$0.75/1 – Up & Up First Aid Item, Target Coupon – (target.com)

Have you printed any of the new Target coupons yet? Don’t wait to print the $0.75 Up & Up First Aid coupon, because it will score you free hydrogen peroxide at Target! Check it out:

Up & Up Hydrogen Peroxide, 16 oz $0.52, Regular Price
Use $0.75/1 – Up & Up First Aid Item, Target Coupon – (target.com)
Final Price: Free 

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26 thoughts on “Free Hydrogen Peroxide at Target!”

  1. Ryanolivas says:

    I went to target’s website and before I printed my coupons it said I needed to install a coupon print activator I did but It still will not print my coupons. I went to print the coupons again and It still said I needed to install the coupon but I did already. I installed the coupon printer again and it did the same thing all again. Does anyone had this happen to them before and do you have any tips to help. Thanks.

  2. Anonymous says:

     went to target yesterday was excited about this deal. I also had the 50 cents off one cotton item. My cashier wouldnt ring it through because my coupon was over the item price. she wouldnt let me have the 50 cent off one cotton item because I bought the 85 cent cotton circles. and the coupon showed qtips. she also argued with me that I could only use 1 manufactur coupon with my two packs of huggies. I would have gotten a manager over but I was just to tired.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Great deal! I am already pretty set on hydrogen peroxide, so I picked up rubbing alcohol and witch hazel instead, still a great price. 

  4. Poolside1 says:

    Just to let yall know, went to Target to get the FREE Hydrogen Peroxide and discovered that the .52c was for a 16 oz. So, yes it was a $ maker, but the larger bottles were 32 oz, I only paid .14c per bottle and got double the amount!! Yeaaaaahawww!!! Thanks KCL for the info!!!

  5. collegecouponer says:

    anybody else have problems printing target coupons from a mac? I can never get my computer to print them!!

  6. Stac says:

    When does this coupon expire?

  7. Thank you once again for all the work you do in getting us such GREAT deals, I got two bottles of Peroxide, two Purrell hand sanitizers, two up and up soaps and two lunchables for $3.02, which I paid for with my $5 gift card (from Centrum deal last week) and still have money left on it….you guys rock!!!!

    • Mickeebabe1312 says:

       What manufacturer coupons did you use with the Target coupons to get these awesome deals? 

      • I used two 75 cents Target coupons First aid product (took off 52 cents – they were both free), used  two purrell manufacturer coupons and two target purrell coupons (each were for $1.00 off) made them 89 cents each, two 50 cents off up and up soap Target coupons – 29 cents each and one Target $1.00 off two lunchables (they are on sale for $1.00 each this week) – 50 cents each.  I hope this helps =)  

        • kendra says:

           How do you get 2 of the Target coupons? I heard your allowed to print 2, so do you just print a set and then print a second set?

    • Neaa says:

       it says limit one per guest on the health care item :(

  8. "~Nelly~" says:

     its under healthcare

  9. LimonPhipps says:

    I can’t find it can anyone help!!

  10. Katherine059-aunt says:

    Will target adjust the price down because the coupon is .75?

    • Kimijeano says:

      The register at my Target automatically did it. I wasn’t sure because my cashier just rang it through, but when I checked my receipt afterwards the coupon rang up at taking $0.62 off.

  11. Jacob Ratliff says:

    It’s a great stock up price!

  12. Kristen Steele says:

    one thing..only thing i like about target..is that they make coupons for the cheap/ store brand!! :)

  13. Lori says:

    Love this deal…. I love the Up & Up brands at Target!

  14. Anonymous says:

      May I ask a question? Is there is anything I can do if my
    printer failed to print out these two Target Coupons? It’s working fine
    now, but I am not allowed to reprint the coupons. Is there anyone I can
    contact, or am I out of luck? I only have one computer, so printing from
    another is unfortunately not an option.

    • Jacobslpopez1 says:

      Go to a local library. 

    • "~Nelly~" says:

       have you tried checking your printers queue to see if hopefully you still have them there if not i am sorry you might be out of luck since the system only allows two prints per ip address but try going to a local library or asking a friend 

  15. Couponsavingcrazy says:

    I can’t fine the coupon

  16. www.TheMLBB.com says:

    Does your Target not enforce the new rule of the item must be equal or lesser than the coupon value? Lucky! Mine does so I would not be able to get this deal. :(