This week at Rite Aid there are some very exciting bargains on select Gerber baby food and baby products! Buy two and receive a $3.00 +Up Reward. Have a Gold or Silver discount? It will apply since these are regularly priced items! Check out these deals:

Buy 6 Gerber 1st Foods Baby Food, 2.5 oz $1.49, regular price
Buy 2, Receive $3.00 +Up Reward through 5/11, Limit 4
Use one $0.85/6 – Gerber 1st Foods Baby Food – (
Pay $8.09, Receive three $3.00 +Up Rewards
Final Price: $0.91 Moneymaker, when you buy 6 


Buy 8 Gerber 2nd Foods Baby Food, 3.5 oz 2 pk $1.79, regular price
Buy 2, Receive $3.00 +Up Reward through 5/11, Limit 4
Use one $1.20/8 – Gerber 2nd Foods Baby Food – (
Pay $13.12, Receive four $3.00 +Up Rewards
Final Price: $0.14 each, when you buy 8 


Buy 2 Gerber Graduates Grabbers, 4.32 oz $2.29, regular price
Buy 2, Receive $3.00 +Up Reward through 5/11, Limit 4
Pay $4.58, Receive $3.00 +Up Reward
Final Price: $0.79 each, when you buy 2 


Nursery water is also included in the promotion:

Buy 2 Nursery Water, 1 gal $1.79, regular price
Buy 2, Receive $3.00 +Up Reward through 5/11, Limit 4
Use one $0.55/2 – Nursery Bottle Water with or without Fluoride, 1 Gallon or (1) 2.5 Gallon Bottle – (
Pay $3.03, Receive $3.00 +Up Reward
Final Price: $0.02 each, when you buy 2 


Make purchases at Rite Aid and accrue points that appear on each receipt. Reach 500 or 1000 points and gain a Silver or Gold discount. These discounts are 10% or 20% off (respectively) all regularly priced merchandise in the store for a year! To read more, visit the Rite Aid Wellness+ page.

Thanks, Reader Tracy

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61 thoughts on “Better-than-Free Gerber Baby Food at Rite Aid!”

We also got 2 more catalina coupons when we purchased the baby food. Great deal since we can use this for our other riteaid card.

These are great items to donate, we are donating to Cumberland Crisis Pregnancy Center.

I went to my rite aid to do this deal today. First of all the gerber 1st foods were 1.59 each, oh well I thought it is still a good deal. I had the .85/6 coupon print and also loaded the .85/6 1st foods I found on the website onto my card. For some reason that didn’t go through, I asked the guy bout it but he acted like he didn’t know what he was talking about. Is there a certain way you have to redeem loaded coupons? that was my first time trying to use one. anyways, I had 3+up rewards from last week so I walked out paying 5.69 and got back (3) $3+ups

hi. thanks for post

I have a $1.50/12 gerber 2nd foods that printed from rite aid my friend gave me, do you know if I can use that with the $1.20/8 gerber 2nd foods coupon here?

No, you cannot. Are you sure that that coupon isn’t actually an advertisement for a Catalina? I got an ad for a Catalina, but at the top it says, “Not a redeemable coupon.”

Thanks so much for this post!

You’re welcome!

Umm, this THRILLS my soul since #4 is due any day now (officially the 16th…of May, NOT in our family) AND I was just mulling over how to best stretch my $10 (from P&G) +Up rewards from last week. Yay! :) Thanks.


I am new to couponing. Me and my wife are trying to be come super couponers lol. So we have an infant and this deal sounds amazing so I want to do it right. Does this require having an account of some sort already with a Wellness card? Or can i simply print off 2 coupons for water and get 16 bottles of 2nd baby food with 2 coupons for the baby food and I will get 12$ in the Up rewards that are mentioned? And I assume the rewards are put on the wellness card so you actually are paying out of pocket more but stock piling reward money for later use? Thanks for any help!

All you need is the wellness card–no other special account required. You will have to pay out of pocket for the products and you will receive Up rewards ($3 coupons) for use on future purchases. The up Reward is $3/2, limit 4 rewards so the max allowed for the Up reward would be 8 products of any combination of food/water listed and you would receive (4) $3 coupons/Up rewards. You can purchase more but you would not receive additional Up rewards.

You do need to have a Wellness card. For very important information before you shop, read on the “101” tab at the top of our Rite Aid page. Also, click on the “Beginners” tab at the top of our site for lots of helpful advice!

Yes, you do have to have a Wellness Card, It’s very easy, just sign up while your checking out. That’s how you get the +Up Rewards for any deals at RiteAid. Ask the cashier to have the +Up Rewards printed on to your receipt, otherwise they get loaded to your card and it’s very hard to coupon. When +Up Rewards are earned they’re valid 6:00am the following morning and are good for about 2 weeks before they expire.

At RiteAid, it’s not so much stockpiling rewards money, it’s rolling them into another deal that gives you more +Up Rewards so you don’t have to pay as much OOP(out-of-poacket).

The Baby Food Deal
Buy 2, Receive $3.00 +Up Reward through 5/11, Limit 4
There is a limit of 4, which makes only 8 participating products with 4-$3.00 +Up Rewards=$12.00. If you buy more than 8 you will still only receive the max. total of $12 in +Up Rewards.
The Next Day when +Up Rewards are valid,
Lets say you needed the Sundown Vitamins.
Buy 4 Sundown Naturals Probiotic Acidophilus Xtra, 60 ct $7.49, regular price, BOGO Free through 5/11, WYB 1(when you buy), Receive $4.00 +Up Reward through 6/1, Limit 3
Use 2 $1.00/1 cpns cuz they only take cpns on the Purchased item not the free one.
Total: $12.98+taxes, Give them your $12 +Up Rewards. so, now it’s .98 cents + taxes that you owe & Receive (3) $4.00 +Up Rewards=$12.00. Although you bought 4 bottles you only receive 3 Rewards because there is a limit of 3.
Hope this Helps!!! 😉

This is crazy…I am a man who loves playing strategy games and I feel like I am strategizing hardcore trying to figure out how to keep points rolling etc. Im addicted…I can’t wait till I get better at this.

Thanks! I actually had 2 $1/3 gerber baby foods and the gold, so it was a huge moneymaker! Plus 2 of the 8 had 50 cent peelies, and they were different flavors, so they let me use both! Perfect for my 4 month old!


At my store I bought 8 gerber products and got 4 $3.00 ups and also got a catalina coupon from gerber for $3.00 off my next order! That made it a really great deal!!

I received a catalina, too, but it was for 75 cents off of 6 foods and I had already maxed out on the Up rewards


How many times can you do the baby food deal? Are you only able to receive the 4 UPS one time in total or is it once a day?

4 total for the sale/promotion period; so that would be 8 products total

You can only receive four $3.00 +Up Rewards for the duration of this promotion.

THank you

Does the limit of 4 rewards apply to all of these items (part of the same promotion)? In other words, if I get 2 from Nursery Water, and 2 for Gerber 1st, then I’m done … no more rewards, right? (It’s not a limit of 4 rewards for each type listed?)

I was wondering the same thing.

It applies to ALL the items. You can only receive four $3.00 +Up Rewards between all these products for the duration of the promotion.

Limit is 4 on the ups so to reach the limit you would have to buy 8 items of any combination

I just got back from my store and it is limit 4 UP+ on baby products. :( so I had bought 8 waters and 12 baby foods and only got only 4-$3+UP Rewards and the bottom of the receipt said that i had maxed out that promotion. I had planned on getting 8 rewards. o well you can always return items if it doesnt work out the way you had planned!

Right. It applies to ALL the items. You can only receive four $3.00 +Up Rewards between all these products for the duration of the promotion.

Going to try my first coupon trip to Rite Aid, only tried Target and Kroger so far! (VERY new to couponing!! and with a baby starting to eat regular food this is perfect timing!!!!) Thank you for an amazing website! With roll overs from items I actually need I have been able to save a lot of money on a tight budget with a baby!!

Yay! Good luck!

If you load coupons onto your riteaid wellness card there are $1.20/8 2nd foods and .85/6 1st foods among other Gerber coupons available.

Nice! Let us know if those work for you!

Got 4 prints on the nursery water!!

Shop Rite has great deals on the Gerber Foods/Beachnut Baby Foods going on plus BABY BUCKS to spend anyway you’d like!


Does anyone know if they also have the 1st foods 2packs included? I have a MQ for $1/4 2-packs. I hope I can use it!

I actually got the 1st stage fruits 2pk because they were cheaper and it worked with the deal so they are included.

The 1st food 2 packs were included at my store they were priced for around $1.50.

Yes! They are included, and they cost $1.49.

At my Rite Aid, a lot of the Gerber products have a .50 Rite Aid peelie on them, making it an even better deal.

I found a few of those too! Super!

I found a few products with the peelies, too. But they did say one per customer, so I only took one of the products with the peelie. I’ll be donating the baby food since I don’t need it, but wanted to roll my +UP rewards for something better in a future week perhaps.

KCL you just made my day! Can you tell I’m a big dork? haha

I’m pretty excited about this deal too!

Just picked up 8 of the 1st stage ($1.49) with silver discount ($1.34). Used the .85/6 coupon and paid $9.87 OOP and got back $12UPR for a $2.13 MM.

Yay! How exciting!

there is a .55 off 2 nursey waters online


The coupon is available on the Nursery Water website you have to sign up first .HTH


are you thanking me

No, I was thanking NEWMOM for the recommendation for the Nursery Water coupon. You can tell who I’m replying to by looking at each comment. Next to my username “Krazy Coupon Lady,” there is an arrow pointing to the username of the person I’m replying to.

look i need help so can you help me

Jeez… Relax… She IS helping you.. Theres only 2 of them and SO MANY of us… Take it easy

Go to the website. Click on free offers. It will ask you to sign up. SIGN UP. Afterwards, you’ll see a message about clicking your way to savings and this month’s offer followed by a green button that says “print coupon”. Click on the green button. On the next page, click on print your coupon. Install the coupon printer software if it asks (if you’ve already done this, you shouldn’t have to do it again). It should print out one copy. If you want a second one, wait until the first prints and hit your back button until it prints again. Hope This Helps (HTH).

please if you can tell me ok and i mute come back tomorrow

The coupon is now in the updated post! You can check it for the link to the nursery water.

KCL I have a question I found a catalina in a parking lot for BOGO FREE Gerber Good Start powder formula 12oz or larger up to $15.00 it says manufacturer coupon and redeem at Ralphs. Can I use it at Walmart?

also can I use a $3 mq with the cat. THANKS

Thank you!