A couple of weeks ago, we posted about the new Walgreens Balance Rewards Loyalty Program. We wanted to give you an update on the changes that are coming soon to Walgreens. Here are the details you need to know about the Balance Rewards program.

  • Every report we have received from Walgreens corporate has confirmed the following: The Balance Rewards program is NOT replacing the Register Reward program. The Register Reward program will continue in its current form for the foreseeable future.
  • Starting Thursday, September 6, you can sign up for the Balance Rewards program online here.
  • The program will launch on Sunday, September 16. At that point, you can sign up in-store or online.
  • Balance Rewards members will receive savings every week on popular products. Savings and points can be earned by showing your Balance Rewards card, providing your phone number or scanning your mobile phone.
  • You can earn points by purchasing items in the store. Points earned can later be redeemed for Walgreens rewards.

Earn 5,000 Points, Receive $5.00 Reward
Earn 10,000 Points, Receive $10.00 Reward
Earn 18,000 Points, Receive $20.00 Reward
Earn 30,000 Points, Receive $35.00 Reward
Earn 40,000 Points, Receive $50.00 Reward

  • These Rewards can be redeemed in-store or online. They will not expire as long as you shop at Walgreens at least once every six months and redeem your points within three years.
  • If you enroll online between September 6–15, you will be entered into a 10 Million Point Giveaway!

I understand that changes can be frustrating. (I’m resistant to change too!) I am, however, eager to see how this program turns out! Change can be exciting too! I’m glad to hear that the Register Reward program is not going away, and I’m eager to start earning Balance Rewards points!

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86 thoughts on “Update: Walgreens Balance Rewards Loyalty Program”

  1. Ash says:

    I used to be a Walgreen’s Gal… Til I started couponing. Then I discovered the deals and policies at CVS were killer in comparison. I only go to Wags now when I need a quick item, that I don’t have a coupon for. Sad really. Same thing happened with Winn Dixie. I was convinced WD had better deals than Publix- til I started couponing!!! Now Publix blows WD outta the water, lol.

  2. felicityboston says:

    Should they do away with the RR I will be done. I have put up with a lot of cranky not so friendly managers! It is sad, because I love all the products they have to offer. I have signed up for this card, but it does just make me think of CVS card. Limiting what we can and cannot buy is just wrong.

  3. Omaha Coupon Mamma says:

    So I just got more information about the Balance Rewards program.

    The points expire 3 years after they are earned as long as you shop there every 6 months.

    If your points are used in a transaction to help pay for that transaction no points can be earned for that particular transaction. (Great time to get register reward earning items though.)

    If you buy something that earns you points and then you return that item your points will be removed from your account.

    • kde90 says:

      thanx great info. one ? tho did u find out or know if u can receive multiple RR in different transactions, as i use to do bfore this new program, w/1 balance rewards card? thanx appreciate ur time. Example blistex $2 receive RR $2

      • Omaha Coupon Mamma says:

        yes you can i did the stride id gum today. i did 3 ttransactions where i bought 2 gums in each one and got 1000 points in each transaction for a total of 3000 points.

        • kde90 says:

          amazing thanx a lot!!! looking forwards to my shopping trip to walgreens using my balance rewards card!!!!!!

  4. eas114 says:

    Does anyone know if there are limits for balance reward purchases? i.e. If you earn 1000 balance rewards points for buying 2 boxes of fiber one bars this week, can you earn 3000 points for buying 6 boxes? I’m sure this question has an easy-to-find answer, but I haven’t been able to find it yet :) Thx!

  5. yaneth says:

    Hi hate shopping at Walgreens, their cashiers don’t know the coupon polices and every time that decide to buy one little thing. it take me a long time. A Nightmare!!

  6. 2592sc says:

    Yes, change always stinks!!!!! I must tell all of you that i shop two walgreens stores in Bradenton Florida & the cashiers are totally awesome at both locations

  7. jpre13 says:

    Some of the point offers I’m seeing in the preview for this week’s ad are “Get 1,000 points when you purchase $15 or more in participating products.” I’m hoping that’s BEFORE coupons, but the terms and conditions don’t specify so I suppose we’ll have to wait and see =)

  8. kde90 says:

    little disappointed bcuz i liked walgreens i would make the most two transactions in a store i wouldnt haul everything away but mayb this is just to set regulations so not just one person would clear out the store on their RR products. and every customer can have a treat of that product and know that its free. Idk not happy but mayb its like cvs and riteaid limited products per card if u have a husband or a sister number u can apply for another card i dnt think its nothing wrong wit having two cards with a relative number n name…looking forwards to this new program n if all fails oh well…but totally agree with everyone CVS is my favorite

  9. CheapFLmom says:

    I just spoke with the employee @ Walgreens and this program will take the place of Register Rewards and you will HAVE to have the card to get the ad savings. Sad to hear as most have you already posted they will most likely loose all the business that I currently do there. The only good thing I heard her say is it will include your prescription purchases. Not worth it for me, I liked getting the rewards right then to reuse if I wanted not months down the road after I build “points”!

  10. Rrussell22 says:

    One thing to think about in all of this is Walmart and their price matching. Cannot tell you the number of times I’ve used price matching to get good deals that I couldn’t find at my local WG. But WM is NOT going to honor any kind of point system, heck they won’t do B1G1 without a price being shown. Think WG is just trying to get us in the store to use their system instead of price matching. Just a thought I had while reading. I’ll hold judgement on WG until we see how the RRs factor in.

  11. Nicole says:

    I just signed up on-line…but now how do I get a card? Will they mail it to me?

    • tiffany says:

      you don’t need a card when you go in you will just put your phone number in the pin pad and you will get your points.

    • Omaha Coupon Mamma says:

      If you really want a card you can get one from the store then link it up

  12. Pigsfly77 says:

    The one thing of many I don’t like is that you cannot redeem and earn in the same transaction!

    • sully says:

      you mean if we purchase something and receive points with it we cannot redeem the points from previous purchases?

      • Omaha Coupon Mamma says:

        If you redeem your points to help pay for a transaction then you will not earn points on that transaction.

  13. Stacey says:

    Totally agree with ‘Dear Walgreens’
    I’m done with shopping at Walgreens! I don’t care if it’s free or a moneymaker. CVS gets my business. Walgreens isn’t worth the hassle EVERY TIME I go in there. I can have one item & one coupon and they are going to give me a fit, but that can’t happen if I do not shop there! If you have a friendly Walgreens, be very thankful because they do not exist here.
    CVS Rocks!

  14. MelCross says:

    My Walgreens told me this morning when I signed up for the new program that the rr program would be gone in a year. That they were switching to the new program. So sad. I hope it works out as good as rr, I just learned to use them.

    • sully says:

      what i notice with the points its that they equal the rr’s instead of giving you a $1 dollar rr they will give you 1000pts=$1 dollar so its the same and much less hassle you dont have to worry about losing this things and what i notice is that with this point thing filler items may be a thing of the past. :0) how can you tell how many points equals one coupon?

  15. arrowangel21 says:

    Do you think we will be able to get mulitiple points for buying the same items in the same transaction? For instance, purchasing 2 packs of Stride ID gum will get you 1000 points. Will purchasing 10 packs allow you to receive 5,000 points??

    • tiffany says:

      alot of the items you will have to buy two things to get the points

    • sully says:

      same question here? i might have to request one of the brochures they are handing with the card.

    • jpre13 says:

      The terms and conditions states:
      Company reserves the right to limit Points awarded with respect to any offer or

      promotion to reasonable household quantities.
      So, I’d think so until we get into really large quantities. It also may depend on whether the associates red flag the amount or not…?

    • Daniel Bloom says:

      I got 2×5000 points so 10k points total for their dove promo so yes it works for me.

  16. Anonymous says:

    I’m ready for the new program. My wags here in Montgomery al on taylor road rocks!!!! Keep up the great work. Im a very loyal customer. I go there so much, they even know my kids and husband my name.
    The only thing now, they have new cashiers and i dont like explaining to them how to take the coupons. Lol! Otherwise their awesome.

  17. Stacey says:

    I had a cashier tell me on Monday that as of Black Friday the Register Reward Program will be discontinued.

    • sully says:

      i dont believe employees some are reporting employees are saying in a year others black friday they dont know their own coupon policy much the less the rewards program :0) if they disappear, walgreens corp will make it official until then dont worry about it.

  18. Grace November says:

    Oh, they only thing I find annoying so far with the Balance Rewards Card is that you have to enter you zip code everytime you use it. So it getting annoying when you are doing separate transactions.

  19. Grace November says:

    Hopefully people will stay with Walgreens and sign up. For those of you who are loyal Walgreens fans and have a good relationship with your Walgreens; a great way to help them out would be signing up starting September 16th in your Walgreens. Because the Walgreens that has the most people to sign up will win the contest that corporate is having. So it is a wonderful way to say thanks to those Walgreens employees who have always helped you out. Also starting September 16th you can earn 1000 points by getting your flu shot and 500 points for each prescription refill. If you signed up for Walk for Walgreens, each mile you walk you can earn 10 points. That is what I know for now. Hope this help some.

    • sully says:

      no wonder they are signing up people one by one on the computer instead of just giving you the brochure and giving you the option to fill the info later and bring it back

  20. Kristina L. says:

    at my Walgreens in Dallas TX last week my cashier asked me to put in my rewards number which is your phone number and she found me and I haven’t enrolled yet, but there it was and you do it everytime you purchase something.

  21. aleshae says:

    this program is designed to be similar to other stores like cvs you will need the card to get the walgreens store coupon deals that anyone can get now, if you dont have a card you wont get sales price. everything else will stay the same

    • Virginia says:

      It’s not the same, because you can’t use money earned with points to get more points like CVS lets you do. I love Walgreens , but I’m getting worried I will have my a new favorite store.

  22. msalmoni says:

    I like CVS they have the nicest cashiers here in ST. Louis MO.

  23. msalmoni says:

    Yes they hav nasty walgreens cashiers here in ST. LOUis Missouri near the lambert airport..last time they had free ivory soap which i could have gotten 30 of them for free since I like free stuff but I REFUSED to go to walgreens , that is the measure of how much i hate them.

  24. jacrat16 says:

    Where do you sign up to get a card?

  25. Anonymous says:

    i am sure there are things we are not being told yet. Because there are a few unanswered questions that I have. They say they are not reducing the RR. I havent seen anything on limiting the number of items we can get, only that we will need a card to get the deals. I havent seen anything that says we cant use the RR right away. So what it appears to the naked eye is that they are just tracking our purchases and giving us free money? HMMMM dont believe that. Something more is up. Cant wait to see what it is.

    • Amanda says:

      My guess is that in doing this Walgreens will be limiting the amount of RR we are able to get. If you have to use this card in order to get the deal then they can limit the amount of RR to 1 or 2 where as prior to this we could get as many RR as we wanted so long as we did numerous transactions. If one store had an issue we could go to another store. That won’t be the case with the new card since it will be able to follow you to other stores.
      For me, it’s not a huge issue because I usually only do 1 or 2 transactions and that is it. It’s only my husband and I so I don’t need a large stockpile. For people with families this may really start to hamper their ability to stock up.

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m eager to find out the answers to all those questions too!

    • k0m. says:

      I think they are going to limit transactions for multiple/duplicate items purchased once this program gets going. It wouldn’t surprise me if people got flagged for buying too many items on sale. “Beep*beep*. You’ve hit the limit of 4 Dawn dish soap for this rewards card.”

    • sully says:

      yeah i wonder the same thing will they limit the number of items you can get with rr’s or points???

  26. Susie says:

    Wow, reading the comments here, and on the Rite Aid card changes, it looks like CVS is the big winner. They seem to be picking up additional customers by doing nothing, other than business as usual. :)

  27. College_couponer12 says:

    I think it’s great.

  28. The filler items aren’t much of a hassle if you use a strategy (buying
    clearance item, a coffee, using a $1 off 2 Q etc). Besides,
    if you don’t want the filler item but need it to redeem your register
    reward, just return the item the next week and use the value towards
    your next purchase. I’m not saying that it is right or wrong but a
    simple solution. I’ll let everyone make their own choices. I love
    walgreens, and the employees are great. Walgreens is in the business to
    make money, so I can understand their reasoning for the limitations on
    RRs. Just my two cents. Have a happy Coupon day!

  29. mirdygyrl says:

    My add had points on items a week or two ago. I was also in a test market and the points never had the value the RR had. I am not very excited because in my test market it took several weeks for the points to load on the card…. and if they made a mistake, you had to keep the ads to tell the customer service people what you were supossed to get. More then once, I did not get the points promised but by the time the points were visable online the customer service could not see the old add in there system and were not helpful at fixing the problem.

    • Anonymous says:

      That does sound frustrating! Hopefully for the actual program they will have ironed out those kinks from the test market.

    • sully says:

      test markets are very helpful for them to notice all this problems, it gives them an idea of what could go wrong so im pretty sure they are going to take care of all this problems

  30. FeliciaCarrillo says:

    i was in the test market also and it was quite annoying that they hardly ever had any of the register rewards..so if they still offer about the same amount of register rewards as they do now out of the test market and offer points on products as well it would be a pretty good program. i kind of missed the points once it stopped BUT i would rather have more register rewards if i had to choose. WE WILL SEE! i wish they offerd the discount program like rite aid.

  31. Samantha says:

    It doesnt seem as bad as people are making it out to be.

  32. Kathleen Wynne says:

    I live in Kansas City and Walgreens used us as a test market for this program. They may say that the points-system will not replace the Register Rewards, but that is not entirely true; during the test period, we did not get Register Rewards for about half of the products that the rest of the country did. We earned points instead.
    What you’ll have to do is figure the number of points into a cash value with $5 = 5,000 points. So an item that will earn you 1,000 points is the equivalent to $1.00, 250 points is $0.25, etc. The highest point value I remember seeing on a single item was about 1,600. There are also oppotunities to earn double or triple points.
    One good thing is that you can redeem your points for cash in the form of a Walgreens gift card which has no restrictions on what you purchase and your Register Rewards will always print. You also redeem your points for merchandise, but it requires a lot of points to get anything good.
    For the entire program, which I participated in for about six months, I think I earned about 25,000 points or $250. I got some crappy merchandise and some gift cards. I will say that I earned more “cash” back in the form of Register Rewards once the test program was completed and we were on the same system as everyone else.
    The points system also requires a lot of work checking your balance on line, redeeming rewards.
    To me, not really worth it. Looks like I’ll be spending more of my time at CVS, too.

    • Anonymous says:

      Thanks for the info! The actual program will not be running exactly the same as the test program did, however. I’m hoping that they made some good adjustments!

      • Kim says:

        I was also in a test market. The thing that I didn’t like about the rewards program, is that I couldn’t tell if I got my points or not until they showed up online a week or two later (unlike with an RR, if it doesn’t print you can ask why right there in the store, and if it’s the wrong item you can decide not to make that purchase).

  33. Anonymous says:

    The cashier at my Wags actually asked me if I wanted to sign up today and took care of it and gave me my new card and everything. We will have to see how this all works out w/ multiple purchases of sale items though. Might end up being more similar to rite aid or something.

  34. Rahrah says:

    I was surprised by this change, but it doesn’t seem too bad!

  35. Anonymous says:

    I don’t like Walgreens, but I will give them one more try.

  36. Pugcrazy says:

    My store in Texas is telling it’s customers that you will have to have the card to get sale prices. That makes it sound like they might cut back on allowing multiple purchases of items on sale.

    • Anonymous says:

      That is possible. We’ll have to see how this turns out when September 16th rolls around!

      • lbj1990 says:

        I work at Walgreen’s and let me assure you guys that the new system is not as bad as you think! Your local Walgreen’s should have some pamphlets on everything you need to know about the new system at the front register. It explains the policies and points system in great detail.

        • sully says:

          im really looking foward to it, i dont like keeping track of rr’s and hate the filler item thing. where you have to have the same amount of coupons to items. hopefully with the points this problem will go away

    • FAMILYOF6 says:


    • b4bylu3 says:

      I was told the same. In fact, my Walgreens is hiring a person just to do the new sign-ups. I’m so glad I already have my card! Got mine Sunday!

  37. kylie says:

    Dear Walgreens,
    You lost me months ago. I’ve been there once in the last six months only to pick up my 20 boxes of velveeta shells I pre ordered. You can’t even make me come back… I’m gonna use my register rewards at my grocery store! I looked across the street longingly as I left, feeling as if I was cheating on CVS.
    You’ll never compare to CVS. They have the nicest employees in all of Minnesota! Your cashiers are cranky. CVS has a coupon machine that gives me amazing coupons…it even knows I have a baby! They give me rain checks for extra buck deals. They pay me to bring my own bag. They pay me more to buy makeup and free shampoo. They even email me 20% off coupons!
    I don’t like you Walgreens. I won’t even come in there for a moneymaker on mouthwash!

    P.s. I love you KCL :) thanks for the wonderful CVS deals :)

    • Iheartcoupons says:

      I love this ^^ and I’m with you!!

    • hbaughn says:

      DITTO!!! DITTO!!! DITTO!! Walgreens needs to re-evaluate the whole “filler” or what i like to call “frustration” issue and start giving out better incentives for me to shop there. I’m sorry walgreens, but you stink!

      • misskue says:

        True! they are gonna lose a lot of customers because of the filler item! and also ive stopped going there also! i love cvs & target :)

        • sully says:

          with points i think that filler item thing will disappear i just don’t see how you can tell how many points will equal 1 coupon. :0)

    • k0m. says:

      You must not have been to the CVS on White Bear Avenue and County Rd B. They are the worse and that includes the managers. I always go to the one on Snelling and University. The managers are so much more helpful and actually educate couponers on different sales throughout the store.

      • kylie says:

        It’s such a bummer when the managers advocate this poor customer service, since they lead by example. And I’m actually not from the cities ;)

    • Love2Save86510 says:

      Wow, that is sad. I went to a Walgreens on Aug. 29, to use the Friends and family coupon that I printed from their website, just to be told, “they don’t take paper coupons”. I didn’t argue with the manager, but called customer service and a few days later i received a phone call saying they would take the coupon. I assured him that location would never see me again.

    • Angelica says:

      I dislike WAGS too. Primary reasons: they are always out of RR items I want, their RR expire in like a week, and hate the fact RR arent like ECBs that I have to buy filler items I don’t need. No, not even if there is a MM on something I won’t go in there, don’t want to be stuck with RR I can’t or forget to redeem.