Here is a stocking stuffer deal I couldn’t turn down! Bonne Bell Lip Smackers are double-dipping this week at Rite Aid. That means double the fun! When you spend $10.00, you’ll receive a $5.00 weekly +Up Reward and a $4.00 monthly +Up Reward. Combine a printable coupon with these offers for a moneymaker! The flavors I chose were Cotton Candy, Pink Lemonade, Strawberry Banana and Vanilla. What will you choose?


Buy 6 Bonne Bell Lip Smackers $1.89, regular price
Spend $10.00, Receive $5.00 +Up Reward through 10/27, Limit 2
Spend $10.00, Receive $4.00 +Up Reward through 10/30, Limit 1
Use three $1.00/2 – Lip Smacker Products – (
Pay $8.34, Receive one $5.00 +Up Reward and one $4.00 +Up Reward
Final Price: $0.66 Moneymaker, when you buy 6


Dial Hand Soap is a moneymaker this week at Rite Aid!

Thanks, Reader Pause85

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77 thoughts on “Better-Than-Free Lip Smackers at Rite Aid!”

I found that the deal wouldn’t work for me. They counted the total after coupons so buying 6 put me at $11.34 and using 3 coupons brought me down to $8.34. I had to purchase another one to bring my total back up. Very disappointed they seem to have changed their policy. Don’t know how it worked for everyone else??

My store didn’t have the single ones; the cheapest ones they had were the $2.79 ones and only a few of those; so I passed up on them. If I go out tomorrow I will check another store :(

Same here…I was so bummed! My store only had the 3 pack lipsmackers and none of them were priced either.

It let me print the coupon 3 times but they all have the same bar code #’s. Will they still take them at Rite-aid?

I tried this in Toledo, Ohio yesterday and neither one of the Ups printed. The cashier insisted that I didn’t get both the weekly and the monthly but couldn’t tell me why I didn’t at least get one of them. The manager was no help either so I returned them and may try again at another store if I have time today. Sometimes a great deal just isn’t worth the store’s ignorance!

just printed 3 from the same computer!…will i still be able to use them? they all have the same numbers under the barcodes??

For this coupon that is okay.

I tried this deal with some of the jumbo Disney Lipsmackers, and my rewards didn’t load. I called CS about the
Disney LSs today. They are not included in the deal and they will not
honor the +UPs. A rude rep by the name of S. gave me attitude after
keeping me on the phone for half an hour.

There are no exclusions stated in the circular, and she snapped at me
“Well it’s obviously not pictured.” Very disappointed in Rite Aid. I
can’t stand disrespectful customer service reps.

If you bought the jumbo Disney LSs, call Rite Aid and give them heck about it. I will be returning these asap.

I’m so sorry about that! That is super frustrating!

Too bad you can’t print more than 2 of the online coupon to make this deal work!

use multiple computers or have friends print the extras for you

I was told that the coupon didn’t have a dot-scan bar code on my coupon under the expiration date, the barcode that is there looks blurry and unlike any bar code I’ve ever seen

There were two coupons on my sheet and one of the was for the United States, the other one with the funny bar code was a Canadian coupon.


The have them on sale te single one’s for only .94, 50% off!! Woot woot an even better deal. This is in Vermont

Wow! That’s exciting!

Do they take in to account the $10 spent before or after the manuf. coupons? how many coupons for the same item does rite aid allow (i.e can i use (4) $1/2 off coupon when buying 8??)

They count what you spend before coupons. I think Rite Aid’s policy is that they only accept four like coupons within the same transaction so you should be okay.

That is exactly right, on both accounts!

I did this deal this morning. The single packs were cleaned out so I got 4 of the lip smackers with scented nail polish and used 2 coupons. Got my 2 ups Yay!


How many times can you get both up rewards? Can I do this more than once in a week?

The limit for the monthly $4.00 +Up Reward is only 1, so you can only earn the $4.00 +Up Reward once.

I found the Girl Scouts LipSmacker on clearance for 1.92 and it’s a double pack.

Awesome find!

I’m assuming you are allowed to use the same coupon with the same barcode and numbers and such multiple times. Is that right?

Yes, in this case that is fine.

I just recently realized I had a Rite Aid close and would like to try some of these deals out…are the up rewards similar to Walgreens or how do they work? Thanks!

They are very different than the Walgreens Register Rewards. Click on the “101” tab at the top of our Walgreens page to read about how to use +Up Rewards!

Walgreens is much harder to shop at than Rite Aid. At Rite Aid your rewards do not count as coupons so the only time you need a filler is if you didn’t spend the full value of the reward before tax (ie you want to use a $4 reward and your total before tax was $3.96. You would need to spend 4 cents before you could use it).

Thanks guys! I found the tabs and read up a little! I am excited to get there!

I cannot get the coupon to print?!

When you open the pdf, you can right-click on the image and select Print. A Print menu should pop up.

Does anyone know if these track on the receipt? I went in tonight and bought 6 because I have (had) the 10% discount. I did not check close enough before I left the store and when I got home I did not have any up rewards for this deal!!! But I got another surprise because I graduated to the gold discount tonight (yeah!!) and that is why i did not get the up rewards–I fell short of the $10 with the 20% off. If I go back and buy 1 more, will my ups print????? Thanks for any responses in advance :)

It should print. I believe this deal is tracking.

Yeah–went back and bought 1 more and up rewards printed!!!

Oh good!

A 10% off coupon printed on my receipt last week….
$1.89 x 6=$11.34
-10% = $10.21 (qualify for up rewards)
Pay $7.21 get $5 & $4 up rewards= $1.79 MM!


Thank you for letting us know about this deal!!!

You bet!

This deal worked like a charm :)!!!! MONEYMAKER!

I need help in understanding coupons labelled web coupon, are they accepted as manufactures coupon?

Yes. The printable coupon above is a manufacturer coupon.

Can you print as many as you want?

I did not see an answer to one of the questions below. I printed the coupons, but 2 print out on the page. However only one has the barcode. Is that the only one on the page we can use?

Yes…the one that says only valid in U.S

The top coupon is the one you use… the top is for US, the bottom is for Canada.


I grabed the girlscout flavors 8 ct (2) on sale for 4.97 ea and bought 1 of the lipsmackers w nail polish for 3.50 used my 1.00/2 and got the 4 and 5 rr back so I paid a like a dollar something but got 17.

Y’all are very lucky! :-) I saw this deal originally posted a few days ago in the comments on the Rite-Aid page and tried to find the Bonnie Bell lip smackers. My Rite-Aid said they only carry them at the holidays.

Oh bummer! I’m sorry!

How is this a money maker once you add in tax? with tax mine were 9.13…so cost 13 cent after rewards….

I think subtotals (before tax) are used because the tax rate (if any) varies by state.

We calculate all our final prices without tax, since tax is different in every state (and some states don’t even have sales tax!). Before tax, it is a $0.66 moneymaker!

if you have the 20% off, do you have to buy 8 to get this deal? How close do you have to be to $10 to get the UP reward?

I’m pretty new at this.

I figured them in with the 20% and will be buying (8) since they are technically not on sale. Also, unlike CVS, you have to achieve the $10 spot on (or over) to get the plus UPs. Hope that helps.

I had the same 20% off question- thank you.

KenniL is spot on! You must reach the $10.00 exactly (or exceed it), and the $10.00 must be met after considering your 20% Gold discount.

Thank you very much!

I did this deal yesterday and with the 20% discount they were $1.51 each so I got 7 and received all the ups. Hope this helps!!!

you dont have to buy 8 , give them card at the end

Does that work? I know if you are not opted out on the rewards printing on your receipt, giving the card last helps you to use your coupons but will that work in this situation (meeting a certain dollar amount to triigger Up rewards)? Doesn’t the scan of the card go back and adjust the prices so you still will come up short of triggering the Ups? I recently got to the gold level and will have to pay more attention to what is on sale and what is regular price in regards to getting my ups. If this works, I will just begin giving my card last, although they always want you to scan it before they begin scanning your items.

these remind me of highschool =) i guess i have to wait to do the deal tomorrow, since my UPR+ starts tomoroow =/ THANK YOU FOR POSTING and im glad your site is up again!!

We are too! :)

I don’t see any ‘code’ below the expiration date (like most printables have to identify them as unique coupons – not copies). Are these still OK to print and use 3 of, even without a code?

Yes! They worked for me without any beeps or problems! I also called the Bonne Bell Corporate offices and the Customer Service representative told me the coupon was good!

Thank You!

I just got back from Rite Aid and there weren’t any signs for Ups on these. Is the deal regional?

Sometimes the items don’t have the correct tags. The monthly +Up Reward is not regional. You can check your ad to make sure that the weekly +Up Reward is happening at your store as well, but I believe it’s happening everywhere as well!

I don’t know how to do this? Do you ring them separately to get the UPR, or all together. I’ve never gotten a double reward, and don’t know how to do it yet.

Just buy them all together and the two UPs will print on the bottom of your receipt (or load to your card).


I did this deal yesterday. Snagged Dr. Peppers, pink lemonades and bubble gums. With three daughters, we go through these pretty quickly at our house!

That’s awesome! I love all the flavors!

I got one pk with 8 Priced at $9.69 and one lip gloss Priced at a $2.79 so paid total 12.48-1.00 mq 11.48 got 4 and 5 up rewards pay $2.48 oop. they did not have any others. Will use these for Christmas presents have many nieces. Thanks KCL