashier flat out told me I would have to buy 3 soaps with 2 coupons to compensate for the overage.  I politely asked to just buy the two soaps, and a carmel.  She refused, and said only if I purchased 3 soaps with the 2 coupons – They just make stuff up.

    So I called corporate, and asked for clarification.  The lady said that they do not support adjusting down, and it is completely up to the store manager to address as they seem fit, and full refusal is fully appropriate.  I was dumstruck, so I specifically asked for clarification on the policy to add a line specifically to address whether adjusting down/up was allowed to get either the product or the coupon into alignment.  – Didn’t get anywhere there.

  2. Meow Meow Zombie Kitty says:

    Ok So I had a similar experience…. went to one Walgreens, my favorite Walgreens in the world, they have always bent over backwards for me and have never given me any issues, they had the same problem, they only had 2 3 packs of Ivory Soap left and I had 4 coupons so I figured I would buy 2 here and 2 at another Walgreens closer to home.  At the first Walgreens they were awesome.  The cashier scanned the first coupon and it accepted, second coupon, it did not accept, mind you I didn’t have anything else I only bought 2 3 packs of Ivory Soap, so she said “It’s probably because your coupon amount exceeds the amount of the sale” I said “That’s fine could you get a manager to override it please” and she was like “Yes I sure will” she called the manager , he came over and she explained what was happening.  So He went ahead and Voided the entire sale and put each Ivory Soap purchase for one dollar so all I had to pay was the sales tax, I was absolutely O.K. with this Thanked him and went on my merry way.  Along to Walgreens # 2 to get 2 more 3 Packs of Ivory nothing else in my shopping cart that’s it  Let’s start off with the cashier , he didn’t even know what Ivory was he’s like “Whats that?” and I said “That is soap” I handed him both coupons, the first one went through, the second one did not as I expected, the gentleman then tells me $ 1.12 after putting both coupons away in their little coupon envelope. So I said “excuse me but you are missing one coupon you can’t just discard it” and he tells me “but it wasnt accepted so your total is $ 1.12″ I asked him to call the manager which he did I wanted my coupon savings and a cashier from the pharmacy shows up. I explained to her everything that had happened and futhermore I explained to her “Look this happened to me at another Walgreens what they did was void my order and change the price of the Ivory to $1.00 which allowed both of my coupons to go though” she did so and didn’t seem to understand why my item total was -$1.00 (DUH) luckily the actual manager arrived and I explained to her the same thing she tells me “I will do this for you this one time but if you return with the same situation I will not do this for you again, we get penalized and questioned for upping the price of a sale item”  I said O.K. and I took it as such.  However I’m wondering if I should lodge a complaint about this specific Walgreens, I am a customer, I am entitled to my coupon savings and I most assuredly do not know what Walgreens Internal Policies are…… What are your thoughts and feelings on this?

    • Anonymous says:

      It seems these Walgreens employee do not know their store policy-nothing new.  It states in their policy if an item is less than the coupon-they will adjust the coupon down to the price of the item.  I am just confused of why they up the value of $0.99 to $1.00.  I bought some the other day and the cashier just lower the coupon to $0.99 so i end up only paying tax.

      If you feel the staff need retraining on their handling of coupon, then I would you suggest you call corporate and explain the situation that the staff were not trained properly. Hopefully they will be able to re-educate them. If they are not trained properly, then their not doing to do their job correctly.    The manager would not have been penalize if she just lower the coupon price-per policy!.   Sounds like she does not know her store policy either. We can expect the same thing from the employees. How sad.

      If you have not already, I strongly suggest you carry walgreen store policy. I know it has help me in the past for cashier that are new. Good luck.  

  3. Camille_wood says:

    I have searched everywhere for an online coupon, and i cant find one:( Link? someone? anyone..?

  4. Pat Hargrave says:

    I went to my Walgreens and was told could not use on bar soap . The cashier tried to scan coupon at my prodding but it would not scann,I was told it could only be used onliquid soap. has anyone else had this problem.

  5. MrsHarry says:

    This deal did not work for me.  Walgreens’ cash register would not even scan to accept my coupon.  The manager came over to try to give it to me but it would not go through (she thought that maybe bar soaps are not considered a “personal cleansing item”).

  6. Dancemom_91 says:

    Our Walgreens in Kansas did not have them for .99.  They only had them for $1.79 this week.  Not in their Ad either so they would not give it to me. :(

    • sully says:

      try a kroger or any of its affiliates they have the body wash and bar packs for $1 dollar. Just scored 4 for free. 

  7. Anonymous says:

    Does anyone know how long this special will run?  I have two friends saving for me the coupon inserts with the Ivory coupon but don’t know when we will touch base.  Thanks for the heads up on this deal.  While you are at Walgreen’s try to make it a point to chat up the store employees.  Never know what kind of intel you will glean.  Heard from a store manager here in Dallas that come September the register rewards program is going away but will be replaced by some format in which you earn points for purchases that are redeemed later.  The manager with whom I spoke said she had few details but management would be brought up to speed in the near future.  Am presuming that this change will impact markets across the country.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes. Walgreen is starting their own “loyalty card reward program” in September nationwide. They did a test trial area. Even though it got back terrible feedbacks–they are still moving ahead with their plan.  From what I read of  their reward program: it is AWFUL. So stock up on things you can get now. 

      The ivory soap deal I believe is a month long deal. Hopefully this will give people a chance to get them. hth.

      • Anonymous says:


        Thanks for the input particularly about the Ivory soap special. Will be interesting to see how the kinks in the new Walgreens reward program will be ironed out. Would be interesting to know why they are changing the reward structure. The manager with whom I spoke was in the dark about really what was going on. I suspect this change did not incorporate a lot of input from the “boots on the ground” people. Stay cool.


  8. Slledet says:

    I just went to Kroger and got 10 3pk ivory soap, they were regular priced at 1.37 making them .37 each…..the cashier said that I could only get 10 that was the new rule…..I then remembered the .99 sale on these at Walgreens so I went to Walgreens and purchased 21 of the same item with out a problem…I made sure I didn’t clear the shelf she said they had an over stock in the back.

  9. bought some today (Solano County, CA) without any problems. They adjusted the coupons. Just paid tax! Thanks, KCL!

  10. Anonymous says:

    I bought 4 packs of Ivory and used 4 of the $1 off mfr coupons today without any problem at my nearby Walgreens in Folsom, CA.

  11. I had absolutely no problem using this coupon. No adjustment was needed. This was in WIlliamsburg, VA.

  12. Anonymous says:

    I’m sorry so many of you are having difficulties! Walgreens policy specifically states that they will adjust the coupon down to the value of the item. Carry a copy with you if you run into this again. Better yet, go back and get your soap! :)

    Also, these coupons are limited to 4 per shopping trip. You cannot separate transactions. You’ll have to physically leave the store to end a shopping trip. Managers do not have the authority to override this in any way.

    • Anonymous says:

      They have Ivory body wash for $1.00 at Food4Less. I got mine with no trouble. Maybe other Kroger affiliates have the same deal?

    • Nermal says:

       KCL, can you help us by calling regional managers about the adjusting coupon difficulties. It seems like they just don’t honor what their policy states.

      • Anonymous says:

        We can’t do any calling for you but taking a copy of the policy with you should help. You can also call corporate while in store!

    • sully says:

      kcl i just got 4 for free at food 4 less, and ralphs has them for $1 dollar as well. They are kroger affiliates in los angeles. the body wash and the bars (not sure if they are 3pk or 4pk) are on sale for $1 dollar

  13. Emma says:

    Why can’t i double and triple coupons down here in Harvey, La.?

    • Anonymous says:

      That is up to the individual stores whether they want to or not and what region you live in.  I think it is base also on the competitiveness of these stores. East coast I know triple their coupon up to a certain amount. Here in Indiana the most i can get is dbl the first 2 coupons up to $0.50. But hey I will take what I can get.  

    • EveyG says:

      Do you have a Freds near you?  They double coupons on Saturday..Freds has certain restrictions, but there is no where else around me either that will double. Oh, except Kmart and they also have restrictions.

    • Anonymous says:

      Emma, Sucks doesn’t it?! m  I live in the DFW, TX area and we used to be able to dbl and trpl coupons here, but no more.  Kroger stopped in September and Tom Thumb stopped soon after, then my local Albertson’s stopped.  Now I have to drive about 20 miles if I want to double or triple at an Albertson’s on the way to my mom’s house.  BUMMER!!!

  14. AC says:

    My Walgreens would not honor the coupon. I finally took it back from them and said I would take my business elsewhere. I NEVER shop at Walgreens and now I know why. Never again, I wasted a trip and gas for nothing! CVS will continue to get my business because they ALWAYS honor coupons!

    • sully says:

      if you have a kroger or kroger affiliate (food 4 less or ralphs) they have them at 10/$10 you dont have to buy the 10. you can get 4 and get them for free. i just got 4 for free and had no problem. hope you can find them 

  15. Anonymous says:

    Went to 2 different Wags and did not have a problem using the q’s.

    First transaction purchased 4 and $2.00 Mentos gum(filler) which printed .75RR off pack of trident.-OOP 1.96+tax

    Second trip back in transaction purchased 4 and the Trident used q’s and .75RR.-OOP .49

    Then went to last Wags and purchased 2 and some chapstick (..99).-OOP 1.06

    No problems with the q’s scanning….when I added the small fillers which I needed anyway.

    Shelves were pretty low when I got there too. Glad I got what I did.

     Thanks KCL!

  16. Jillian says:

    Never mind… I figuered it out. Sorry, I’m a newbie. :-)

  17. Jillian says:

    Why didn’t I have this coupon in my P&G this weekend? Not fair, boo! Could it be becuse I live in Florida?

    • You can try and find it on Ebay. :) The soap is on sale until the 28th.

    • sully says:

      im pretty sure all P&G insert are the same. its so weird you did not get the $1/1 coupon

      • IG says:

        We got it here in Texas and we never get any of the good coupons.  The P&G coupons we get are always the lowest possible value.  I cannot believe how low the values of P&G coupons have dropped to.  In our insert, the Ivory coupon is in the bottom right hand corner of the page with the Venus, Cover Girl and Olay coupons.  The page says, “SAVE $12+ best in class beauty” in hot pink letters.

  18. MonaM says:

    to Walgreens this morning. Ivory soap 3pk on sale .99. I went to use my
    $1/1 from PG. I had 4. First, they stopped at 3, said computer would
    not allow 4. Then they said they can not use the Q because the register
    would not take a Q higher in value than the dollar amount. ?? I said
    they can adjust the Q to .99 and they said they could not. Is this

    • They should have adjusted the fourth one down to 96 cents. .99×4=3.96 minus $3 in coupons=96 cents. Their coupon policy states that they adjust the amount of the coupon if it exceeds the amount of the item. So you were right.

  19. jaimelescoupons says:

    The coupon doesn’t work at my walgreens either. But for those who have albertsons TTV coupons this week you might still be able to get free soap. I was there last night and soap here in WA was 1.59..with the TTV it was still free. I was able to get 3 packs for our family. Thank you!

  20. lanett says:

    well i went to the one on okeechobee and haverhilol and they would not do it for me so i ended up calling the 1800 walgreens number and they said they sould have changed the coupon so we will see what happens

    • Malosky says:

      the same thing they told me when i called corporate yesterday and till now, i havent heard from them.

  21.  I was replying to samanthas post up a few.. not you Pamela

    • Anonymous says:

      I know…  No worries…  Lol…  But hey, who knos and she’s part of the 19 and counting family and that’s why she needs 30 bars of soap!  Hehehe… ;)

  22. Anonymous says:

    Before even trying to purchase I asked my Walgreens cashier (long-time employee, knows her stuff) if the Q would work with the Ivory Bar Soap.  She said yes, I got my four packs and she manually entered each Q into the register as .99 cents as per Walgreens coupon policy on their website. I just paid tax. I am sorry everyone is having such a hard time with this!  It was so simple for me.

  23. amy gonzalez says:

    I got my 3 free at walgreens…yay:D!!!!!!

  24. Melannie Delacruz says:

    HI. where can I get that coupons?

  25. AWESOME SCORE! Thanks KCL!

  26. Anonymous says:

    Thank you. I haven’t seen this anywhere else, I can’t wait to score my free bars. Hopefully they will have some tomorrow.

  27. Patrice says:

    The first Walgreens gave me a hard time & I was only able to buy 3 packs plus I bought a cold drink. I went to another Walgreens to use my 4th coupon & the guy adjusted it in the computer for it to work.

  28. sully says:

    will the coupon work for the ivory body wash they are a dollar at food 4 less

  29. Well I wish I had a Walgreen that was closer to me. I just went to Walmart and bought them at $.24 a piece which I thought was still pretty good. I’m excited because I use it for the kiddos at bath time and also to make my laundry detergent. I’m stocked up for a very long time!

    • Hesha says:

       You had to go to four because you cleared the shelves on the other three?

      • Samantha says:

        I’m assuming you are talking to me and not Sarah. No, I went to four stores because I did not want to clear the shelves. Each store had at least 25 packages. If I wanted to, I could have cleared two stores and went home, but instead I thought I would be courteous. Next time I will not post my accomplishments. 

    • Rebjones612 says:

      what your recipe for laundry detergent, if you don’t mind me asking! would love to make my own

  30. Samantha says:

    Thank you so much! I bought 30 packages spaced out at 4 different Walgreens and I paid $3.47 total for tax. I also found out the Walgreens near me apparently love couponers and don’t pay attention to the limit on the coupon or the amount per transaction! One of the male cashiers put 10 through on one transaction, and then he told me if I want to learn how to extreme coupon, then go to! I told him this is the site that got me started, but I’m glad he thinks this site is as great as I do. =D

    • Anonymous says:

      I am glad that you got your soap and you have a  good walgreen that loves couponers but the  problem that I have is that you are endorsing the misuse of coupons. I know P&G has a limit of 4 and yet you did 10 in one transaction. The rest of us are already having problem trying to abide by the rule. And Walgreens does pay attention to the coupon usage at the end of the day even if the cashier don’t.  Two wrong does not make it right. But this is just my two cent. 

  31. J Soria3030 says:

    I got Ivory body wash at Food 4 Less. 10 for $10 special. no problem.

  32. Jnslocklear says:

    so do i just use that 1 coupon for up to four or 1 per each ivory soap? sorry new to this and would love to learn. or do i combine other coupons? please help

    • Anonymous says:

      For starter you have to read carefully what the coupons states.  It will tell you how many products you need to buy to satisfy the coupon restriction. In this case 1 coupon per package of ivory soap but you can only get 4 at time because there is limit of 4 like coupon in a shopping trip-P&G restriction.  Please read under  KCL for “beginners” — this will help in your coupon adventure plus check their book out at the library. Always nice to have a basis knowledge.  The third option you-tube . KCL made very informative/educative videos. hth.

      • Jnslocklear says:

        so in 1 transaction i can get up to 4 packs with 4 same coupons?

        • Jnslocklear says:

          thanks luvflowers.

        • Anonymous says:

          Yep. But be prepared some walgreens are bad with coupon especially when the coupon is worth more than the product. They can lowered the coupon price to match the soap but for some they are not doing this. My walgreen will adjust the fourth coupon so my balance is $0.00 and i just end up paying the sales tax.  Ask them to do this. Good luck. :)

  33. Anonymous says:

    Got mine at WalMart.  Gave cashier the price match but asked her to ring up at $1 to avoid the beep or overage issue.  Worked just fine.

  34. Malosky says:

    Please I need advice!! I was so frustrated with my walgreen manager.  I went to get this soap and they had tons of it like 25packs the lady brought out. I told her I needed like 12 packs and she told me that the limit is  6. But, she said let her go and confirm with her manager. I waited for like 10mins and she never come back till my kids knocked at their door. She came out and told me that the ones she was carrying was for someone else that called, and the manager said that the limit is 3, not 6 again. I said ok. So, when we got to the register and she rang up the soap and some other things i bought, she said that the coupon is not for the bar , but for the cleansing products . We argued that out. After she scanned the first 2 coupons, she voided the whole transaction and told me that she wont take the coupons because it is $1 and the item is for .99cent, hence p&G wont reimburse them. I got mad and then requested for the manager who said the same thing without even coming out of where he was. I , then called corporate who told me that they would have adjusted the coupon, but the manager has the discretion on the limit of the item to be sold per customer. 

    Have never shopped in Walgreen and the store just opened in my location, but they kept on frustrating people especially when they have good sales. Also , they have refused to give rain-check with RR.

    I am tired and fade up with them. waiting for corporate call though.

    • Mstchamp says:

      Not with this deal but I have had a similar issue with my WAGS  - contacted corporate and they have yet to call me or email me back.  They have terrible customer service and I haven’t been back to that one since.

    • Hesha says:

       There is no way for P&G to know how much you were charged for the item.  They are lying.  The main reason these people don’t mark the coupons down is because they cannot do basic math.   I recommend against asking for 12 in one trip.   Everyone knows drug stores have very low stock.  Give others a chance and come back in a day or two. 

      • Malosky says:

        Hesha, thanks for your kind word. The lady had like 25pks she just came out with and told me that someone else has them. She also mentioned that they had a lot in stock. My opinion is that they always hoard them for their friends because I have never never gotten any sale in that store since they opened. She always said that somebody just came and took all of them which I hardly believe. She knew abt this sale bc I called her and she told me that the price was 1.99, but I insisted she help me cross check the price, that when she knew it is .99cent and also a monthly deal. So I saw them bc they weren’t even aware of the price till I called. Thats why I am so frustrated with them, Anyways, txs.

    • EveyG says:

      I understand your frustration.  FYI, the time I called WG corporate, all they did was give the store manager my phone number to call me and see what my problem was.  Well, this did no good because my problem was with the manager!!  He did however, ask me nicely to call him direct the next time and not call corporate as they must get noted for all complaints lodged against them/store.  The same thing happened when I emailed Walmart about a problem, they gave the store manager my phone number to call me.  In my experience, it seems corporate passes the complaint on to the stores and lets them handle their own complaints.

      • sully says:

        in a way its a good thing. manager don’t like getting calls from corporate cause it stays in the store records. until things change i will keep calling corporate. its the only way things might change. :0)

      • IG says:

        I agree with you 100% on Walmart.  If you call or email Walmart corporate, all they do is give your name and number to the store so a manager can call you and tell you they took care of your problem or whatever you called or wrote about. That’s what they did when I let them know that a price scanner in our Walmart store wasn’t working. A manager called and left word that it was fixed.  To this date, the scanner is still not working.  When I was in the store the other day, I saw the store manager and asked him if he could get the scanner fixed.  He said he would.  Typically, when I bring an issue to his attention, he sees to it that it’s taken care of. 

    • Vanessafunk says:

      I worked at a Walgreen’s and at the end of the night they collect all the coupons and add up their value but they don’t save the receipts from the couponed transactions to compare what was paid or what the price sold was after the coupon.  They have no way of knowing that so they must be lying.  I was never told I couldn’t take a coupon if it was more than the value of the item.  If a coupon wouldn’t scan and I didn’t know what to do I’d call a manager but otherwise I’d scan and bag.  I wasn’t paid to do anything more than that!

      • Malosky says:

        Thank you very much for saying the truth. I know, is just that she is either anti – coupon or she is keeping  the deals for her friends as always bc the shelf is always cleared.

        • Anonymous says:

          I hate walgreens worst customer service and i have two in the area and they both suck one has an employee who coupons and takes everything so by the time u get to the store theres nothing left in the shelves i contacted corporate a couple months ago they wrote back months later. Horrible place i rather go to cvs.

      • Kikisaver says:

        Our store writes the price they reduce the coupon down to right on the coupon itself. Not sure how P&G feels about this, but I wouldn’t think the store would do it unless they were getting reimbursed for it.

    • Anonymous says:

      Mine don’t give rain checks with RR either…I thought this was the policy though?

      • Anonymous says:

        Just read the coupon policy again and they state that the RR can only be given during the promotional period; so yes, can’t give RR on a rain check

    • Nermal says:

       I have probs like this too at my wags in WA state. Rite aid is way more customer friendly. Even though I like the deals, I am tired of hassling with them altogether. It just seems like they view couponers as stealing, and I don’t even get multiple inserts of newspaper coupons. If you don’t get there right at 8:00 AM Sunday, you’re out of luck on a lot of the deals. They let people clear shelves entirely, and no rainchecks. If you have ANY coupons, they make you go to a sep. line in cosmetics which is REALLY slow, as mainstream couponers have multiple transactions. I also work full time and so I have to way how much my time is worth. Also their staff, for the most part, seems very unfriendly and need more training.

    • Anonymous says:

      You should bring the whole coupon insert…on the ad picture (not the coupon, but the ad just to the left of the coupon) shows Ivory BAR soap. That should convince them that cleaning product includes the bar. 

    • sully says:

      walgreens can be a little bit fustrating when the value of the coupon is higher that the item. they are supposed to adjust the value of the coupon but they sometimes refuse to do so. Now about rainchecks unless the ad says no rain checks on this item, they are supposed to give it to you if the item is on sale. WHat they do at my store is if the item is 6 dollars with a 2 reward they will give a $4 dollar rain check. Its so rude of them to not give u a rain check. Hang in there we have all had terrible days at the stores. i have a hate/love relationship with target. 

  35. Missy says:

    how do I get the pg coupon?

  36. Tamara Paden says:

    Just got mine! Thanks!

  37. MomOf3 says:

    I went and bought 4 the other day at Walgreens with the $1 off coupon. The first three coupons went through just fine, but the 4th coupon wouldn’t take. I had other stuff with me, so didn’t exceed the number of coupons. He just did the last one as a $1 manufacture without scanning it. 

  38. 32denise says:

    publix has the crest toothpaste 10 for $10 have coupon from this weekend p&g $.75 cents off equals $.25 cents each one and its the 6.4 oz great deal

  39. Jewels200420 says:

    just got mine. thanks kcl:)

  40. laurenkayface says:

    since the coupon is for 1.00 and the actual soap is .99 you need to buy something else or it won’t work, I included a 10 cent piece of laffy taffy :)

    • IG says:

      I’m surprised the coupon didn’t beep because the item the coupon is for was still only $.99 even though you added a filler item.

    • Malosky says:

      My manager didn’t even scan the third coupon after saying that the limit is 3. She just voided the whole transaction and told me she wont take the q because P&G wont reimburse them bc the coupon amt is greater that the sales price. Just ridiculous.

  41. Cassie Camp says:

    here in topeka kansas my wags wont adjust down either, but i bought 4 and he let me use 3 coupons on it. so i ended up getting them for 25cents a piece.  

    • Julie Peterson says:

      That’s what I usually do. It’s not worth it to me to “fight” for it when I can get close-to-free without a fight. :)

  42. krystinjoy says:

     Check out the site
    for an awesome “kid” activity that uses ivory soap and a microwave! :)

  43. Anonymous says:

    Is it in the ad for $.99?

  44. Anonymous says:

    Probly not going to work here, we’ve got one manager that will adjust down and the others will not. Hope I can catch my nice Mr. Manager… lol

    • melissa says:

       I can never get them to adjust down either they say there new registers won’t allow for it  :( so sad for me

      • Carry the policy with you. It helped me at Walmart today when the cashier and supervisor refused to price match on a CVS ad because the ad said reward card needed. I showed them the policy and got my price match.

        The Walgreens policy says:
        “In the event that any item’s selling price is less than the value of the coupon, Walgreens will only accept the coupon in exchange for the selling price of the item. Coupon redemption can never exceed the selling price of an item and no cash back is ever provided in exchange for any coupons.”

      • Bonni654 says:

         At mine they adjusted the soap on the till to be $1.00, then the coupon worked.

      • The new registers wont allow them to adjust the coupons. they are supposed to adjust the price of the item up to the value of the coupon.

        • CARTER says:

          on the new registers they can adjust the coupon down. They have to go under payment on their registers and select manuf. coupon and enter the amount. I know this because i spent 20 minutes in my local wags trying to help them figure out how to adjust it down. If they up the price of the item i guess it dont matter though as long as your still getting it for the price you know it should be =)

          • sully says:

            ji ji its funny how customers sometimes teach them their own coupon policy and how to use their system. :0)

        • Anonymous says:

          mine adjusted the coupon down…maybe your cashier just didn’t know how to

      • Kikisaver says:

        The store manager can make this happen for you if the cashier cannot.

    • IG says:

      Ditto…no overage at my Wags stores.  Can pm at Walmart if offer is in printed ad.

    • Ipa Nima says:

      Mine would not/could not adjust either.  Grrrrr!

    • Email corpporate! I did last week after shopping at a ifferent store. The manager refusedand said it was coupon fraud. I sent a very nice email just asking for clarification.  I did not even give the name of the store in my email. Less than 24 hours later, I got a call validating that Walgreens policy is to adjust the coupon down and that I was right. 

  45. Kiarajulissa says:


  46. Chrissy252sun2 says:

    thanks! now I have enough soap for homemade laudry detergent for the year! Whoo!
    a savings of $360 this year for my family!

  47. o m g going to get some now.
    wag here i come.

    • i went and bought four of the ivory packs no shelf clearing and four dr pepper and two micthum deo three boxes of kellogs fiber plus and a note book as a filler item. had a good shopping trip at wags today.thank u kcl for those amazing deals.

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