Had your fill of free Glade Expressions yet? No? Then head to Kmart where you can mix and match their buy one get one free sale to score starters and refills for free!

Kmart will give you the lowest priced items free. If you intend to do both of these scenarios, do each in separate transactions. Otherwise, you will not be able to use the coupons.




Glade Expressions Oil Diffuser Starter Kit $8.49
Glade Expressions Oil Diffuser Refill $5.49
Buy One Get One Free
Use Free Glade Oil Diffuser Starter Kit when you buy any Refill from SS 8/5 (exp 9/15)
Final Price: Free, when you buy both


Glade Expressions Fragrance Mist Starter Kit $4.49
Glade Expressions Fragrance Mist Refill $3.49
Buy One Get One Free
Use Free Glade Expressions Fragrance Mist Starter Kit when you buy Refill from SS 8/5 (exp 9/15)
Final Price: Free, when you buy both

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76 thoughts on “Free Glade Expressions at Kmart!”

  1. fishinggirl9699 says:

    Have been having fun with this one. I have a whole bad have picked up from various stores over last two weeks:) I do not use the stuff but friend of mine does. She has no idea am doing any of this for her. She will have lots for while to come.

  2. Dana Hurst says:

    So here is a questions not pertaining to the kmart deal. The bogo starter kit when you buy a refill manu. coupon from the paper, can it be used with a dollar off coupon on the refill?

  3. bern says:

    thanks KCL. paid 27c and 51c for taxes.

  4. JoJo says:

    Worked perfectly! Thanks KCL!

  5. perfectfan says:

    this did not work for me.! i live in Port Huron,mi and i did what you all said and they said not that i was getting one free and i could not get both free. where do some of you live that did work. i went yesterday(Saturday) and they said no!

  6. mo says:

    how is this free if your still paying for 1 item?

  7. danielle says:

    Also,can somebody tell me what the SS coupon means I am pretty new to this. Thanks.

  8. danielle says:

    Why dont you all just go to walmart? they price match any other store and dont give you a hard time while you are using coupons! thats what i do.

  9. Plainkaren says:

    bummed i missed this deal :(

  10. Jaz! says:

    I called my Kmart to check stock since i had 4 each of these coupons! The cashier was great-over zealous actually and drew the managers attention!!! rrrr. so she came over and made him undue the whole transaction since i was owed 6 bucks and then said i can only do one because the coupon says one per purchase. So…since the guy already had wrote the amount on the coupons i said okay…lets do this one by one then. and she stood there through all six transactions. and got nicer as the time went on. i guess she felt bad for holding up a woman with two toddlers in line….anyway i got 72.00 bucks worth of glade expressions….in six transactions for 0.00 (no tax) and left with $6.00 for my next transaction-which are accepted at Fred Meyers (rarely shop kmart)!! yay for me! it took 25 min longer than i wanted but worth it!

  11. allysia says:

    i don’t know if this has been asked, but i was wondering can you use the dollar off refill printable coupon with the bogo coupon?

  12. I’ve been home sick this week. :( Anyone know if this BOGO sale is going to continue through next week?

  13. k.bateman says:

    Okay, did my trip today and it played out better than thought :) Not sure how my copuons were going to work since I am very unfamiliar with kmarts coupon policy and I do not shop there often. Bought four oil kits, four refils, four mist kits, four refils, and 2 six packs of viva paper towels that were on sale for 4.99. I had four coupons for the oil kits (buy refil, get kit free), four coupons for the mist kits (buy refil, get kit free), then combined with their buy 1 get 1 sale. Also had two coupons for .75 off viva towels that doubled to 1.50. My total I spent (all in one transaction) was $6 and some change, so less than $7 and I got a $1 register coupon. VERY HAPPY CUSTOMER!!

  14. onetanbabe24818 says:

    was wanting to know if anyone has done this deal in wv and if so what part of wv?

  15. nyda says:

    SO TRUE…… I went on Weds, got 2 oil starter kits and 2 refills, plus 4 of the mist sprays.. and I left PLENTY behind, the shelves were full. When I went back today, there was NOTHING. I mean all the glade refills, sprays,oil diffusers and their refills, gone, even all of the oil warmers and their refills, they were using them for overage, the cashier said.. sad, she said one lady came in with so many coupons, and just took everything. When I went weds, this one lady was doing the same. I took what I needed for my house and to replenish for a bit, but I left some for others. BOO to those who clear shelves!

  16. joyjoy1417 says:

    I’m looking at other people’s comment and noticing that some people are using a $5 off coupon on both the item they buy and the free item. Is that allowed?

  17. CECEMOM says:


  18. cece says:

    thank God it worked! i was nervous but i got both starter kits and refills for free + some rimmel, covergirl, and almay makeup for free with the coupons from the past few sundays. kmart had them on clearance with an additional 50%off it was amazing and exhilarating, they actually paid me .18cents!

  19. lhanie0108 says:

    I just went to Kmart and this deals didn’t worked to me,the lady said I can’t combine the promotional sales and the coupon that I have.

  20. Cris says:

    I don’t do K-mart. They are not coupon friendly. As to the associates they have working there, including management, Well I can’t say what I think about them. My mother always said if I don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything.

  21. jessica says:

    kmart cashier said they will not accept printed coupons

  22. Lily says:

    Omg im so happy! Thank you KCL…couponing for 4 months and it was our 1st time at Kmart. At 1st everything was going wrong because the cashier put $0 went she enter the amount for the coupon. And called the manager he said that i can only do 1per trans. I told him that it was cuz cashier did not amount when she enter the coupon and she agree. So he explain her how to do it.

    The thing it was that i had 8 coupons
    Got 8 kits and 8 refill
    Supost to get refills free at the register
    But give me 4 kits and 4 refill free
    Then enter only 7 coupons because it was already $-3..
    And it went towards my taxes.
    So i pay only $1.25 total.

    (thought kmart gives the less value free on the BOGO) im thinking it was a register error cuz i did nt understand until we saw the recipt.
    It was great love this glade. Never could affort before KCL.

  23. Jonathan says:

    they seem so clueless at kmart about anything im surprised they are still in business. if it wasnt for sears im sure they would be gone.

  24. Jonathan says:

    dont even try this deal in the anderson SC location. the manager there will not allow you to use these coupons

  25. April says:

    my Kmart would not let me, I wasted an hour of time there, and the only manager on duty told me since they are already BOGO I cannot use a coupon…I in a nice and polite way told her she was crazy, they do not have a copy of policy in store, and are very uneducated, so I gave up, then I tried to check out with school clothing, I had get $10 credit to shop your rewards if you spend $50, I was spending $64.99 and it would not go through, everytime she scanned it it said service error, she tells me I can only use shop rewards at Sears…I was so mad I just walked away, as I had nothing nice to say at this point. they are very uneducated there!

    • Sarah Weatherford Watkins says:

      You’re not alone, I wasted my time too. Me and my husband just left our stuff and walked out. :/

  26. aracelim031 says:

    I did this deal just today!!! I got free stuf an made money!!! Use the printable coupon for $5.00 off of oil diffuser. :)

  27. Kim says:

    Okay. I went to K-mart this evening and was going to purchase the oil diffuser & refill. They told me that I could not use the coupon because the lower price item is free (due to there sale of Buy 1 Get 1). The store manager refused to allow me to use the coupon. I nicely explained to them how the sale/coupon works and said because I was not “purchasing” the refill I could not use the coupon. I was purchasing as I was at the register but they would not allow it. What should I do? Should I write a letter? I can’t believe they refused me the coupon!

    • kbartel says:

      I’m having the same problem. I even spoke with someone on the phone who knew nothing about the policy. What do we do from here? I have 5 of each of the mists and the diffusers-the manager said the best he could do was that I would have to pay for 1 and he’d give me 2 free-which is not what the coupon is! He told the person on the phone that the system wouldn’t allow it…which was not true!! It was just a prompt to enter the ammount!

  28. Dori says:

    I went to my K-Mart today (8/24) and the tag under the items said 8/19-8/25. Not sure if it will be next week as well though.

  29. k.bateman says:

    Okay, I’m trying really hard to figure this in my head and just can’t seem to figure out how it will play out…Can someone help me?? As for the Kmart deal for the glade expressions. I have coupons for both the mist as well as the oil diffuser. My coupons state when you buy the refil, you get the kit for free. I used these at wal mart yesterday to catch some almost freebies but am wondering how I can work these coupons into kmarts buy 1 get 1 free deal…any help appreciated :)

    • Anonymous says:

      Purchase the oil diffuser starter kit and refill. the refill will be free for the store bogo. the manufacturer q will then give you the starter kit free. the same goes for the mists but do the mists in a separate transaction otherwise it will give you all the mists for free and then you couldn’t use the manu q’s. if you want the $1 catalina then have them ring up only 1 starter kit and refill each time.

  30. couponbea2012 says:

    I did six transactions ( three of each) paid $2.65 total and got 6 catalinas. $65 of products for $2.65…score!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks kcl!!

  31. Ruby says:

    Does anyone know how long will bogo sale last til at Kmart? Thanks

    • Anonymous says:

      Last of sale is this Saturday. Unfortunately, my Kmart was totally wiped clear when I got there.

  32. wheeliezgurl says:

    Awesome!! For the first time since I started couponing (last February), I might actually need to go to Kmart (which is only a mile away from me)!!!
    S, If I have two coupons for each of these, do I need to do 2 transactions? ie, get two of Fragrance Mist & refills in one trans, then 2 of the Oil Diffusers & Refills in a 2nd trans? I’m confused about that part…

  33. So if all I want is Oil Diffuser Starter Kit and the refills I can just get a bunch In one transaction with no problem?

    • Anonymous says:

      yes b/c the cheaper item is free with the bogo so the manu q will cover the starter kit:) if you want the catalina then have them ring up 1 starter kit and refill each time.

  34. nd says:

    Let’s say that I have four of both coupons and I wanted to get all the items for free. Can I do four transactions (one spray, one diffuser, and matching refills) or would I have to do eight? Please say that I only have to do four! I hate asking for more than two transactions.

    • Guest says:

      i dont understand why you would even have to do seperate transactions…

      • nd says:

        Omg, right. I would just need two transactions. Ditzy moment I guess. I guess I was thinking of the catalina.

    • pamela says:

      you could do 4 transactions if that is what you want to do but if you only do 4 transactions then you are only going to get $4 in catalina’s to print out for you – the catalina deal is you get $1 saving on your next order with purchase of 1 or more glade products so if you do all 8 transactions seperately you would end up with $8 in catalina’s to use but if you only do 4 transactions then you would only get $4 in catalina’s – does that explain it or did i just confuse you more lol

    • prayful says:

      8 transactions are better, so youll get 8- $1 CATALINA. Just get one kit and 1 refill for every tranasction.hth.

  35. nd says:

    Is this deal good until tomorrow or does it go on next week too?

  36. pamela says:

    I did this deal a couple days ago – use the B1G1 coupon with the kmart B1G1 sale and both are free – all i had to pay was the tax – i did like 9 seperate transactions and ended up spending like $5 in tax between them but there was also a catalina that was printing out for $1 off your next purchase so i got $9 in catalina’s back – making this a $4 moneymaker – yay!

  37. Anonymous says:

    Thank you KCL! Is this deal good at the regular Kmart or the Supercenter Kmart or both? TIA.

    • Anonymous says:

      It has been confirmed at multiple locations. You can call the store and ask if they are BOGO Free.

  38. Anonymous says:

    just to confirm, if i want to buy all 4 items (1 oil diffuser, 1 mist spray and their refills) i have buy 1 starter kit and refill separately? what if i just want the oil diffuser and refill do i have to do multiple trans just to get the a few pairs?

    • Anonymous says:

      If you look at the coupon it states that you need to buy 1 starter kit and 1 refill in the same transaction. If you want more then 1 oil diffuser and its refill you will need to do multiple transactions.

  39. Ana says:

    im confused, just wanna make sure i dont have a problem when i do this deal. How do i get the diffuser kit for free if i really did not purchase the refills, but instead kmarts deal is allowing me to get it for free, so there was no purchase of the refills in order to use this coupon. Has anyone done this deal with no problems???

    • Anonymous says:

      I have not heard of anyone having a problem with this scenario.

      • prayful says:

        please give us one scenario for one transaction, what coupons do i have to use.

        • prayful says:

          Okay, i just went to Kmart. I got 1 mist kit and i refill, used BOGO coupon and paid 27 cents. I did this 2 times.two $1 catalina. Then i bought 1 diffuser kit and 1 refill, used BOGO coupon, paid 51 cents, received $1 catalina. yipee..thanks to KCL.

  40. tara says:

    I did this yesterday and I got 6 oil starter kits and used 6 $5 coupons and then I bought 2 fragrance sprays and used 2 $3 coupons. I grabbed a package of toilet paper to cover the overage and paid $5.18 for everything including the taxes

  41. barb says:

    hi, i have the ss for 8/5 and there is no glade coupons in there is anyone else having this problem?

  42. Amber says:

    You forgot to say “thanks cuckoo for coupon deals” at the bottom, when I emailed you this deal I said I found it on her site, and those pics are from her site from 3 days ago

    • Anonymous says:

      I have not seen this deal on our email. These are pictures that I have taken from my own camera. Every store has the same items and tags, so some pictures could look similar from different blogs.

    • Anonymous says:

      These don’t look like the same pics to me. I’m guessing the KCL folks heard about this deal from others before your email or they found the deal themselves and took the pics.

    • rosy33 says:

      they will never say it