Hurry to the Clorox Facebook page and spin the wheel to get a $0.50 coupon. Take it to Kroger where Clorox To-Go wipes will be free after coupon double! (No doubling? Use the $0.75 coupon to pay just $0.25.)

Clorox To-Go Wipes, 9 ct $1.00, regular price
Use $0.50/1 – Clorox Product, any, limit 4 like coupons in same shopping trip – (
Or $0.75/1 – Clorox Product, Any Size – (
New Clorox Coupon: Clorox To-Go Wipes, as Low as Free at Kroger!Final Price: $0.50, or Free with double 

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39 thoughts on “New Clorox Coupon: Clorox To-Go Wipes, as Low as Free at Kroger!”

I went to Kroger today and tried to purchase 4 of these and use 4 of the coupons. I printed 2 coupons off of each of my two computers. They told me I could only use 2 of the coupons. Is this true because it doesn’t say anything about it in their coupon policy?

No, that’s not part of their official coupon policy. However, sometimes individual stores set their own rules. Sounds like that’s what happened.

@waterproof penguin… I totally think you summed it up beautifully….. I have only been “couponing” since February, but in that time , I have not only exposed myself, but also my entire family to products/brands that I never would have considered purchasing had it not been for a coupon or coupon stack that allowed me to purchase it for free or at the very least, ‘dirt cheap’. It is “BECAUSE” Campbell’s and Target orchestrated (because you know it wasn’t a fluke) their Campbels Go soup deal (which ends up being all of 40 cents at the most) that I ended up purchasing that item, only to find out that my husband LOVES those soups and looks forward to having one as a snack when he gets home from work. Will I stop buying them when I csn’t get them for 40 cents?? Not a chance! It is “because” of this near ‘freebie’ that Campbell’s has inherited a new devout follower of their product.

East Coasters….
FREE at WEGMANS if your store doubles :)

I printed 2 $.50/1 and 2 $.75/1…went to Frys Food (Kroger store in AZ) and all the coupons doubled to $1. The sample Clorox was $1.29 :/ but the Clorox toilet bowl bleach was $.99 part of mega sale so I got all four free! :):) thanks for posting!

You’re welcome! Glad you got such good deals!

for the buy 5 save 5 deal there is a clorox toilet cleaner for 1.99-save 1.00 wyb 5 participating items so .99 which makes this full size bottle free!

Good to know!

IIm having a problem with for some reason I keep getting an error message and it wont let me print any coupons. Im new at all this and frustrated!

Ok I have a question that has nothing to do with this article. Is it illegal to sell items in your stockpile for a higher price than you paid, but lower than the MSRP? I’ve searched this on the internet, but couldn’t find a legit legal answer. I’m assuming it’s not illegal, but wanted to know if anybody knew for sure. Thanks!

On a lot of coupons the fine print says “Coupons not authorized if purchasing products for resale” so I guess technically you aren’t supposed to.

This would be great with the clorox bleach thats on sale at walgreens this week if you also paired it with the family/friends day, for people like me who don’t need more wipes (i have tons, lol)

Tried to get these today for free at Target by stacking but the cashier and the manager both said that I can’t use coupons on the trial sizes WITHOUT even looking at the coupons. The coupons do NOT say to exclude travel/trial sizes. Again, I was too sheepish to argue, but as far as anyone knows, has Target has changed their policy to outright ban coupons on travel sizes whether or not it says so on the coupons?

I just came home from my trip to Target and they took mine with no trouble. Did 3 packs, used 3 .75/1 q’s and the store q for 1.00/3. :)

Good for you. I might have argued if I didn’t recognize the cashier, but I usually go to her because she’s really nice and doesn’t mind the stack of coupons I give her. Just wanted to keep the peace. Not that it’s worth the trip, but just for fun, I might drive down to the other Target about 5 miles away just to see if I get any hassle there.

Coupons should not be used on Travel Size/Trial size. I am a coupon user and have been for over 19 years and have been amazed at all the coupon scamming that is going on. Weather a coupon states not valid on travel size/trial size you should use common sense and know that it should not be used. By all the coupon scamming all that does is raise prices and ruins it for all the people who use coupons legally and the right way

Sorry, didn’t realize that using coupons on travel sizes was considered “scamming” when it was posted as a deal on this site, and I would never try to hide it under a stack of coupons either. I just thought that certain stores clearly state it in their policy and others don’t. Please don’t make people here feel like they’re “scamming” anyone. Not all couponers are like those crazy people on the TLC show buying 500 dog treats when they don’t have a dog just so they can get a few bucks in overage to buy other things.

I always try to abide with whatever rules they have. This was my first time trying to buy a travel size product anyway since most coupons do exclude travel sizes. To me, scamming would be trying to use one coupon for a different product. I’m an open minded consumer, and getting free stuff is the only way that I can try new products on a budget. If you think about it, the manufacturers actually time their coupons and the stores sync it up with their own coupons in order for you to get it for cheap or free. It’s part of their marketing scheme, and probably a better way of getting their product into consumer’s hands than just sending out free samples. As an example, I bought Chobani greek yogurt for free this week. I wouldn’t have if it hadn’t come out to be free. Come to find out, I LOVE it and will buy more in the future, on sale of course. Did the manufacturer lose out? No, they’ve got my business now.

I don’t think you did anything wrong. I don’t think it is wrong to use a coupon on a trial/travel size if the coupon does not state a size. But if anyone feels it is not right then they should not use it on that size.

True, I think people should do what feels comfortable. It think where I am comfortable trying to buy the travel size is when the coupon actually says “on ANY product” of a certain brand name. But it’s always best to go with what the cashier/manager says because most store’s policy say they have the right to restrict things. When in Rome….

Yes, if it is store policy to restrict a coupon being used on a certain item than yes you can not use it there.

I agree with waterproof penguin, if we use the coupon as stated on the coupon, why would you call that a scam? I wouldn’t use that handlename if i were you…most of the time when a wife feels spoiled their husband is cheating!

Sorry you feel that way but for me I believe it’s unethical to buy travel size/trial size with a coupon even though there is no size restrictions. And as for my husband cheating, that might be in your marriage but me and my husband have a wonderful relationship but thanks for the concern

It doesn’t matter how many years you have been coupon shopping. If the coupon doesn’t say “excludes trial size” or a certain size is indicated then it is acceptable to use it on that product. Don’t rain on the happy coupon parade.

No, this particular coupon is fine to use on the travel size. Unless a coupon specifically excludes travel/trial sizes, feel free to use it whatever size you’d like! And Target has not changed their policy; however, they have the right to refuse any coupon for any reason.

.75 coupon worked for me, thank you KCL !

Where are these usually located? In the checkout lane?

i would look where they stock the travel size items

I got it…it just was slow

Glad it worked for you!

what u work at night late night dear

The $0.75 off one is telling me “this coupon has already beenprinted the number of times allowed or
this coupon link is no longer valid.”

The $0.75 coupon is still working–I just printed. But it isn’t a new coupon–have you printed before? If not, try clearing your cookies and internet cache–hopefully that will help!

I cleared my cookies and it would not let me print either but I have never printed it before..

Hmmmm.. I only see a blank page. Anyone else have this issue or know how to fix it? I tried unblocking cookies with no success

for the $0.50 off one from facebook i’m having the same issue

It looks like the Clorox Facebook page is in and out right now. Keep trying and hopefully you’ll get through!

i tried opening it in a different browser than what i normally use and it worked for me that way

Glad it worked for you!

The Clorox Facebook page is having some issues right now. Looks like they are up one minute and not up the next : ( Keep trying and hopefully everyone will make it through!