Pouf. Loofah. Sponge. Shower tools go by many names! If yours needs replacing, join ecoINSIDERS at ecotools.com to receive a $1.00 off any EcoTools product coupon. This offer is emailed and may take up to a day before it’s sent. Then hurry to Walmart for a moneymaker on this bath loofah made from recycled plastic. This freebie is almost too good to be true!

EcoTools Bath Loofah $0.87, regular price
Use $1.00/1 – Ecotools Product – (ecotools.com)
Final Price: $0.13 Moneymaker


While at Walmart, grab a box of Cascadian Farms Organic Cereal for only $2.13

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35 thoughts on “EcoTools Bath Loofah, $0.13 Moneymaker at Walmart!”

Where are these located in Walmart. I can never seem to find them.

I stocked up (:

it says this is one to stock up on, or a moneymaker? How do you do that if they only send you one coupon?

sign up with diff emails print out 2 …. if you have a library go to a library and print 2 out on each of there computers 😀

Thanks so much !! :]

just went to walmart and got two ecotools loofah’s, two of the silk milks, and three bags of the wagon trails dog treats. total was $12.78, after coupons I only paid .17 cents

These are $1.97 at my Walmart not 87 cents.

The ones that are 87 cents at my Walmart were “mini” ones; the full size ones were $1.97.

It didn’t work for me at walmart. The cashier first adjusted the coupon but later she said that the coupon added 87 cents instead of subtracting so she voided the coupon. Then she said she will add the coupon back but it never happened.

I’m sorry to hear that!

I have not recieved my coupon after 26 hours. Has anyone else recieved theirs?

I hope you receive it shortly! Mine took 24 hours to reach my inbox.

Same here but its been 2 days

I’ve been waiting 3 days and still no coupon emailed to me.

I did not get a coupon either, signed up 4 days ago. I don’t think they are sending them out anymore.

It has been 22 hours and still havent recieved my coupon

Thank you! I missed these when they were on sale last time and could really use some new ones in my house. =)

You bet!

Will Walmart actually give you the difference? I did the free Silk deal at another store (Walmart didn’t have it) and should have made .21 back on each, but then learned that store didn’t give credit.

It varies from store to store. According to their coupon policy, customers can receive overage.

funny thing this one,, the email takes you back to the site,,but where do you print the coup from??????

Where did you end up printing it at?

My target has eco tools brand but not bath loofah : (

I have the hardest times shopping with coupons at Walmart so I was wondering they sell these at Target too right??

They do but they tend to be more expensive in most Targets but you could get lucky and they be on a price cut or even clearanced, its worth a shot

sign up and a coupon will be emailed within 24 hrs

I keep trying to post that. But it needs to get ‘approved’ before it will post ha ha


Any chance this reset? =)

I was wondering the same thing…but I signed up and it didn’t give me a “we already have that account in our system” message…so we’ll see!

where is the coupon???

Im on the site but cant figure out what to do to get the coupon?

same here!

sign up on their site as an eco insider

and then what?