There’s a new Dollar General coupon that can be combined with a manufacturer coupon for BIG savings! Print the coupon from Dollar General’s website, or use the mobile coupon code we’ve listed below:


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20 thoughts on “Windex Touch-Up, Only $1.50 at Dollar General!”

  1. Itsnotmyfault Itsjustmytime says:

    I got mine hopefully they have some on Saturday and I can use $5 off $25 coupon also

  2. Valeria says:

    this happend to me so they didnt want to take my coupons and could me i had to choose one coupon that i couldnt combine them

  3. Cortney says:

    Yes the manufacturers coupon states that it cannot be combined with any other coupon which unfortunately makes this deal a bust!

  4. Krystal says:

    I tried purchasing several of these touch ups today at three different dollar generals. Every store I went to said that Dollar general does not stack a manufacturer coupon with their store coupon. One store even proceeded to show me the written coupon policy hanging on their wall. Is this regional??? I was super aggravated after trying this at three different stores and thinking that they stacked store and manufacturer coupons the whole time!

  5. Rebecklee says:

    I’m new to couponing and have a question. On DG’s coupon policy it states that they do allow coupon stacking unless stated otherwise on the coupon. So for this deal it says right on the printable coupon may not be used with any outher coupon. Does this make it so I can’t do this deal?

  6. Marsha Head Goodwin says:

    I went to print mine….but my printer started eating my paper….no print :(

  7. Amber says:

    I picked these up at my local $$ General for $1.00 a piece! They are one sale right now for $3.50!

  8. Tan says:

    Tried this deal earlier today and the cashier would not accept the DG coupon. She stated everytime she scanned it, the system stated there weren’t any matching items and their policy is if it does not scan they can not take it and she could clearly see that I purchased the item as it stated on the coupon.

    • Sorry that happened! This is by no means your fault, but here’s a tip (because sometimes Krazy Coupon Ladies need to know more about how to scan coupons than the cashier-haha). Next time, give her the store coupon to scan first and THEN the manufacturer coupon. That seems to have more success. Must be a fault in their system. Also, their policy says nothing about needing it to scan. They most certainly can, and have several times, typed in a coupon manually when the system was being ornery. Hope that helps!

      • Tan says:

        KCL, trust me I tried that and still nothing :-( She voided my transaction twice and it kept saying the same thing, then I read to her the bottom of the coupon with the “Cashier’s Instructions” and it still didn’t work, but I will definitely be writing corporate about that. I hate when a cashier gets frustrated with the customer when we try to save as much as possible, even if it was only a $1.00, it would have been less out of pocket.

        • scarolinagirl3 says:

          The cashier should have called a manager for assistance. Those systems go funky all the time (my husband is a manager at DG, and deals with this ALL the time!)

  9. laurie says:

    Does Dollar general do price match to other stores? This windex touch up is less than $3.50 at Walmart before coupons.

  10. Mary says:

    I just printed it few minutes ago, now its gone

    • All DG store coupons will only allow you to print them once. That’s why it’s not showing up on your screen anymore =)

      • scarolinagirl3 says:

        I’ve always been able to print TWO DG store coupons per computer. I just have to scroll down and go through the coupons again (they’re usually at the end).

  11. adallairecoupon says:

    is the DG store coupon for this gone? it took me to their website but only gave me the option to print the mfc coupon instead of the DG one…

  12. Guest says:

    is the $1 off DG coupon gone for this? it took my to their website but didn’t load as a DG coupon only as mfc