It seems like cheap cleaning products give me an incentive to clean house! If cheap cleaning products inspire you, head to Target to get select Method products for less than 75 cents! With the price cut and two coupons, cleanliness awaits!

Method All-Purpose Cleaner, 28 oz or Glass Surface Cleaner, 28 oz $2.69, price cut through 9/22
Use $1.00/1 Method Cleaning Spray from SS 8/12 (exp 12/31)
And use $1.00/1 – Method Personal Care or Cleaning Item, Excludes Trial Size, Target Coupon – (
Final Price: $0.69

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34 thoughts on “Method Cleaning Products, Only $0.69 at Target!”

They are not on sale in So Cal! I checked two different Targets and they were still full price at 2.99 :( Even at 99 cents they are a good deal, just not a stockpiliing good deal

I can’t find the method target print coupon…is it still on line? If so, which catagory is it under?

I found it with the household coupons. It should still be there!

Can’t find it under household, I think it’s gone!

no i just printed it its in the beauty section for some weird reason

the method target coupon its in the beauty section for some weird reason

Thanks for sharing it’s hiding spot! I was having trouble finding it too.

this coupon has reset and it now includes personal care items which i did not know they made. i run out of ink two days ago and was only able to print one, today when i went to print the second one i was able to print two and notice that it say it included personal care items, which was not in the other coupon i printed two days ago.

i found it in the beauty section ja ja ja they must have hiding it

Does anybody know if there is a limit to printing the $1/1 coupon off Target’s website?..

There is a limit of two.

The limit is two per computer.

Coupon must have been regional, but I was able to get a bunch on Ebay!

im really new at this where do i get the first coupon at?

That’s what I’d like to know! I went to the Smart Source website but it wasn’t there. I live in Canada so I only have access to printable coupons : (

Can you get coupons in Canada’s sunday newspaper?

You can find that coupon in the Smart Source newspaper insert from 8/26. If you don’t have it, you can trade with someone else or purchase it on Ebay!

was this coupon regional or did everyone get it having trouble finding?

It wasn’t in my regions ad, I’m in South West Florida.

I had to buy mine from ebay, It was not in my papers either.

any links for a Manufacturer coupon?

At this time, I don’t know of any printable manufacturer coupons for this item. I’ll cross my fingers though!

Even if the cleaners aren’t your favorite, it’s a nice way to get a cheap spray bottle for your favorite vinegar/baking soda homemade cleaner!

I got my Method for free at my Target. It was $1.99 so after my Target coupon and manufacturer coupon it was FREE! :)

i LOVE the all purpose cleaner! my son had an accident on his very non washable hedgehog beanbag while we were potty training.. and i was thought i was going to have to trash it.. BUT… low and behold… a more than healthy spray over the area with that stuff and you cannot smell pee at all! good as new. and yes.. the shower stuff is pretty great… although i do have to wipe mine out, i just dont have to really scrub.

I bought some of this cleaner last week and it had a peelie on it for $2 off any method laundry detergent. Got the detergent FREE

Sweet! It’s hard to find Method products for free.

I also got the $2.00 peelie when I bought mine last week. What other coupons did you pair it with to get the detergent for free? Id love to score that deal!

I did the same deal and the store had a full shelf of the small 8 loads so the $2 off any method detergent peelie made my detergent free.

I love these cleaners! I saw this deal and ordered coupons on ebay to match with my target coupons! I have a 16 month old and love using all natural products to clean our home! Excited to stock up with this deal!!!

I’m excited too!

i absolutely love the blue shower cleaner spray … i NEVER have to scrub my tub and walls now .. i spray it on in the evening and it’s just shiny and stays that way!!! I do have to go over the metal chrome stuff since it’s not made for that … but i got tons of free comet stainless cleaner from target awhile back =) METHOD is the best stuff ever!

are these any good?

While I love the cleaners and swear they cleaner better than the other brands. I say smell before buy because I found a few I really do not like the smell of. Personal preference on the smell thing though. I just open the bottles now to make sure they don’t stink…