We recently told you about an awesome Pedigree dog food tray deal at Target. The same coupon will get you dog food for free at Walmart. This wet dog food product is on rollback–how convenient! Don’t delay! These could sell out fast since there isn’t a limit restriction.

Pedigree Dog Food Tray, 3.5 oz $0.60, rollback price
Use Free Pedigree Tray, up to $0.60, from RP 10/21 (exp 11/25)
Final Price: Free 


New Ocean Spray coupon: Pick up Low Tart Cranberry Juice for $1.48 at Walmart

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36 thoughts on “Free Pedigree Dog Food Tray at Walmart!”

  1. annawolv says:

    how do you print the coupon???

  2. navybrat87 says:

    I got 6 free trays from Vons today. Normal price is $.79, but club sale price is 10/$6. Don’t have a puppy, but going to give them to friends or a shelter. :)

  3. Claudette says:

    In MA and I didn’t receive a q for Pedigree. Ughh!

  4. couponmoms2012@yahoo.com says:

    I also work at walmart and Have not heard of any changes in the coupon policy. I did my shopping yesterday and had several of the same coupons and they all went thru. I think there is just some big headed wanna be’s that work there that want to try to control. Walmart alway had and has to many cheifs and not enough indians.

  5. dmezasm says:

    I am in Texas, and no coupon… so VERY disappointed, as i was hoping to donate them all to the local shelter…bummed! :( Question, i noticed that someone mentioned that they get coupons on ebay…. would those coupons work for me since i’m in a region where the coupon wasn’t distributed?

  6. aneeannie says:

    The coupon says limit one coupon per purchase. Does that mean I can only get one at a time? I have 10 left and have been giving them out to family to get one. Didn’t know if I can use more than one coupon the same time. I am a beginner. :D

    • Anonymous says:

      No, It is one per item, per purchase. You can get 10 trays, and use 10 coupons, that would be one per purchase, because you are purchasing 10 items. Hope it helps.

    • Anonymous says:

      @MadiAndNatesMom:disqus is correct. This simply restricts you to (1) Manufacturer coupon per item. If you have 5 items and 5 coupons, you may redeem all five, unless there’s a restriction like “limit 4 per transaction”.

  7. sextoncrl says:

    what do i click on to get the coupon?

  8. Anonymous says:

    sweet! beats paying 9 cents at target! thanks!

  9. Mine in tn didn’t eithe :(

  10. arios956 says:

    I was so lucky to get this in my paper! I’m in Texas :)

  11. Anonymous says:

    I got them and took them to Walmart last night. I had a manager there tell me that they have a new policy and they are only taking 2 of the same coupon. (I had 10). I asked her where in the coupon policy it states that and when it started and she said oh just this week. I told her Walmart might want to update the web site. I think she is full of it. I tried to call customer service today but they were busy. I will be calling back again.

    • jean russell says:

      Why not just walk over to another line?

      • Anonymous says:

        I could not walk away, the cashier took my coupons and left me standing there at the register, for a good 10 minutes. She came back with a manager that told me that.

    • SAS says:

      I had a problem at Walmart last week with the free Lindt chocolate q from Facebook page. The supervisor told me that in order for them to accept a printable free item purchase coupon it must have a silver line at the top (???)!!! So I called customer service and told my story. They said they would pass on the info so I figured nothing would come of it. However, an assistant manager called me the next day so I told him what happened and asked if corporate updated the website about this. He said no, because it was not true. He said he has never heard of this and will let the supervisor know. I asked him to please communicate and educate the entire front line better. He said that is what he plans to do. I’m going to try again today, so keeping my fingers crossed. Sadly, I didn’t get the free dog food…I’m in Illinois.

    • jazw33 says:

      I work at Walmart, and yes they did change the policy within the past 7-10 days. A coupon must be scanable and the computer must accept it. If not we do not take them. It must say manufacturers coupon on it. If you are supposed to buy 3 tubes of toothpaste– YOU CANNOT buy a 3 pack. Yes that seems to be common sense but most people don’t get it. The coupons are NOT on multipacks unless specifically shown in the picture on the coupon or it says multipack allowed!!!! No we do not take stop and shop coupons that are for that STORE again………Manufacturers coupons. If you have a printer that blurrs your UPC’s better go buy another one or you will not be using your non-scannable coupons anymore!! And yes–the limit stated on the coupon is the limit because the coupons are controlled by the computer…AGAIN if the computer says NO then it’s NO!! You can do separate orders!!

      I had a lady yesterday give me 10 coupons and she didn’t have a single one of the items. She had cheaper look a likes trying to get away with it. The coupon was for fish shaped bread by P Farms and she has Arnold fish shaped bread. The stuff people try to pull and companies are finally saying –ENOUGH.

      • QQ says:

        Do I smell a troll…. Sure do

      • Anonymous says:

        You might want to tell your supervisors to update the web site. I have heard this type of griping from other walmart employees. One Walmart I went to would constantly question my coupons, and give the same story about the same family that was buying items with coupons, and then returning for full value. To say that every couponer is there trying to “pull one over” because of a small percentage that may, is like saying everyone that walks in to the store is a thief, because a certain percentage rpi them off.
        Also, if the lazy clerks would try using the scan gun, they tend to scan more often without problems.

        • May says:

          I printed my WALMART COUPON POLICY from the WALMART.COM page today. So, If they want to tell me, they changed it, they will have to probe it to me. I understand if they deal with some people who tries to take “bigger advantage” of the coupons, BUT, even if they buy a product, use a coupon, return it and receive the full product value, the store WILL GET THE MONEY FROM THE COUPON. By the way, I got 20 free dog food today without a problem.

    • Marty says:

      At Walmart, if the Cashier tells you something you know is wrong don’t be afraid to ask for the CSM while you are at the register. Usually (but not always) the CSM understands the coupon policy and will instruct the cashier. Once I had to tell the CSM to get the manager on duty to come over when they would not do a price match per policy and the policy was posted on the register.
      As a general rule Walmart is very good about following there written policy. Many times a cashier does not understand they actually make money on coupons, they think they are doing the company a favor for refusing a coupon when actually they are costing them money
      Most valid coupons pay the store .08 cents processing, this is huge for the stores, for a .25 coupon they are getting a 32% return.

      • Anonymous says:

        I’ve had to go to Customer Service many times and they’ve always been nice and just given me the cash for the coupons that wouldn’t go through.

    • AlRod_0703 says:

      boo walmart has been doing the same to me!

    • TA says:


      take your coupon policy and if ANYONE *(#&cks with you ask to speak to a csm, then ask to speak to their manager and so on and so on. NEVER let a cashier dictate false walmart policies to you. NEVER.

      and quit whining. lol

  12. Anonymous says:

    Bummer! These would have been great to donate to the shelter. I got the local paper and the Columbus, Ohio editions, It was not in either. The Columbus paper usually has slightly different coupons and sometimes higher value too.

  13. lizzyserrano says:

    so disappointed! I didn’t receive this coupon either!

  14. arlene says:

    My RP didn’t have this coupon I’m in Texas.

  15. Angelia Elmore says:

    My RP didn’t have this coupon..Wow..