Wow! This week’s CVS sales are great. Match them up with some CVS Coupon Machine coupons that are printing, and you have some even better deals! If you haven’t seen this deal in my weekly matchup yet, here’s a more detailed breakdown of the deal. There are many participating items, so this is just one way to work it:

Buy 3 Olay Wet Cleansing Facial Cloths, 30 ct $3.74, sale price
Buy 3 Olay Body Wash, 18 oz $5.99, sale price
Spend $25.00, Receive $5.00 Extra Bucks, Excludes Clearance Items, Limit 1
Use three Buy (1) Olay Daily Facials or Cleanser, Get (1) Olay Body Bar, Body Wash, In Shower Body Lotion, Excludes ProX Regenerist, Total Effects or Age Defying Series Cleansers, up to $5.99, excludes trial/travel size limit of 4 like coupons in same shopping trip from PG 7/29 (exp 8/31)
And use $4.00/$20.00 Gillette, Olay, Venus, CoverGirl, Fekkai, or Crest, CVS Coupon Machine
Or $4.00/$20.00 Pampers, Pantene, Always, CoverGirl, Venus or Olay, CVS Coupon Machine
Or $3.00/$15.00 Tide, Bounty, Charmin, Gillette, Olay, or Pantene, CVS Coupon Machine
Pay $7.22, Receive $5.00 Extra Bucks
Final Price: $0.37 each, when you buy all 6

Also, if you haven’t yet submitted for the Olay Rebate, this is a great time to do it. Add two more items and turn this deal into a moneymaker! Here’s how:

Buy 4 Olay Wet Cleansing Facial Cloths, 30 ct $3.74, sale price
Buy 4 Olay Body Wash, 18 oz $5.99, sale price
Spend $25.00, Receive $5.00 Extra Bucks, Excludes Clearance Items, Limit 1
Use four Buy (1) Olay Daily Facials or Cleanser, Get (1) Olay Body Bar, Body Wash, In Shower Body Lotion, Excludes ProX Regenerist, Total Effects or Age Defying Series Cleansers, up to $5.99, excludes trial/travel size limit of 4 like coupons in same shopping trip from PG 7/29 (exp 8/31)
And use $4.00/$20.00 Gillette, Olay, Venus, CoverGirl, Fekkai, or Crest, CVS Coupon Machine
Pay $10.96, Receive $5.00 Extra Bucks and Submit Olay $10.00 Mail-In Rebate (PDF) (exp 8/31)
Final Price: $4.04 Moneymaker, when you buy all 8

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200 thoughts on “Olay Products, As Low As $0.37 at CVS!”

  1. Wickey says:

    I don’t get the newspaper, is there a place to find the coupon online?

  2. Jdaz2012 says:

    I’ve never done a rebate before.. on the rebate I put in the UPC of all the product I purchased and send them the original receipt? 

    • Jdaz2012 says:

      Do i just put one UPC code of each product I got? and just one UPC if I got 2 of one of the same product??

  3. Anonymous says:

    I went to CVS and they don’t have the Olay bars and wipes ,so I ask for raincheck and the lady (she was very nice) gave me 2 rainchecks one for the bars and one for the wipes .She was nice to fill out the sale price of the wipes($3.74) and the bars($5.99).Before I left,she reminded me not to forget the $5ecb.Wow ,cashiers should be nice  like her.

  4. Anonymous says:

    went yesterday and i didnt get the $4/20 from the red machine  :-( anyone still getting it?

  5. The coupon states “or cleanser” on it. So I went to their web site and looked up their product to try to discern what “cleanser” meant. I took it to mean face wash. So I ended up buying 3 face wash and 3 body wash, used 3 B1G1 coupons, 1/$2 off body wash, 1/$3 off $15 beauty purchase and received $5 extra buck. So I essentially paid 23cents for each bottle. After 1 more purchase I will qualify for the rebate which will make my purchase a money maker.

  6. The coupon says “Buy one Olay Daily Facials OR CLEANSER”. What is this “cleanser”. Is it possibly the bottles of face wash cleansers? 

    • The coupon states “or cleanser” on it. So I went to their web site and looked up their product to try to discern what “cleanser” meant. I took it to mean face wash. So I ended up buying 3 face wash and 3 body wash, used 3 B1G1 coupons, 1/$2 off body wash, 1/$3 off $15 beauty purchase and received $5 extra buck. So I essentially paid 23cents for each bottle. After 1 more purchase I will qualify for the rebate which will make my purchase a money maker.

    • Kyliede13 says:

       Yes, the cleanser are the bottles of face wash cleansers.

  7. tt says:

    When you do the rebate do you need to include the receipt?

  8. Erimax7 says:

    So, today I went to cvs to ask for a rain check and left really disappointed. The manager immediately told me the body wash doesn’t even qualify for the coupon deal and it seams she was upset when I said I still wanted the rain check . I ask of I could please do 4 of each product, facial cloths and body wash. Well I guest she pretended she didn’t hear that and gave me rain checks with the word ONE spell on the quantity space. Will try different cvs

    • Samantha♡ says:

      You should’ve told her to fix it. I really hate managers like that. Sometimes I’m like, if you hate your job so much, you should quit and give it to other people who is willing to do a much better job.

    • Ty says:

      I would go to another CVS and ask for a rain check or go back to the one you were at when she isn’t there.  You’re using the coupon as stated so there shouldn’t be a problem.  The manager is probably upset that she paid full price before you wanted in and then you should her how to get it for free, and it put her over the edge.  You could always call customer service and let them know about it.  Hope you get your rain checks. 

  9. Anonymous says:

    Does anyone know if on the Olay rebate, will they accept $29.19 or do you have to have exactly $30? Thanks..

    • Maisiavang says:

       yes!!!.. I was wondering the same thing too.. I purchase 3 face wash and 3 body wash and use the b1g1f body wash… I’m still going to summit out the rebate and hopefully I get the $10!!!!!

    • Ty says:

      I’m not to for sure although I want to say no because of the wording on the form of SPEND $30 GET $10 although I could be wrong.  Hopefully it will work for you.  I know some have purchased another face wash with out a coupon to get over the $30 mark.  

    • Ms Kristy says:

       I’m in the same boat. I spent $29.19…

  10. Lovin Summer says:

    I didn’t have the P&G CPNS for the free oil of olay wash, and I did what another cpner on this site advised me to do (thank you btw) I went on ebay to get a bunch of those cpns and they mailed them out today! I also went to CVS today and got a raincheck for this deal….yay!! can’t wait!! although, I already did the rebate on another deal…I;m just looking forward to adding to my stockpile some fresh facial wipes and more body wash :)

  11. Anonymous says:

    I did 5 facial cleansing cloths, 2 body washes, $5/15 beauty coupons, 2 bogo coupons, paid a little over $15, received $5 ECB, with $10 rebate free :)

  12. Erin Rose says:

    Just went and got this deal!  So awesome!  Did the 4 & 4 so I get the $10.00 MIR, starting to stock up for my X-mas baskets to give away to family and friends!  Best part of the trip..didn’t have the CVS coupon ($4/$20 etc..)  went in scanned my card first thing and got it..SCORE! :)

  13. mayraa says:

    I’ve never done a rebate… can someone help me and show me how to do it? please

  14. Wak15 says:

    I bought eight Olay product
    4 Olay facial cloths @ 3.74
    4 Olay body wash @5.99
    Total 38.92
    Used 2- $3/2 face cloth from7/1 pg
    Used 4 -bogo body wash which took off 5.99 4x
    Ecb 1.00
    Machine $3/$15 Olay ,tide and etc.
    OOP 5.00
    Received my 5.00 Ecb for next trip

    • Ty says:

      Now print out the Olay Rebate, fill it out, send it in for spending $30 on Olay to get $10 back! 

      • Wak15 says:

        Do u know how I can get the Olay rebate or where I can find it

        • Ty says:

          The link is at the top in the post, it’s very simple to fill out.  Just make sure you can write in those tiny boxes! : )  It’s in between the two grey boxes and highlighted in blue, just in case.  : )

    • The store won’t get reimbursed for all those Qs.  As KCL posted here several times, the $3/2 Qs could not be combined with the BOGO Qs. 

      • Wak15 says:

        I bought 4 face wash cloths which took off 6 dollars the coupons came from7/1 pg then bought 4 body wash bottles which took 5.99 off four times which brings it to 8.96 and used my ebc and machine coupon from cvs this was all done on July 30

      • Lovin Summer says:

        which is the $3/2 face cloth she is referring to? and why won’t they get reimbursed…oh, I think I answered my own question. Can’t use more then one of those cpns in the same trip…yes?

  15. Avhg14 says:

    I’m confused!! Iso here’s my quick question: At the bottom of my receipt after the Olay deal it usually says deal “limit reached.” Mine says that I still need $20.24 even though I already did the deal. Does this mean that I can do the deal again? I thought it said limit 1??? 

    • Ty says:

      I did this deal and noticed the same thing, SO I did it again and received another $5 ECB’s and after the second time, it said limit reached on my receipt!!  

    • Anonymous says:

      It is rumored that the actual limit is 2. Although that is not advertised, it does seem to reset and allow an second one.

  16. Jdaz2012 says:

    This going on all week? I thought it ended 7/31.. 

  17. Sscake1919 says:

    I shaving cream w/Olay… for $1.74… would this count towards $30 purchase?

    • Anonymous says:

      Not sure.  I noticed that all of my Olay products’ UPC # begin with 0-75609-XXXXX-X.  Maybe if the first few digits of the product match the other Olay products it would count???

    • Only products by Olay count towards the rebate. Not products with Olay in them, ie venus & olay razor, covergirl with olay, etc. HTH!

    • Anonymous says:

       I think since it is a CVS store coupon, that call would be up to your store.

  18. kmt0778 says:

    Hi All… newbie here.

    Question: Does anyone know if there is an Olay product in the trial size/ travel section? I would like to get the 3 facial cleansers and 3 body washes (using the coupons), which would put me just short of the $30 for the rebate ($29.19). I’m hoping I can add a trial size product to hit my limit, so I am spending less OOP. 

    • Ty says:


      I’m not sure if there is anything you could throw in from the travel section.  However  I did find the Olay bar soap marked down to $3.50 at my local store.  That would help you reach the $30 mark but you would spend just a little more oop.  Hope that helps.  Always scan the items too because sometimes they are not marked down.  : )  good luck! 

  19. Nyemii says:

    I don’t understand how the final price is .37 each. I’ve been sitting here doing the math and it doesn’t calculate. Are you including the $10 Olay rebate? Please help!

    • Deborah Flores says:

      Sale price for everything is $29.19 – $4 cvs qp machine – 5.99 x 3 qps = $7.22 – ($5 extrabucks you’ll receive on your receipt) = $2.22 divided by 6 product = .37 each

    • Anonymous says:

       Deborah’s got it!

  20. Stephanie says:

    It was so unfortunate to go for this deal after cvs restocked late last night in pearland (since my 2 previous attempts I found empty shelves) to find a lady with a cart full of facial cleansers and body wash and find zero left on the shelves for anyone else….as if that wasn’t bad enough I was behind her in line and she used the 2/$3 on top of the BOGO and a $4/$20 purchasing 6 of each in 2 transactions…I am all about finding a good deal, but please leave some for the rest of us…

    • Anonymous says:

      I find this happens alot at my store too, which I think explains the attitude decline in some of the cashiers.  I also think it is now leading and will continue to lead to much stricter rules by both the retail establishments and manufacturers when it comes to coupon use. I have been couponing for years and in the last couple of months I have seen a surge of users wiping out the shelves in my area.  At my local CVS, the manager tells me they are waiting for her when she arrives to open the store on Sunday mornings and then bombard the checkouts with all the “finds”.  Needless to say, this can lead to frustrations on shoppers later in the day/week and the cashier’s attitudes are sure to be affected, especially when they use the coupons incorrectly. BTW, be sure to get a raincheck so you do not need to hit the timing lotto when it comes to finding the product on the shelf this week.

    • Anonymous says:

      Especially if the coupons specifically prohibit more than 4 in a shopping trip. I’m sorry, that is very frustrating :(

  21. Ty says:

    I need some fellow couponers to help me out on this Olay Rebate deal.  I’m trying to put together a college care kit for one of my nieces who is off to college this month.  I have all the P&G coupons PLUS these following CVS coupons that I think I might be able to work with.  They are:

    - $3 off $15 Tide, Bounty, Charmin, Gillette, Olay or Pantene
    - $2 off any Beauty purchase $10 or more
    - $2 off any Body Wash or Bar Soap purchase $8 or more
    - Beauty Club Members: $2 off any Facial Care purchase $10 or more

    So with that being said, I need some help.  I just can’t figure how to use these coupons plus the P&G coupons “Buy 1 Olay Daily Facials or Cleanswer, Get 1 Olay Body Bar, Body Wash…FREE.  ANY help would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks everyone!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      CVS does not let you “double dip” so each CVS coupon $$ off xx has to be met.  So, to the best I am aware, you have to meet $43 (15 + 10 + 8 + 10) to use all of your coupons listed above.  Depending on what you are purchasing and how much the total comes to pre-coupon look at the dollar amount needed and what needs to be purchased to use the multiple CVS coupons. Also, you CAN use these as well as the P&G coupon, buy one get one Free, BUT when you checkout, give the cashier the CVS coupons first so you meet the requirements of the CVS coupon before any Manuf coupons are deducted.  KCL has the CVS coupon policy listed–look for the tab on the CVS link and it explains better .  Good luck!!

      • Ty says:


        Thanks for the reply.  I was looking for some help on how to use these coupons to get the best deal possible.  However I just winged it and actually did really awesome.  I had some ECB’s so the first transaction I only paid TAX of $2.23 and the second transaction I only paid $5.33!! So over all I think I did really good.  I was able to use all coupons just had to work them in, in both transactions.  

  22. Anonymous says:

    I did this deal yesterday and received my ECB’s, the bottom of my receipt does not say Olay deal limit reached.  It says I have $29.00 towards the ecb’s and still need to spend $25.00 to get the ecb’s, is this a mess up or did they raise the limit?

  23. beachinmom40 says:

    When did the cvs coupons print out from magic box? I already did this but didn’t the cvs cpn. :( I still have more pg cpns so I would love to do this.
    And are they supposed to count towards your beauty bucks? I have seen where people said it did. Mine did not! :(

    • Anonymous says:

      It is not going to change the beauty bucks total instantly on the bottom of the receipt, it takes up to 48 hours to update the beauty bucks total.  Try checking your online CVS account in a couple of days to see if it went through. :)  

  24. Kouponkween85 says:

    Ive been “coupon ing” for over a year, including at CVS, and I still don’t get “good” scanner coupons from the machine :-( I think I read that some are available on the CVS web site? If so where at? I have an account linked to my card but still can’t find where they are (if at all) – thanks in advance :)

    • Rachel Cox says:

      i think they just changed the online account if you sign up online and link your card you should now be able to click on the extra care card tab and see how much you have spent total, in beauty bucks, and occasionally link new promos to your card or print them out at home

  25. I got the $3 off $15 from the MCM today.  Assuming I get it again, I can use both on Scenario #2 since I’m spending more than $30 on Olay, right?  Then I would pay 8.96, get 5.00 EB and submit for the rebate.  6.04 MM, correct?

    • The MCM didn’t give me another Q for Olay.  Oh well, did the deal with the $3 off $15 today anyway.  Still a wonderful $3.04 MM for me.  Going to print my Olay rebate form right now!  Thanks KCL!

  26. Lovin Summer says:

    I’m so bummed…I dont have the new p&g cpns for oil of olay :( I should have gone today as the ones I had, expired today :(…actually, I an still go to the 24 hour store…but the cpn I have is the p&g, 3.00 off any oil facial cloth! and 3.00 off two cleaners or cloth….guess i’m going before midnight! :)

    • Dcrcp6 says:

      ebay and I are great friends for instances like this. Get a rain check if they run out and by the time your q’s come they should be back in stock

      • Lovin Summer says:

        I took your advice,Thanks so much….I use ebay all the time, Idk why I didn;t think of that myself…duh. They mailed my cpns out today and I went to CVS and got a raincheck….I’m so excited. Haha, silly really, to get so excited over body wash and facial cleanser :) but I do…I love shopping and love getting deals even more!! thanks again.

  27. dealseeker :) says:

    Hello Friends im completely new to this so there is a coupon machine at cvs??? and there are 3 q’s thta i need to print from it in order to get this deal correct ??? along with the PG coupon correct??

    • Lovin Summer says:

      there is a coupon machine at all cvs’, but you don’t “print” the coupons, you scan your cvs card until it reads “No more coupons, check back tomorrow”. Usually I scan my card up to three times before I get that message….so each time you scan your card, the machine continues to spit out different cvs coupons. and they vary from customer to customer and you can’t use someone else’s coupons and vice versa. If you’re new to this website and to cpning….check out the beginner’s tab before trying to tackle the Extreme Couponing tab….remember, baby steps.

  28. sully says:

    if you dont like body wash you can get the 6pk olay bars they are 5.99 so free. ;0) and they are also part of the buy 25 get 5ecb’s

  29. Guest says:

    Next week at rite aid Olay will be BOGO 50%. If the body wash if free and the 50% off applies to the lesser value item, will the coupon still allow us to purchase the cleanser at half price?

    • Anonymous says:

      I would think that the items will ring up automatically buy one get one half off.  I am almost certain that the body wash is more expensive so you would pay full price for the body wash and get the cloths half off.  When you submit your coupon, the wash is free, so they should deduct for the wash up to coupon limit of $5.99.  If I figured correctly, this deal is not as sweet as this week’s scenario.  It may be better using the soap as the free item, depending on the price, because of the coupon’s $5.99 max value.

  30. Whovier88 says:

    i just noticed the olay facial cleansers are 30ct in this scenario but the cleansers i bought i believe are the 33ct.(the packaging comes in a box) and they are still the same price $3.74, anyone else have that same one? i even had to go to  a different cvs to do this deal b/c the one i usually go to were out of olay body washes. just wondering b/c knowing i got more than what i expected just made my day a little better after traveling 40 minutes to another cvs. :)

    • Dcrcp6 says:

      There are 2-different kinds of wipes. One is a wet wip-30ct and the other is a dry cloth-33ct

    • Anonymous says:

       There are multiple varieties and as long as they are participating and fit the coupon, you’re good :)

  31. Anonymous says:

    I got 3 cleansers, 1 6pk bar soap, 2 body washes free. Too bad I’m only less than $1 away from the rebate….lol. The Olay cost $0 OOP, yay. I have one BOGO coupon left, might as well use it for the rebate.

  32. Jaye says:

    I called the phone # on the $10.00 rebate when you spend $30.00 on Olay and the women told me you have to spend $30.00 after the coupons are taken off?  Can you please confirm I went today and purchased over 50.00 of olay products but after all the MQ and the coupons from the CVS machine I only paid $4.00 so can I submit this for the rebate when I only really spent $4.00?

    • Anonymous says:

       That is not the case. Many people have successfully redeemed this rebate. Unless a rebate expressly states that no coupons can be used in conjunction with the offer, there are no restrictions. Similarly, they cannot tell you that you can only use cash to pay, or debit… think of your coupons as your form of payment that don’t change the price of the item itself :)

  33. Anonymous says:

    KCL,   I love that you are encouraging the correct use of coupons!  It sure feels great to score a good deal and know you did it honestly and ethically.  Thanks for all y’all do!

  34. llc says:

    I am in Houston, Texas and both CVS near me were completly sold out of any olay products – no body wash, no cleansers, and just one of the facial wipes.  This was going to be my first time trying a deal there and I am super disappointed that CVS doesnt keep enough inventory when an item is on sale.  Some of my coupons I was planning on using expire today so they are worthless now. 

  35. Mary Smith says:

    Where do I find the Olay rebate form? Thank you!

  36. Jackie says:

    I have tried getting this deal but someone in my area keeps whipping off the shelfs! I have tried 3 stores near my house and they are all ccompletely out of this specific products. I tried Sunday and tried again today when he shelfs got restocked, but no luck! :( i am a lilttle upset that some couponers are not considerate to other customers like myself! Listen to the KCL ” do not empty the shelfs!” please.

    • Judy Vela says:

      If you get the early ad scan, the information about this deal has been out there for about 2 weeks now.  Most people I know did this deal with early activation on Saturday night or early Sunday morning.  When I did it on Saturday, there was only 5 bottles of the Olay 7 effects and 4 of each other kind of Olay Bodywash. So not a lot of product to start with. Not necessarily shelf clearers but early bird worm catchers that got in on this deal.  Plus you can do this deal 2 times on your card,, even though it states limit 1. So just think.. if you (as 1 person) do the deal posted above twice, that’s 6 bottles of body wash.  When the store only had maybe 25 bottles total, that’s only 4 possibly 5 people PER STORE that can get in on the deal. CVS doesn’t really have mass stock. So, if you don’t like or don’t want to encounter cleared shevles, then you should really consider starting earlier in the week or pre-ordering your items.  

      • Anonymous says:

        The limit is 2 times to get the ECBs, but they could roll those rewards to get more Olay. They had 1 pack of soaps left, I really wanted those. I got 3 Olay facial wipes/cleanser thingy, 1 pack of Olay soaps, 2 body washes. They had a lot of body wash and cleansers left. I have one coupon left, so I might use it on Friday when they restock or get a raincheck.

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree with you…  Have you asked when the truck goes to your store?  Try doing that so you can get them before anyone else…  And you can always get a raincheck…  The CVS Qs and MQs are good for a while so you can get them when they get more… ;)

      • Anonymous says:

        I had to get a raincheck for the cloths, but how does it work with the body wash as they had plenty of body washes left on the shelf I did not ask for a raincheck.  However, if they do not get more cloths in stock this week and the bodywash goes back to regular retail of $9.49 and the coupon is only valid up to $5.99, it’s not a great deal.

        • Anonymous says:

          I think you could’ve gotten a raincheck for everything being so that you could’ve also gotten the ECBs deals…  I’ve never experienced a particular stituation like this one.  I always get a raincheck when they are out of a product that’s on special…  But I’ve read that people get rainchecks for products that give ECBs and when they go back with their rainchecks, they get everything.  Maybe you can talk to the cashier and/or store manager and see if they can also give you a raincheck for the body washes being so you wanted to get the ECBs but because they didn’t have one of the products, it actually ruined your trip…

          • Anonymous says:

            Thanks!!  I actually ran in last night and they had 1 cloth on the shelf but no body washes so I got a raincheck to cover everything.. 

    • Lovin Summer says:

      it’s like they say….the early bird catches the worm!

  37. Anne says:

    I did not get any of those coupons from the CVS machine. Do you know if there is a reason why I would not get them? 

    • Anonymous says:

      The machine has unpredicted ways to give coupons…  Some people get some, other people get others…  I’ve read it has something to do with your shopping habits (makes sense because I never buy diapers and never get diaper coupons…lol) and if a card is new those shopping habits need time to “build up” so it takes time to get the “juicy” coupons…  But there’s no definite reason for it…  HTH… ;)

      • Anonymous says:

         Great explanation :)

        • Anonymous says:

          Hehehe…  I’m learning from the BEST… ;)

        • Anonymous says:

          Can you get more than one of the “good coupons” if you go multiple days? Or is it one per card

          • Anonymous says:

            Some coupons print for several days while others print only once.  As mentioned before, it’s hard to figure out the “crazy” coupon machine.  Be sure to scan your card at least 2-3 times until it says “No more coupons available.”  Try looking at your CVS Extra Care account online as well

  38. Anonymous says:

    I just tried the scenario above and for some reason the CVS clerk would only take $3.74 off (the price of the cloths) instead of the $5.99 body wash even though coupon did not state whichever price was lower.  There were too many people in line all of a sudden behind me to argue the coupon verbiage.  So, I ended up an extra $4.50 OOP.  At least I was able to score some clearance CVS brand diapers for charity bin for $2.49.  That made the trip worthwhile.

    • Anonymous says:

      You need to go back and talk to the manager and get your money back.   The coupon states get the bodywash free, not the cleanser or cleansing cloths.  If she took of the $3.74 it was for the wrong product. 

    • Anonymous says:

      mrn1 is right.  And if the store manager doesn’t want to help you (happened to me like 3 months ago when they had this same coupon deal out and the store manager wanted to deduct only the face clothes price despite of the coupon verbiage-but I fought it and he ended up doing what’s right) you can also call corporate while you are at the store if they are still open or as soon as they start working.  What they did to you is not right… 

    • Anonymous says:

       That is incorrect. The coupon was not a buy one, get one free, it was a buy a cleanser, get a body wash free. The body wash is what they will get reimbursed for ($5.99), so they should have discounted your total by that amount as well. Take in your receipt and have them take care of it :)

    • Dcrcp6 says:

      The cashier in my CVS tried that with me yesterday. I politely pointed out the verbage on the coupon and she corrected it.

  39. Dr. says:

    Thanks KLC for posting about the Olay rebate form! I didn’t know about the rebate and will be going back to get one more item so I can submit my rebate!  This is my first time trying Olay body wash & facial clothes and honestly had it not been for the coupons, I wouldn’t have tried it!  Thanks again! Yay for us!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      The Olay Body wash is very good!  It’s like you are using lotion in the shower instead of a body wash…  And the clothes, I’m with you…  Lol…  Haven’t used it but I think we won’t be disappointed because Olay is a good brand ;)

      • Anonymous says:

        I have been using the olay facial cloths and love them!!  They are a great and easy way to take off makeup before bed.  It’s amazing how you wet it to wash your face and then rinse it to remove the soapy residue and the little clothis stay in perfect shape!!  I also use them to freshen up on these hot sticky days.  Great product!!

  40. Katte says:

    My cvs was completely wiped out of ALL olay items participating in this deal. Sad…..

    • Anonymous says:

      Mine had 4 more of the wipes left and no more body washes or bar soaps =( I even got the 4/20 MCM coupon for once in my life lol. Oh well

    • Anonymous says:

      aww. that totally blows! I really hope there will be people left some for me at my CVS… But fat chance since I can’t make it until tomorrow. 

      • Anonymous says:

        If there’s no Olay left, request a raincheck and keep the CVS and MQs…  And try again later…;)

    • Anonymous says:

      Don’t forget to ask for a raincheck when that happens ;)

    • Anonymous says:

      Always ask if they have more in stock in the back! (I ask a manager) I was short 1 body wash and found out they had a few in the back so it worked out. Plus the Olay cloths were in multiple locations in my store! Some by all the Olay face care, also by the make up section by eye make up remover

  41. Angeleyes31181 says:

    i didnt get ANY coupons from the red box machine, i tried for 3 days and still didnt get the olay ones, granted my card is new but i should be able to get the coupons and never got them

    • Anonymous says:

      Have you checked your account online?  Maybe you have some “gifts” there that you are unaware of ;)

    • Anonymous says:

       How long have you been shopping at CVS? It sounds like it’s acting like a fairly new account. Is that right?

    • Lovin Summer says:

      well if your card is new…..then you shouldn’t be expecting to get the good ones yet! you need to be shopping at cvs and build up your habits, so that they can track how you shop and thus giving you the coupons on items you most shop for. patience is key…

  42. Cleopatra8380 says:

    I have a question that I don’t believe has been asked yet. If it has, please point it out to me. :-) Here goes, If I do scenario#1 and use the ECB from that on a second transaction, would I still be able to do the rebate? 


    Buy 3 Olay Wet Cleansing Facial Cloths, 30 ct $3.74, sale price
    Buy 3 Olay Body Wash, 18 oz $5.99, sale priceSpend $25.00, Receive $5.00 Extra Bucks, Excludes Clearance Items, Limit 1Use three Buy (1) Olay Daily Facials or Cleanser, Get (1) Olay Body Bar, Body Wash, In Shower Body Lotion, Excludes ProX Regenerist, Total Effects or Age Defying Series Cleansers, up to $5.99, excludes trial/travel size limit of 4 like coupons in same shopping trip from PG 7/29 (exp 8/31)And use $4.00/$20.00 Gillette, Olay, Venus, CoverGirl, Fekkai, or Crest, CVS Coupon MachineOr $4.00/$20.00 Pampers, Pantene, Always, CoverGirl, Venus or Olay, CVS Coupon MachineOr $3.00/$15.00 Tide, Bounty, Charmin, Gillette, Olay, or Pantene, CVS Coupon MachinePay $7.22, Receive $5.00 Extra BucksFinal Price: $0.37 each, when you buy all 6 


    Buy 1 Olay Wet Cleansing Facial Cloths, $3.74, sale price
    Buy 1 Olay body Wash, 18 oz $5.99, sale price

    Use one Buy (1) Olay Daily Facials or Cleansers, Get (1) Olay BodyBar, Body Wash, In Shower Body Lotion, Excludes ProX Regenerist, Total Effects or Age Defying Series Cleansers, up to $5.99, excludes trial/travel size limit of 4 like coupons in same shopping trip from PG 7/29 (exp 8/31)

    Pay by using the ECB from transaction#1 (might have to get something to make zero balance depending on the store)

    I pray this makes sense to you…lol

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes.  The rebate doesn’t have to be in a single shopping trip/on one receipt.  Just send in both receipts with the items/price/date circled.  Some rebates do require it to be in a single trip, but not this one :)

    • Anonymous says:

       Yes, you can do that. :)

  43. Caligurlie685 says:

    I have a quick question and any help would be awesome. I was ripping out the buy one get one free for olay (yes I should have cut it out) and I ripped it thru the bar code for scanning. I tried to match it up as perfectly as I could get it for the bar code and taped the back of it. Do you think that CVS will still accept this coupon or am I just at a loss with it? thanks for any help! :)

    • Anonymous says:

      I have done that before and if most of the barcode is on there, they shouldn’t have a problem with it.  It really depends on your cashier.  Good luck!

    • Anonymous says:

      Yeah, I agree with mrn1…  It has happened to me too and I put some tape on the back like you did and worked fine…  But like mrn1 said, it will depend on your cashier…  Like with everything else… 

  44. Saechaoerica says:

    do we print out the mail in rebate form from this page??? because i was going to print it out but it says void on the barcode…is that ok?

    • Anonymous says:

       The barcode on the rebate form is a a sample, for illustration purposes. The PDF form you downloaded from this post is the correct form :)

  45. sully says:

    man what an awesome week this has being it almost feels like christmas. Rite aid and CVS are the stores to be this week ;0)

  46. Guest says:

    Hi, I was wondering if you could help me with the olay rebate form? I’m not sure what to fill in on the rebate form. Thanks! :)

    • Anonymous says:

       You’ll need to purchase the products first, and fill in the information directly from the items.

      • Guest says:

        I already purchased the items from CVS but I don’t know what to write in the form. What goes in the boxes and where can I find the code on my receipt?

        • Anonymous says:

          The UPC codes go in the boxes.  They are the codes on the products you purchased.  Your CVS receipt won’t have the UPC code on it.  You simply circle the correct item/price on the receipt and make sure you put the correct UPC code and price on the rebate form.  

        • Anonymous says:

          The code is the numbers under the bar code. 12 numbers total

          • Writetocynthia says:

            I had a question.. though the rebate form does not ask for us to submit the UPC code from the product … do we have to cut it out and send … or just write the Bar codes in the boxes and send with reciept?

  47. Heidipojo says:

    My CVS here in Michigan would only let me use 1 B!G1 free coupon on the Olay, ; ( 

    • Angela says:

      That’s ridiculous! It states limit 4 like coupons in the same shopping trip.

    • Anonymous says:

      Do you have another CVS around where you can go to?  Sometimes it will depend on the store…  Other times it depends on the cashier too…  If you don’t have another CVS around, maybe you can try going when another cashier can help you ;)

    • I live in Michigan as well in the Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti area.  The CVSs out here are amazing and the cashiers are always very friendly and patient.  I hope the stores near you take a clue from them sometime soon!

  48. BETTY says:

    I love KCL this is the best web site. I got 4 olay body wash, 4 olay face wash and 5 dawn. For only $3.06 plus the $10 rebate.Thanks for the fast updates

  49. Anonymous says:

    if I did the MIR last month, will I be able to do it again this time?

    • Anonymous says:

       No, not if it is the same rebate offer you did before. I believe it is one per household.

      • Marta Lopez says:

        I was wondering can i do this deal?And Use 2 cvs coupons $2/8 body wash AND $4/20 Olay cvs coupon?Pay 6.96 submit 10MIR and get $5ecb?= 8.04mm

        • Anonymous says:

           Unfortunately you will not be able to use the CVS coupons on the body wash as they are reduced to $0 with the BOGO coupon.

          • By that logic, you wouldn’t be able to use the $4 off $20 CVS Q either.  Once the body washes are reduced to $0 with the BOGO, you don’t have $20 worth of Olay to satisfy the CVS Q.

            • Anonymous says:

              I always give the CVS coupons 1st, then the P&G coupons, then ECB. all went fine.

            • Anonymous says:

              The $4/$20 doesn’t apply to a specific product that has been reduced to zero by another coupon.

            • Which $20 worth of Olay is the coupon being applied to?  (4) Facials would only total 14.96, so you still need 5.04 worth of Olay to use that particular Q.  I just don’t get how the Olay BW can be used to satisfy the “brand” Q but not the “category” Q.

      • Anonymous says:

        bummer. but $0.37 is still a GREAT deal!

  50. Beverly says:

    One more question: can I use the following two Qs from the MCM is one transaction? (buying this Olay deal)

    $2 off any beauty purchase $10 or more
    $2 off any 2 body washes or bar soap


    • Anonymous says:

       I believe so. Just look carefully at the specifications on the bottom of each coupon. The $2/$10 does restrict you from using other $-off “purchase-based” coupons.

  51. Beverly says:

    This is going to be a dumb question and I’m probably missing something simple, but what do you have to buy 4 of each? 3 daily facial cloths at 3.74 is $11.22 and 3 body was at 5.99 is $17.97, for a total of $29.19.

    Help me not feel so silly!

    • Angela says:

      I guess if you want to do the Olay rebate, you would need to purchase $30 worth?

    • Anonymous says:

       Angela is right, this was specifically mapped out for the rebate. However, you could do exactly what you’re suggesting if you’re not interested in the rebate. As long as your total, before coupons reaches $20 for the CVS coupon machine coupon, and $25 for the ExtraBucks reward. :)

  52. Marta Lopez says:

    I was wondering can i do this deal?And Use 2 cvs coupons $2/8 body wash AND $4/20 Olay cvs coupon?Pay 6.96 submit 10MIR and get $5ecb?= 8.04mm

  53. Angela says:

    If I have the $4/$20 beauty purchase and the $3/$15 Olay purchase, can I use both together in the same transaction?

    • Anbutitta says:

      yes but your total has to be at least $35 before coupons :)

    • Lahurst127 says:

      I was wandering almost the same thing cause I have a 5 off of 15 beauty care purchase. Could I use that one with the 3 off of 15???

    • Anonymous says:

       Unfortunately, you cannot. If you look closely at the specifications on the Beauty Purchase coupon, it states:
      “Limit of one purchase-based coupon, i.e., $4 off $20 purchase, per transaction.”

  54. Purpeaceple says:

    I didn’t get the P&G in my Sunday paper on Sunday. I usually get it. Hmm….

  55. hanna says:

    will you still get the full $10 rebate even though you didnt spend $30 OOP ?

    • Anonymous says:

      The total has to be $30 BEFORE coupons. HTH :)

    • Xiong.Ks89 says:


      • Xiong.Ks89 says:

        I’ve done a lot of rebates and they’ve gone through fine…even though I used coupons, and paid very little oop

        • pat says:

          That may be true with P&G, but I remember a L’oreal rebate once where I used a coupon  and they took that amount off of my rebate.

    • Anonymous says:

       Unless a rebate offer specifically prohibits the use of coupons, you are good. This one does not. Think of your coupons as part of your form of payment. The initial sales price is what they are counting, regardless of how you paid for it. Hope that helps :)

  56. crazymomwithcoupons says:

    does any one know if the venus+olay products also qualify for the rebate?

    • Anonymous says:

      I just called and they said no :(  It has to just be OLAY products. She said that the covergirl/olay products are not included either.

      • Anonymous says:

        That is odd.  I have done two other rebates with Olay and at least one of them I bought the Venus Olay razors.

    • Shaunannew says:

      How strange… I called they said yes, she didn’t even pause when she answered.

  57. How come some sites are saying to also use 2 of the $3/2 Olay facial cleanser coupons’s along with the BOGO coupons?   Is that allowed?  Can you use a coupon on top of the BOGO coupon if it’s not for the free item?   I’ve done this before at CVS with no problems, but if you don’t have it listed, I’m wondering if it’s not ok?

    • Lala says:

      I was wondering the same thing. I also saw this deal in the brag lounge a couple of times then they all can down. KCL can you please clarify this for those of us who need it. Has anyone written or spoken to PG reps in regard to BOGO plus $ coupons? If so, what’s there offical stands?

      • Anonymous says:

         Hi Lala. Yes, thanks for asking, I’m happy to clarify :)
        Despite CVS policy allowing the stacking of “cents-off” and BOGO coupons, the PG coupon verbiage prohibits it: “Limit one coupon per purchase of products and quantities stated.” Although we are aware that other blogs may be suggesting otherwise, at KCL we have to follow the coupon to the letter, regardless of store policy. In this case, the coupon restrictions supersede CVS policy. I hope that helps clarify!

    • Xiong.Ks89 says:

      Yes, I was able to use the $3/2 face wipes coupon without problem. The (4) b1g1 is tied to the body washes…therefore there are still the (4) face wipes open…

      • Anonymous says:

        Unfortunately, the PG coupons prohibit the use of multiple coupons on the same items, regardless of what each would presumably “tie” to. The wording on the coupon states that only one coupon can be used towards the products and QUANTITIES stated, therefore each coupon “ties” to all of the items on the coupon, including the TWO items on a BOGO coupon.

    • Anonymous says:

       While CVS policy does allow this, we are not supporting the use of the PG “cents-off” and BOGO coupons together. We are adhering to the specific verbiage on the PG coupons themselves that states: “Limit one coupon per purchase of products and quantities stated.” I hope that helps :)

      • Jessica Herber says:

        I tell people this all the time.  Even if the machine scans it the company will only pay out for 1 coupon per purchased product so the place you buy it from will not get paid back for both coupons being used.  This is part of the reason so many places are changing their policies and making it harder for people to shop using coupons. 

    • nic says:

       I think the sites that have 2 of the $3/2 cleanser coupon’s listed, if because they are buying 4 cleansers and 4 bodywashes at the same time.  You are allowed to use the a $ off MQ with a BOGO MQ as long as the $ off isn’t on the item you are getting for free.  I did this transaction 2 different times (on different days I had to find more coupons) used the same CVS card and got another $5 EB the second day.  I know the add says limit one but it printed one out for me and that was the only thing I bought for that purchase.

      • Anonymous says:

         Although it is suggested elsewhere that the coupons “attach” to only the item you’re buying, in the case of the PG coupons, because of that specific wording, even their BOGO coupons “attach” to BOTH items.

  58. Maura says:

    I did something similar only I bought mouthwash as well. I bought two daily facial packs, two body washes, two Crest 1L and two Crest 500mL. I used two $1.00/1 mouthwash, two B1G1 mouthwash(took off $5.00 each time), $3.00/2 face wipes, two B1G1 bodywash, and my $4.00/$20. It triggered $2.00 extrabucks for the 1L mouthwash and $5.00 extrabucks for Olay and 500mL mouthwash. I did this scenario on another card as well so that I could submit for the rebate. My subtotals come down to $5.94 and then you get $7.00 in extrabucks back each time :)

  59. April says:

    I did the olay deal last night and wanted to make sure that i got enough for the rebate so I got 6 facial washes and used the 3qs- 3/2 olay facial cleansers from PG july and then used the free body wash qs from the new PG and then the magic coupon machine was so generous and printed me a 2/8.00 bodywash or soap q and a 3/15.00 PG coupon and I had 7.00 bucks to begin with this order I also got a blood glucose monitor for the dh. With all the combined qs I got all these for a subtotal of 1.44 and I will get the 10.00 rebate and also this will give me 2 beauty cluby 5.00=10.00 and I got a 10.00RR with this deal so with all being said this is a BIG Money Maker!!! =)

    • April says:

      So I got 6 facial cleansing clothes and 3 packs of soap and 3 body washes and the monitor. =)

      • Shaunannew says:

        Is that cosidered double couponing since the facial cleansing cloths are a prerequisite for the body wash?  If not, I definitely would like to take advantage of that deal today :)!

        • guest says:

           It’s not because the coupon that is BOGO body wash attaches to the body wash only.  The machine doesn’t even beep when you use them all.  Those $3/2 facial cleaner expires today though!

        • Anonymous says:

           Unfortunately, we cannot stack the $3.00/2 PG coupons with this deal, as it is prohibited by the verbiage on the PG coupons:
          “Limit one coupon per purchase of products and quantities stated.” Despite CVS policy allowing this, the coupon verbiage supersedes the policy.

    • Anonymous says:

        Unfortunately, we cannot stack the $3.00/2 PG coupons with this deal, as it is prohibited by the verbiage on the PG coupons:

      “Limit one coupon per purchase of products and quantities stated.”
      Despite CVS policy allowing this, the coupon verbiage supersedes the policy.

      • Anonymous says:

        I questioned this the very first time I submitted a rebate for the Olay products so I emailed the company directly. Their response was:

        Thanks for contacting Olay,   The use of multiple coupons would be determined by the store.   Some stores allow more than one coupon to be used on a purchase.   We appreciate your loyalty with Olay.  Thanks again for getting in touch! Chantal Olay Team

      • Cdb6c says:

        Hi there. Can you help me how to get a best deal with just 2 bogo olay? What else should I get? Thank u

        • Anonymous says:

          You can also get the Head and Shoulders with the BOGO MQ that expires today (PG 7/1) and if it autodeducts for you, great!  If it doesn’t, this Sunday’s PG insert had a $1 MQ that you can also use… ;)  HTH…

  60. sully says:

    i got the 6pk olay bars for free they are 5.99 right know so it was an awesome deal.

    • Thanks for posting this! I don’t like using body wash but I love the soap and wanted to get those instead. 

    • Krazymoa says:

       How do you get the bar for free?

      • sully says:

        use the bogo coupon in the p&g insert it says you get a body wash, body lotion or soap bar for free up to 5.99 if you buy a cleanser or cleansing towels and cvs has the cleanser/towels for 4.79 and the 6pk of soap for 5.99. if you use 4 bogo coupons they also print a $5 ecb and it qualifies for the 10 back rebate from proctor and gamble. Coupon does not have picture and it has a blue border its on page 8 i believe