Walmart Accepts Manufacturer Coupons

Walmart accepts manufacturer coupons from the Sunday coupon inserts as well as printable manufacturer coupons.  In order to be in compliance with policy, coupons must read “manufacturer coupon” across the top, have an expiration date, and a scannable barcode.

Look for the Smallest (Allowed) Products

You’ll get the biggest bang for your (couponing) buck when you find the smallest size and stack it with a manufacturer coupon!

Everyday Low Prices and Rollback

Look for items on rollback at Walmart! Rollbacks are Walmart’s version of a sale and are a great way to save when you stack their low prices with coupons! Even if items are not on rollback, Walmart has great everyday low prices!

Save with Produce Coupons

Walmart has great produce prices which stack nicely with coupons! For example, print this hot coupon to get free Earthbound Farm products:

$0.75/1 – Earthbound Farm Organic Product – (

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36 thoughts on “Video: How to Coupon at Walmart!”

Just left. Wal-Mart..they say now there’s a new policy..if the coupon doesn’t scan they are not allowed To key it in so it’s just my tough luck! Any body else heard of this?

Walmart always give me attitude they say it is more work to have to scan coupons

According to the manager at my local walmart, if you have a coupon from another store it won’t scan but if you explain it to your cashier they will subtract the amount of the coupon from the price of the item. Kinda like a comp price. Then you can use a manufacture coupon as well.

Whenever you need a coupon, type in the name in the search bar (top right corner) or look in the Print Coupons section at the top.

I bought zyrtec at walmart and ended up making $8 back. The cashier went to go talk to a manager about it, he said it was fine. Her hand was shaking (she looked worried not angry) when she handed me the money. For the most part, I will take the dirty looks from cashiers because they are in my life for what? Minutes? So BOO on them. All I care about is saving money for my family.

I guess I must be lucky. I have never really had a problem with Walmart, Walgreens, or Krogers (Fry’s here). The coupons that don’t scan they normally key in the number.

Discouraging comments as the ONLY thing we have here in town is WalMart, Walgreens, Dollar General and an overpriced grocery store…

I have been reading all the comments about shopping at Wal-Mart. I live in a small town and I don’t have much choice of where to shop. We have a Kroger (although I am not opposed to shopping at Kroger, I did for years until we got a Supercenter) and another small store that is very expensive. So I go to Wal-Mart and shop using competitor’s ads from stores in the surrounding area. I like my Wal-Mart because I can get everything I need in one place. I have had a few problems with coupons not scanning, but if they don’t the cashier will just enter them manually. I hate to hear that others are having problems with their coupons.

I avoid our Walmart at all costs. The store itself is ok; the workers are not. Lord help me if I have to ask a question to an employee. Not good. I routinely receive the following comments: a) we don’t accept that type of coupon (ie printed coupons; which is a lie, because according to their coupon policy THEY DO) b) if my coupon doesn’t scan, I get it back. This has happened frequently with Sunday coupons. I’d rather go across the street to Target and pay a few pennies more.

I too have had problems with Wal-Mart. But I was very persistent about talking to the store managers and asst managers. They have really gone out of their way to make sure the cashiers are following policy. I love shopping there now. And we also will have most everything I’m looking for in stock. But we are a small town, so I think that helps. Feel bad for everyone with such bad experiences :(

I like my Wal-Mart (sorry guys). I know I am lucky that the cashiers are well trained. Sunday a few coupons didn’t scan and the ones that did took a long time in the system. She told me that they brought back a different scanning software and so a few don’t scan. The machine automatically called for a csm override and whatever magic she did, the coupons worked.
Now don’t get me started about Sunday (8:30 AM) Cinco de Mayo. One cashier for any thing over 10 items and the SLOWEST old man cashier I have seen in a long time. :)

There is one cashier at my Walmart that is wonderful. She did tell me that they changed their policy but she rolled her eyes at it. She manually took the amount off for me when my coupon was rejected. Its all about finding the right person.

Walmart has a new coupon policy as oh April 2013 so u need to check that out. They are not allowed to overide coupons anymore. They have to have a valid scanable bar code.

Walmart does not take coupons that do not scan. In fact, even if it does scan and it lists on the screen waiting on employee verification they will not verify it and they will say the coupon does not scan because they do not want it to scan. At that point, I have been known to go to cvs or publix, Funny, the coupon scans there without the cashier keying in the coupon code. Coupon doesn’t scan? I think not! I also hate it when the coupon says only redeemable at Walmart and then Walmart does not let you redeem it there. Kudos to all the people who have Walmart’s that actually go by the policy.

The cashiers at my WalMart act like they have no training on accepting coupons! It is extremely frustrating but I stay calm and ask them to get a manager if they start handing coupons back to me!

I also had an experience the other day with coupons, my cashier called over someone to ask about some coupons I was using ( because of overage) and she told her to overide the coupons for the purchase product, so I asked her about my overage, so she called someone on the phone and they told her to give me the overage, but she was still nasty about it saying they wouldn’t give me cash back but would take it off basket purchases! She also told cashier she wanted a copy of my receipt, which she didn’t do! The next time I’m treated like this I’m going to ask for the store manager who is very nice and fair!

Price matching produce helps since most off the time there aren’t a lot of coupons out there. Being a vegetarian (and a KCL’r), most of my shopping is done in the produce section since household and toiletries are more than taken care of in my stockpile. Unless I “have to” have a certain produce item, my weekly/bi-weekly shopping is based on what’s currently on sale. To maximize these savings, i get a little extra that will last me a week or two (for things like oranges which keep well in the fridge) and make recipes to freeze. Not only does this save me time later when I don’t have time to cook, but it really makes the per serving cost next to nothing. Average weekly savings is 60% or higher. TIP: Walmart will only PM like weights i.e. lb. for lb. or ea. for ea.

I feel like Walmart has polarized itself from it’s store policy in many of it’s locations. There are days I go to Walmart and have a great experience when using coupons. Then there are times I go and the cashier will tell me the opposite of the policy, the manager on duty will tell me the opposite, I ask them to show me their policy….they refuse. I end up calling 1 800 walmart and usually whatever damage was done is rectified by the manager, but only at the expense of my time.

I know they price match and give overage, but Target gives overage too, and has very comparable prices. What I’ve noticed lately is that Target registers will apply a balance to the rest of your purchase but will not give cash back or apply the overage to your tax.

I wish Walmart would slow down enough to focus on customer service, because I do think they have great prices. I’m just not sold after the number of negative experiences I’ve had at the Walmart stores in my town. And yes, I’m following their policy and abiding by the limitations of the coupons – but I’m still made to feel like I’m committing a crime by using a coupon at their store.

On one occasion a target cashier told me that they do not give overage. It was soo annoying but since there was a line behind me I let it go. I have noticed that if you go to the younger cashiers, they don’t really care and they’ll give you the overage.

Pizzaz wants to sit on the floor at Walmart also!
I think I will sit at the Deli and watch the rotisserie chickens turning.

do anyone know what a green dot sticker on the price tag means in Walmart. i notice some in store but what do they mean? i know Star sticker is for sale item as shown in weekly ad. but do not know green dots.

DO NOT shop at Wal-mart, since Sam Walton passed away, I have not been to one and nobody in my family will either. If you guys have done any research on them you would avoid them at all costs! They set their system to not accept coupons and encourage cashiers NOT to accept. At Meijers they always ask if I have coupons, Wal-mart will never do that! There are two local towns around me fighting to not let them put one in, and I think it is great! I know and I want to save money, but I do support the little guy and will buy from local mom and pop stores when I need a specialty item or if I need an item or two. I will also not use the pharmacy, salon, eye glass, or photography studio. Eye glasses we buy online, but have the local eye dr. do the exam, use a local gal to do all haircuts, and use a professional local for pictures.

Wow!!!! your Wal-mart is so clean and well stocked…lol

On a side note I have something to add about the tax I am one of the lucky ones that lives in a state that charges tax post coupon total so if It is zero I pay zero, no tax applied. The only store this does not work at is Wal-mart. They have been told by the state to change their register system many many times and they just refuse to do it. There were a few other local grocery store and Walgreens was doing it for a while, but they have all made changes however they did to the system to fix the issue. There was a news report a few months back that out of all the stores the state was to penalize for this Wal-mart is the only one not complying. If a tiny mom and Pop grocery store can fix the issue, I think a huge corporation like Wal-mart can.

Sometimes tiny mom and pop stores cant absorb fines like a big mass retailer, so they’ll fix the problem asap where as Walmart might be enabling themselves to push it off because they can afford the fine in the mean time.

I Have stop going to Walmart.they are very nasty even when saying hello and trying to start conversation they always hand back coupons and say they don’t scan. that is there way of getting around excepting coupons. It is a shame they make it so hard to to save. and they lose every time they turn down a coupon as they make 8 cents on every coupon they turn in.maybe it is time to update there system…

My local walmart charges me tax on coupons, even if the item is free. no overage either at my local walmart like the razors that were $2.97 and the coupon was free I I did not get the overage and had to pay the tax!!!

Relax, this is normal. The tax is not on the coupon, it’s on the item purchased. And this rule applies to ALL stores.

For example, in my area we have a 6% sales tax rate, so a $2.00 taxable item would have a total cost of $2.12. If your coupon in only for $2.00, then yes, you pay the tax. The coupon DOES NOT void the purchase of the item and the tax accrued.

Most coupons even state somewhere in the fine print “Consumer must pay sales tax”. This is why most stores will bring a price of a coupon down to the selling price of the item, it helps them comply with this rule on the coupon itself. You should be excited that Walmart doesn’t follow this to the letter and allows overage.

Most stores wont let overage apply to tax. And tax will still be applied regardless of how you’re paying for the item – coupon vs cash.

However, the coupon policy for Walmart states:

‘If coupon value exceeds the price of the item, the excess may be given to the customer as cash or applied toward the basket purchase.’

Print out the policy and bring it with you, question the cashier and dont be afraid to call a manager over.

I don’t typically shop at walmart, unless its a money maker. I’ve only been at this 2 months but walmart employees seem like they are required to have a terrible attitude (at least around here :/). That aside, I am REALLY happy that you mentioned about the 50-60% still being good savings! <3 I went shopping a few days ago and only saved 49%, and was devastated! I know that it was because I bought produce, dairy AND meat, but I normally have been getting at least 65% so to see only 49% practically gave me a heart attack!

u live in Norfolk Virginia???? LOL OMG those people are soooo MEAN!!! We are not stealing just saving! :)

I personally try to avoid any large transactions with coupons at my walmart, they are good at handing coupons back to me and saying oh it didn’t scan, i ask why, they say idk and at that point i walk out, It is almost as painful as going to my local Walgreen

That happens EVERY SINGLE TIME I try to use ANY coupon for AllYou magazine, which is exclusively available at Walmart. Depending on the cashier, they’ll either tell me that A) it just won’t scan, hand it back to me or B) tell me they don’t take those coupons (this was cut from a flyer!), at which point I do call them on that and ask for a supervisor. If it just won’t scan, I go to customer service and tell them (once again) to have their boss kick the problem of not scanning upstairs. But I get my money off!

They do that to me constantly, I hate couponing at walmart but personally I keep it to if I don’t save over 80 percent I will not go there. County Market here is always nicer to deal with for real food and have cheaper prices if you exclusively buy from their sales. So every money maker coupon I try to get at walmart and I buy diapers at walmart other than that not much else.

Based on Walmart’s Coupon Policy, both Internet and Manufacturer coupons “must have a scannable barcode”. So, your cashier is perfectly within their rights to not accept the coupon if it doesn’t scan.

Yes, it’s a bummer when that happens and you know the coupon is perfectly valid. I’ve been there too. However, you shouldn’t be too irate with your cashier for not understanding the intricate inner workings of their register. They are a cashier, not a mechanical engineer.

I think what the above people are saying is that their cashier is just rejecting the coupon.

Yeah I haven’t shopped at Walmart or Walgreens for a very long time. Why would I bother with these stores when other stores are much more coupon friendly?!