Want to further organize your coupon binder and make things easier to find? Employ tabbed dividers!

The coupon binder is the method of choice here at The Krazy Coupon Lady, making couponing organized and effective. There are two main methods: Organize by Date and Organize by Category (check out our How-to Binder Video for how to get started). In both cases, tabs can help speed things up.

If you Organize by Date in your binder, you’ll have several sheet protectors housing your newspaper inserts. To shorten trip preparation time, purchase some stick-on tabs with removable inserts, and put one on each sheet divider. Write the corresponding dates of each newspaper insert on them. When the inserts expire, simply take out the old tab and update with a new one.

Organizing by Category allows you to save time when shopping and to select the categories that best fit your needs. Simply print off the KCL Binder Categories pages and insert them into sheet protectors. Attach stick-on tabs. Another option is to purchase pocketed tab dividers. Label the tab with the category, and put the category page inside the pocket. You can also buy tabbed page dividers to separate your baseball card-style sleeves into categories.

Now you’ll be able to flip through your binder faster, saving you more time to score big at the store!


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6 thoughts on “Extreme Couponing Tip: Tab Your Binder!”

This has been my saving grace! I am sooo thankful that you guys are so thorough. I have found so many deals in the clearance sections and to be able to tab right to what I need is so awesome! I actually started out my binder with the sticky tabs with numbers on them, but now that I am a pro I can pretty much open my binder to exactly what I need. I have also had to divide my binders in 2. I have one for food and one for non food. Thanks again for all you do KCL!


You’re very welcome, Harley! So glad we can help 🙂


Great video thanks so much, it really helped me! I’m sharing it with all my friends that come to me wanting to start couponing because they see how much I save! 🙂 I am so thankful for your website and hard work and all the time you put into this, and I take pride when people call me a “crazy coupon lady”! I learned from the best KCL!


Thanks Lauren! That’s great you’re such a great example to those around you– friends don’t let friends pay retail 🙂


I love the coupon binder and using colored tabs. I also have a question. How come I can’t get the shop at Home website to work? Every time I go to it, it logs me in automatically and I can’t seem to find where to enter a zip code.