Save 68% on Jumbo packs of Pampers at CVS using a manufacturer and store coupon stack! In this Sunday’s P&G insert, we received a nice, higher-value coupon for Pampers Diapers. Plus, some lucky shoppers are receiving a CVS coupon from the coupon machine valid on baby products. Stack these with a great promotion this week and pay only $3.24 a package!

Buy 4 Pampers Jumbo pk $8.99, sale price through 11/3
Spend $30.00 on PG Products, Receive $10.00 ExtraBucks through 11/3, Limit 2 (1 promo per transaction)
Use four $2.00/1 Pampers diapers, Limit of 4 like coupons per household per day from PG 10/28 (exp 11/30)
And use one $5.00/$25 Baby Purchase, CVS Coupon Machine Week of 10/28
Pay $22.96, Receive $10.00 ExtraBucks
Final Price: $3.24 each, when you buy 4

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33 thoughts on “Pampers Diapers, Only $3.24 at CVS!”

does the total to receive the Eb’s is that before or after coupons? I am assuming you will get the Eb’s on the total before your coupons but wasn’t sure. Hopefully that makes sense.

The requirements for extrabucks is always BEFORE coupons :)

I thought you were supposed to spend $30 and at the end you have pay $22.96 how do you still get the $10 extra bucks?

The pre-coupon price triggers the reward.

If you were like me and didn’t get the 5 off / $25 coupon in the coupon machine, I discovered a way to still get 5 off. If you download the smartphone ap called “shopkick” you can get 5 dollars off your CVS purchase. I just did that today and got this deal!!

I downloaded the app but how do you get that coupon? The $5/25 didn’t print for me from the q machine in CVS :(

I bought 3 packs, 4 Dawns, used the $5/25, used 3 – $3/3 manufacturers for the pampers from the pediatrician, used two $1/2 for the dawn, then used $11 ECB, paid $3.93 plus tax, and got back $10 – best pamper week ever!

My ad says limit 1 on the p&g promo….which one is accurate? I cloth diaper my 4 month old son but do like to use disposables when we travel and sometimes overnight.

Hi Jillian – the limit appears to have an unadvertised increase, but be sure to do each one separately (not in the same transaction) :)

First of all call ahead and find out if there are any available to save gas… and they will hold the item til end of business (based on the willingness of the manager). After getting the item, make sure you find a cashier is not a new employee cause they will read you the policy and stop you but the veterans can work around it, sometimes without the manager’s assistance….

I got an additional $4 off by collecting 4 x $1 off mfg coupon dispenser located in the the diaper shelf… and if the $5.00/$25 Baby Purchase coupon doesn’t print out from the magic coupon machine, then talk to the cashier (show the print out of the ” CVS Coupon Machine Week of 10/28 “) and tell them that the coupon machine didn’t print and out of confusion on why the system didn’t print… they will manually print you the $5.00/$25 Baby Purchase coupon to use…. if they still don’t then say “give me back my coupon and I’ll come back later”… and watch them scramble to complete the transaction since there is a line building up behind you…


My CVS coupon machine didn’t give me that coupon :[ I scanned it twice, I just got M&M and Hershey coupons..

refer to my tactic lezmama….


These make a great stock and use for shower gifts. I just wish I was one of the lucky ones to have gotten the $5.00 coupon. I would have bought them up if I had gotten it.

Got my mines Saturday!!!

I have been getting the $10/$50 purchase printed on my receipt the last few times I’ve shopped there so I bought 5 pkg. diapers, 2 Revlon tools, used 4 – $2/1 Pampers and $10/$50 purchase. I also rolled a $10 EB so I paid $23.93 + tax and got $7 EB for the Revlon making it like $16.93 for the 5 pkg diapers and 2 Revlon beauty tools. I love CVS!

I also did this deal a little different though

I bought 3 packs pampers 8.99 each

4 dawn dish soaps .99 cents each

used 2$ CVS coupon for pampers mailed to me

used 3 2$ pampers coupons from sundays paper
used 2 1$/2 dawn dish soap coupons
used 5$/25 baby care purchase coupon

total before coupons 30.93
15.93 OOP
recieved 10ECB for spend 30 get 10 ECB
so $5.93 for 3 packs of diapers and 4 dish soaps just 0.84 cents a piece.

Sounds like mine! But I had $3/1 for the pampers, making the deal a little sweeter :)

You could also buy three packages and 3 bottles of dawn to lower your OOP and make the diapers a little cheaper. And don’t forget to use this towards your $15 rebate from P&G (if included)

That’s what I did plus I had $6 eb too so I ended up paying only 3.62 for everything!

Pampers aren’t included on the rebate unfortunately, but your scenario is great!

this stinks that i might miss this deal bcuz of the hurricane … booooo ! thanks for the heads up tho just incase i get a chance wen it clears

Best of wishes to you and your family.

Ditto. The closest CVS is 30 minutes away! I’m afraid I’m not going to risk life and limbs even though this is an awesome deal!

I wish I could have gotten that coupon. Our CVS just opened yesterday so I haven’t been able to buy much to get the better coupons. I as so excited they finally opened and everything I wanted to get was already gone at noon :(

i dont have a cvs where i am :( are there any good sales at walgreens, target or wally world( walmart lol)? i have a 2 month old and i go through diapers like no other!

Our coupon machine is down, but I had the $2.00 cvs pampers coupon and a $4/$20 to use instead :)

I would have jumped on this deal if my 3 year old didn’t find it highly offensive to put a pull up on him at night. Luckily for me, he took the insult to heart and hasn’t wet the bed in a month now.

Lucky you…potty training has not been going gr8 so far:(

Well, what did it for both my kids? Take off the pull-ups, use underwear, they eventually get sick of having to clean themselves, get new clothes, and they realize hey – if I run and pee, I can be back in a couple minutes! Hello lights!

since we’re all talking about potty training……I have 8 kids 7 of which are potty trained. I use balloons as a reward. Every time they went potty on the toiled (or gave it a good effort) I would give them a ballon. The secret is to blow it up tight so that after a few minutes it is guaranteed to pop then they will want a new one and you just say well you need to use the potty again and then you can have a new one. Now I know balloons can be a choking hazard so keep an eye on them and be sure to pick up the balloon pieces after it pops so they don’t try to eat it…….Just thought I would share. It’s worked for all 7 of my potty trained kiddos.

Just to add to that….sorry….. The longest kid took about 2 weeks before they were fully potty trained and they were all around 3 years old.

Great job, my son is still working on night time, but does good if I limit the liquids. He is all day dry though. He isn’t quite 3 yet. Now my daughter, she was potty trained by 2, overachiever!