Get Bic Silky Touch Razors for free with a new $3.00 off manufacturer coupon from today’s Smart Source coupon insert!

Razors are great to keep on hand for guests or donate to local women’s shelters.


Bic Silky Touch Disposable Razor, 10 ct $2.99, regular price
Use $3.00/1 Bic Disposable Razor, excludes trial size, Limit of 4 like coupons in same shopping trip from SS 3/17 (exp 4/14)
Final Price: Free


Til the end of the month, Schick Hydro refillable razors and cartridge refills are included in a promotion: buy two and receive a $5.00 Target gift card. There are a few newspaper coupons from last month that we can use to sweeten the deal. Some of you may have received a regionally distributed Target coupon  in a March 3rd Smart Source insert as well. Save as much as 82% off the regular price!

Buy 2 Schick Hydro Silk Razor, 1 ct $7.99, regular price
Buy 2, Receive $5.00 Target Gift Card through 3/30
Use two $4.00/1 Schick Hydro Silk Razor or Refill from SS 2/24 (exp 4/7)
Pay $7.98, Receive $5.00 Target Gift Card
Final Price: $1.49 each, when you buy 2 


Buy 2 Schick Hydro 5 Razor, 1 ct $8.99, regular price
Buy 2, Receive $5.00 Target Gift Card through 3/30
Use one $5.00/2 Schick Hydro 5 or Hydro Silk Razors or Refills from SS 2/10 (exp 3/24)
Or $2.00/1 Schick Hydro Power Select or Hydro 5 Razor from SS 2/24 (exp 4/7)
Pay $12.98, Receiv $5.00 Target Gift Card
Final Price: $3.99 each, when you buy 2 


Have the Target coupon? Use it along with a manufacturer coupon on a razor and a 4-pack of cartridge refills. Pay only $2.17 for each:

Buy 1 Schick Hydro 5 Razor, 1 ct $8.34, regular price
Buy 1 Schick Hydro 5 Cartridge Refills, 4 ct $10.99, regular price
Buy 2, Receive $5.00 Target Gift Card through 3/30
Use one $5.00/2 Schick Hydro 5 or Hydro Silk Razors or Refills from SS 2/10 (exp 3/24)
And use one $5.00/2 (1) Schick Hydro 5 Razor AND (1) Cartridge Refill, Limit 4 identical coupons per household per day, Target Coupon from SS 3/3 (exp 4/15)
Pay $9.33, Receive $5.00 Target Gift Card
Final Price: $2.17 each, when you buy both 


Thanks, reader wfteresa 

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45 thoughts on “Free Bic Silky Touch Razors and Cheap Schick Razors at Target!”

Could someone please tell me if there were any SS inserts (regions) that did not include the Bic $3.00 off coupon. I ordered extra inserts from eBay and when I received them that page is missing. Thanks :)

I believe these came from North Carolina.

Hi Michelle,
I live in NC, and it all depends on where in NC the paper came from. The small town papers that only cost $1 on Sundays, wont have the regional/good coupons in them. That’s why I always by the Raleigh paper. So it could be an innocent mistake, or it could be a cheat. Hoping it’s the first.

Got this deal yesterday…my Target had the Hydro 5 for $7.49 (single with an extra cartridge) and the refills for $10.59, so a little less than the price you guys found. Used the Target Q and the manufacturer Q (both $5/2) for $8.08 plus $5 Target gift card. Made them $1.50 each! :)

is the bic q only regional? i looked at my 3/17 SS and i dont have it.

Nevermind, I figured it out :-)

Hey everyone, I have been searching this site but I cant figure out where I can print this coupon..Am I supposed to get it somewhere else?

I’m so confused!!! I have manufacturer coupon says $4off an 1 Schick Hydro 5 or schick hydro silk DISPOSABLES PACK, How can I use this coupon on the razors with the $5 gift card?

Just got back from Target and got (6) packs! Did (2) transactions because of the limit of (4) like coupons per trans.

Trans 1:
(4) BIC 10 packs $2.69 ea.
(1) Reese’s PB Egg .69¢

Used (4) $3 coupons
Subtotal = $0.00 (tax .70¢)

Trans 2:

(2) BIC 10 packs $2.69 ea.
(1) Reese’s PB Egg .69¢

Used (2) $3 coupons
Subtotal = $0.07 (tax .35¢)

Used the coupon overage on the candy :-)

Walmart has the Hydro Silk 1-Count for $5.37. Used 4- $4 off coupons this morning. Reduces the out of pocket costs!

Was just at Walmart and they have the Silky Touch 10+4 additional razors in their package @ $2.96! Woot woot :)

Did you all see the $3 target q??? I was able to print two. Makes all these deals even better!! It was on the target site with their coupons.

is the deal only for the razors and refille or are disposable razors included?

I just came back from Target and had two of these. The cashier didn’t want to take both coupons because she says it reads “per transaction”. She then wouldn’t let me split the transaction in two because it said “per visit”. Guess I will be going to another Target!

did not get that coupon here in brooklyn ny

I used the $3 Bic disposable coupon on the 12 pack disposables at Walmart that cost 2.68 so it’s a .32 cent overage! It says ANY Bic disposable on the coupon.

Good deal!

I recieved a coupon to get the shick hydro for free. I haven’t used it yet but im going to get them today. Edit so I could buy the two shick hydros then use my free coupon plus the other coupon and then only pay four dollars and have overage :-)

Wish I would get the same coupons as Others Do! I had a whole list last week that I did not have. this week no Bic Coupon

I used the Bic coupon at Walmart yesterday on the Silky Touch razors and the machine beeped. The cashier was nice enough to let it go through. Just a heads up in case other people have a similar problem.

I price matched the DG ad at walmart and combined the duncan hines flavor creations for .16 overage and .25 overage each…plus, the packs of Bic at walmart were bonus packs (10+4!) :)

Good job!

I got the same deal @ Tampa, FL Walmart. Sooooo HAPPY :)

Target wouldn’t accept a catalina coupon I got from them with a manufacturers coupon because the catalina said manufacturers. I could swear I did the same deal last week and it worked. Just wondered.

It may have worked last time even though it should not have gone through.

I used my coupon today at Dollar General. The razors were on sale for $2.75….so the coupon was a MONEY MAKER! woo hoo!!!!! I even added up my savings at the end, and I got a free quarter :) I plan to go back….I have 3 more of the same coupons :)

Nice work!

I wish more stores in Kansas city Missouri,( in the Northland) would offer double coupons. I only know of two, and they only double 50 cents and under. )

Those the Target special included the Schick Hydro Silk? For the $5 back

Yes, Hydro Silk refillable razors are included.

With the Schick deal it says buy one razor and one refill but it also says to use one $5.00/2 coupon for the razor and $5.00/2 coupon for the refill. If that is the case wouldn’t it total out of pocket $38.68 ( because you’d need to buy two razors and two refills) and then after coupons $28.68 out of pocket then receive the five dollar gift card making you pay $23.68. OR will you receive 2 five dollar gift cards since you purchased 4 Schick items then making your total about 18.68 just asking because I’m not sure.

You can use $5/2 MQ and the other coupon she refers to is a “target” coupon that was in the SS insert, in this case you can stack them 1mq and 1 tq

didnt get that coupon in CA

i got it and im in so cal

For the Schick Hydros I have the 2 $4/1 Q’s and I also have a $5/2 Target. Can these be used together? If so, that would put this at $2.98OOP.

As long as it’s only 1 MQ and 1 TQ per item, you will be fine.

Yep! Thank you!

KayKay, I also have 2 $4/1 schick hydro silk coupons, but I guess my question is for the target Q that is $5/2, don’t I have to buy cartridge refills too? TQ says $5 off with purchase of both razor and refill

Yes, you do have to buy both the razor and the refill to use the $5 off. The TQ that you have will technically be attached to both items. Since that is a Target Q, you can also use a MQ on each item though. So if your $4/1 matches up with the item that you used the $5/2 Q on, you can still use it. You cannot stack MQs though. So if you want to use both of your $4/1 Qs, you will have to buy 2 items that match what they can be used on.

Is there a limit as to how many $5 gift cards per transaction?

I don’t know about other people, but I got 4 gift cards but they combined it onto one and gave me 1 $20 gift card. She said that different stores can give you 1 $5 giftcard per set or advertised deal, and others combine the final amount. Either way, you should definitely get multiple amounts if you buy multiple deals that get giftcards.

That’s interesting that she gave you one gift card. Because I used to be a cashier at Target and the register never allowed to do one gift card, we always had to give multiple ones. But hey, that’s easy for you and for the cashier!! And yes Kira, you can do it multiple times in one transaction!!

Yeah, it has you scan the gift card each time the $5 offer came up, so she just scanned the same card, the same way you would if you were just reloading it. Maybe it’s a new thing, I also used to work at Target and don’t remember being able to combine them. But hey, as long as I’m getting my money. ;D

Exactly! Get all your money! :)

Kira, technically there is not a limit on how many gift cards you an get, but I have heard of some targets who have limited people but iIguess that’s up to the store HTH:)

Just got back from target. I bought 2 of the schick hydro 5 . Used $4 mq and $3 TQ. But I didn’t get a $5 GC :( the GC deal says any schick hydro razors but it was written beneath the hydro silk tag ! I am totally confused. Customer service lady said its not for the hydro 5. Anyone?