B1G1 – Clearasil Perfectawash, up to $21.99 not valid on refills – (facebook.com)

Have you printed this coupon yet? Hopefully, you still can! We saw this for $7.00 at Target last month but this is an even better deal! Walgreens has the PerfectaWash system on sale buy one get one 50%. Pair that with this coupon and you’ll pay only $5.00 each! Walgreens should take off the full price item when using the BOGO coupon.

Buy 2 Clearasil PerfectaWash Automatic Face Wash Dispenser $19.99
Buy One Get One 50% Off 
Use one B1G1 – Clearasil Perfectawash, up to $21.99 not valid on refills – (facebook.com)
Final Price: $5.00 each when you buy 2

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61 thoughts on “Clearasil PerfectaWash, Only $5.00 at Walgreens!”

  1. Are there any coupons for the refills?  I only need those

  2. Meghan says:

    How long is this deal going on?!

    • Anonymous says:

      This deal ended yesterday, but it’s even better this week! Stay tuned for a new post but print your coupon now. You won’t want to miss this deal!

  3. Jenna Grey says:

    I just scored 2! Also brought my “coupon virgin” friend with me – she also got her couple – she said she could not believe her eyes as the price went down… ))) We are in Oklahoma and they are sold for 19.99. We did not have a problem with a coupon, when cashier scanned it – it automatically took off 19.99.

  4. Smurf17366 says:

    I went yesterday and I was able to get them both for $5.00 each.  The best thing was in the packs there are two cleanser.  How sweet.  I live in Pa

  5. Alyson says:

    I got this deal at Walgreens yesterday. The cashier scanned the coupon and the register automatically took $19.99 off. Great deal!

  6. Ashleigh says:

    It is out of prints.

    • Anonymous says:

      Just printed mine… try again ….Good luck

      • MRSAVER17 says:


  7. Danny says:

    I have the same question.  Can I use a $4 off coupon with the BOGO coupon? There was a $4 peelie on the box at Wal-Mart. They rang up for $9.97. I gave the cashier the $4 coupon first. He looked at it and said “it’s not for this item.”  I said “ok” and just gave him the BOGO coupon.  We were in the garden department and it was 104 degrees out so I didn’t feel like being there any longer than I had to.  I went home and looked at the coupon and it does indeed say “Get $4 off One (1) Clearasil PerfectaWash Automatic Face Wash Dispenser & Refills (starter kit only, excludes individual refills)”

  8. Chasandboyd says:

    I have a BOGO coupon and a $2 coupon. Can I use both of these at Walgreens on two Perfectawashes?

    • Chasandboyd says:

      Walgreens let me use the BOGO coupon plus a $2 coupon I printed a few weeks ago. I bought 2 for $7.99 plus tax. WooHoo!

  9. Randi says:

    Just left Walgreens! $9.99 plus tax! Awesome!

  10. Cantarero1978 says:

    I just got the product. The first time the machine wouln’t take the coupon then the cashier scanned it again and it took $19.99 off automaticlly. I payed $ 9.99 for 2.

  11. Kristen says:

    I just got back from Walgreens and they took the $19.99 off. Looks like it does work at some places!

  12. Desiree Chalmers says:

    Tried the deal at Walmart and they said they don’t accept BOGO coupons.

  13. Katelyncamper2 says:

    Just walked out of Walgreens with this super sweet deal! I paid just over ten dollars with tax! THANK YOU SO MUCH KRAZY COUPON LADY!

  14. Couponprinczess23 says:

    when you are using this coupon it is the lowest price item that is going to taken off not the full price item.  The coupon may state a value on the coupon, but that does not mean that is the price that you take off.  It is not the value listed on the coupon, it is the cost of the lowest price item.  It is just like if you were buying items that were 2.99 each or 2 for $5, you are going to get the $2.49 price taken off not the 2.99.  I know the answer to this question as I am a manager at Walgreens and actually the go to coupon person at our store.  When you try to take advantage of the company with deals like this, it causes the company to be harder on the employees about coupons and in return harder on the customers. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Maybe a bad choice of words, but how is buying an item that the store will be reimbursed in full for taking advantage of the company? The company gets up to $21, but might want to limit the customer to the 50% item? I would be taking my coupon down the street, to find a fair deal for both the store and the customer.

    • Amy says:

      Your logic is TOTALLY wrong. I have spoken to corp about this, and they contacted their legal dept, (while I was in the store waiting for my deal, as they refused to do it), CVS confirmed that you get the full priced item for free. The discounted item is a CVS promo, NOT a manufacture promo. When calling cs, dont speak to reps, speak to SUPERVISORS ONLY! She called CVS for me and told the store on those kinds of sales, EVERYONE gets the full priced item free and pays for the 50% off item.

      Please use some logic, if CVS has a BOGO FREE sale, and you have a BOGO FREE coupon, you get both for free…so thinking logically, how does it make sense if they have a BOGO 50%, you only get the discounted item free…understand now?

      • Amy says:

        I want to add, that either at CVS or Walgreens, your being refunded by the manufacture for the full priced item…I would definately not want to go to your store if your the “go to” person for coupons…LOL

    • “go to person for coupons”????? You really need some more education in couponing. Amy had a good reply. Maybe you should try and do some actual couponing yourself and see how if feels like when people like you try and make us feel like criminals. Think about this: com: any get reimbursed for product so why would they get harder on the customers???? Corporate greed!

  15. Villager7 says:

    I had issues as well. Would only deduct $9.99.

  16. nilo says:

    went to 2 different walgreens and both would only deduct the 9.99. will try walmart.

  17. If you don’t have any luck at Walgreens you may also want to try Walmart I seen them there today marked for $9.97.

  18. Yadira says:

    i’ve had trouble with this coupons in walgreen  5 minutes they whan me to pay the full price the product. help please

  19. Swtasnbbygrl says:

    i went in today to buy it. they only took off $9.99 the lowest price. didnt want to try to argue with the cashier.

    also im still confuse on it ends up to be $5 each?
    is buy 1 get 1 50% off
    with coupon buy 1 get 1 free =14.99 
    so isnt it $7.50 for both?

  20. MomOf3 says:

    Yeah, my Walgreens manage says you can either use the BOGO FREE of BOGO 1/2 off. 

  21. heart2help says:

    went to get the huggies wipes so,i checked to see if they had these and Yes they did!,i got my 4 for $19.98.i did 2 transaction and each time it was $9.98the register automaticaly did it!

  22. Angela says:

    I was not able to print out the coupon i just got a new pc and for some reason any coupons from facebook pages will not print i install the coupon printer and still nothing anyone have any solutions ?

    • Anonymous says:

      try downloading a different web browser such as google chrome or firefox, I use chrome and it works fine. 

    • heart2help says:

      sometimes my printer doe that and sometimes i go to restart on my computer and when it starts again,it usually prints!
      hope it workd for you!GOD BLESS!

  23. Shoop5 says:

    I was able to do it, but had some problems.  The cashier did not want to give me the deal.  She thought I was practically stealing the products.  She called in a manager, but he didn’t show up.  She also had a very long line, therefore she let me go!

    • Anonymous says:

      Dont you hate that, they swear your stealing from them LOL… I had a major problem with rite aid cashiers they couldnt deal with my deal lol

  24. Annaward572 says:

    now that walgreens has new system it changes the price of both items when it is a BOGO 50% so if one is 19.99 and second one is 9.99 it will change the price of both of them to 14.99 

  25. heart2help says:

    is this sale going on now or starts  sunday??thank you!
    God bless!

  26. Anonymous says:

    @google-6adcafd3d5f1edfbbd6f08b7f0a3ff17:disqus  thanks for sharing about CVS BOGO deal—I have a raincheck for BOGO 50% any Clearasil  from a few weeks back and I was told they will only take the 50% off and not the price of 1 Perfecta wash …so I was not able to get this, but with your tip I will try again .Thanks to KCL and all your tips .

  27. Sarah Hannah says:

    i dont shop at walgreens but i do at cvs and with the BOGO coupons you have to do your membership card last to get the higher amount taken off. and have a nice cashier to let it go on (they get their money back idk what the big deal is)

    • Poolside1 says:

      I don’t like to shop @ wags either. Can you explain futher about the CVS deal?

      • Sarah Hannah says:

        I do not know if these are on sale at CVS but I’ll give you another example.
        Head and Shoulders is BOGO 50% starting sunday. Lets say they are $9 a piece when not on sale or for someone who does not have a CVS card. If I have the cashier ring up all items first and say I want to use my card very last to keep track of my savings then the BOGO coupon we got last Sunday would ring up at $9 because the register does not see a card. You then give the cashier your card and end up paying 4.50 for 2 Head and Shoulders.

        Hope this helped ~ :)

        • Anonymous says:

          At CVS the head and shoulders coupon is ringing in at it’s max value of 9.49 and that was even after I gave her my card.  I may be reading what you wrote wrong…I kinda like, DUH tonight!  LOL!

        • Poolside1 says:

          Yes, this helped alot!! Thanks!!

  28. Anonymous says:

    I’ve had trouble with these kinds of deals in the past also.  Most Walgreens cashiers I’ve come across will BOGO out the lower price.  Anyone else have these issues?  Does it address such issues in their coupon policy?

    • Yes, they always take off lower price

      • Anonymous says:

        I figured as much.  It would be a nice deal but I don’t intend on fighting with a cashier.

        • Taliarosep says:

           yes today I went to get this deal and basically you end up paying 10 bucks each instead of 5, they did the bogo for the 9.99 one so i paid an extra 10 bucks….suck lol

          • Jitnuttapong says:

             I did my at CVS last month I used them with my 30% off that we got from CVS (I think most of us gets it time to time) and plus I used $2 off  that found on coupons.com
            buy 2×19.99=39.98
            39.98×0.3=11.994-39.98=27.986 (30%off)
            total 2.998 ea
            if you lucky to find 4 of them at one store will be nice for 30% off coupon. sorry for my match. hope you guys like this like I did.

          • Anonymous says:

             I used this coupons stack with 30% off that we got from CVS (I think we all gets if some time the one that says not work on sale and clearance items). plus i used $2 off found on coupon.com final cost 2.99 ea.
            19.99x2x0.3-39.98-2-19.99=5.996 for two
            hope you guys like this

  29. Sadie32 says:

    Is it company wide or at store discretion that BOG50% with a BOGO coupon result in the lower price being charged to the customer?  Everytime I’ve tried to do this, only the BOGO coupon is honored (they take off the 50% item as my BOGO). Thanks