Look for a new high-value $5.00/1 Tena Stylish, Active or Anywhere product Coupon in the 7/14 SmartSource Coupon Insert. This is a regional coupon and will not be available in all areas. The coupon also states “up to” a $5.00 value so there will be no overage. This coupon will make the pads free at Walmart, CVS and Target.


Tena Active Pantiliners, 26 ct $2.86, regular price
Use $5.00/1 Tena Stylish, Active or Anywhere Product from SS 7/14 (exp 8/31)
Final Price: Free 


Tena Stylish Pads, 14 ct $3.99, regular price
Use $5.00/1 Tena Stylish, Active or Anywhere Product from SS 7/14 (exp 8/31)
Final Price: Free


Tena Ultra-Thin Pads, 30 ct $4.99, regular price
Use $5.00/1 Tena Stylish, Active or Anywhere Product from SS 7/14 (exp 8/31)
Final Price: Free

Have a Walmart close by? Pick up Free Tena Active Pantiliners for free with this Smart Source coupon.

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64 thoughts on “New Tena Coupon—Free at Walmart, CVS & Target!”

there are auction websites *ahem* lol (you do not bid on the coupons, you bid on the “time & effort” to organize and collect the coupons) usually get GREAT deals $0.99 & up. check it out, these are available!

The Orange County Register in Southern California didn’t get them either. Bummer!

Coupon Dede, she is in Texas,wonderful clipping service, but,had to use Klip2save, Tena coupon not in our region, hth

if you search my name on facebook I come up 2nd one down in milton florida

I use to live in Navarre!

Facebook decided that my second one down should be no picture, no city listed :(

does my picture come up on here that is same picture on my facebook

It does. I searched for name and then looked for pic.

what does your picture look like I will look for it and where do you live

ok go to facebook I just confirmed you

to cpreston and matteo27 i have a hotmail address it is whit9948 shoot me over a message

Tried to find you are Facebook but no results with your picture. I am interested in using your service. What part of Florida are you in?

Chrissy Preston

I am in Florida as of the moment I do not have a website I am working on that, but request me as friend on facebook and we will discuss further Denise Whitaker

Ok I look denise whitaker theres so many of them on FB….add me I am Matteo Salmoni on fb.

mine is one with picture of little boy and dog curled up on a mattress, hope I added correct person there was no picture

2 packs at CVS cost me .66 cents. 2 packs at Walmart were free.

what state r u in? Im in st.louis missouri. whats the name of ur website.

how much off on your finish coupon which do you want to trade

I wana use this Q and get the overage at walmart…..It is 4 bucks at walmart and with the 5 dollar Q it is a one dollar overage….did anyone use this already at walmart and got overage? I wana use the overage to buy dishwashing soaps that’s why. I live here in ST. LOUIS MISSOURI

There won’t be any overage. It is UP To $5…

thank you

whats the name of your website ? where r u located? We don’t hav a coupon clipping services here in ST. Louis MIssouri

Hey, the Gainesville paper is only $1, you can get on Saturday and they have same incerts as Dallas paper. HTH

LOL yeah I’m spellin real good while my dog sits in my lap laughing at me! LOL inSerts!!!!

Didn’t get it in southern CA either :(

We didn’t get it in Richmond, Virginia.

I live in the SJersey/Phila.PA area and I rec’d 4 different SmartSource and none of them had the $5. Tena Q. One SS in the Atlantic City Press, one from the Press Extra (a freebie thrown around to homes) and two diff. ones in the Phila. Inquirer. I don’t think there is any way of figuring out which papers have the coupons you are looking for unless you look through the inserts before you buy the paper. Three of the inserts had the $2. Almay cosmetic Q and the other didn’t. One of the SS I rec’d in the Inquirer had a $1.50 off 3 Hormel Compleats (microwave meals) and a $1. off 1 pkg. of Premium Rounds Crackers.

Not in the Birmingham AL paper.

Finally the South/Southeast U.S. got a high-value coupon haha I’m in Roanoke, VA and we got them :) I was so jealous of everyone with those Sally Hansen ones so we are now even lol

you can have my sally Hansen coupons

How funny! I grew up in Roanoke! I remember telling my husband the other day I missed seeing the Star!

Yeah, it’s nice being in a smaller area when my husband is from San Diego haha but there are NO coupon groups around..or they all disappeared after like 2011 but I guess that’s okay that there aren’t a lot of ‘extreme’ couponers in the region lol.

Well, I know quite a few people from Roanoke who do coupon quite a bit actually. I can introduce them to you via Facebook if you are interested; most still in their 20’s as I am. If you are interested, you can write me via facebook :)

Didn’t get it! I’m in AZ.

Awesome! Love me some freebies! I am trying to get back into couponing. Thanks 😀 My paper has redplum and and I think that is it.. im looking.. but i know the two major cities near me put out a different coupon insert. i may have to go get the other

i didn’t get it ugh :(

im in augusta ga and I received the 5/1 about to use it at walmart I have my fingers crossed

i dontsee it

coupons can be regional; if I recall correctly, it is at the bottom of the page in light blue and there are “refresh” coupons at the top of the page. I think there is an ad page on the opposite side of the page for a dog product (?)


Not sure if you can I live in WI but if I but the Chicago Tribune for $3.50 it has pretty much all the coupons.

Stylish?…LOL :)

didn’t find this one in the Houston Chronicle, ugh.. but thankfully one of the clipping services I use has them.

Where did u find it at? I looked in the La Voz ads that came around today and nothing either

go to Klip2save coupon clipping services, they have them, my favorite one Coupon Dede didn’t have them at all, it is regional. Hope that helps

is there gonna be overage for this item?

The coupon is also states ”up to” a $5.00 value so there will be no overage
The coupon is also states ”up to” a $5.00 value so there will be no overage

Some cashiers may give overage, but most won’t.
Some cashiers may give overage, but most won’t.


I hope this coupon is in my region this would be great to donate or just give away. I love being able to help others out and share my scores with! :)

Too bad Walmart doesn’t offer free gift wrapping.

The coupon says “Save up to $5” does that mean no overage?

Depends. I got overage with the “up to $7” Q Tena sent me. The manager that got called over just had the cashier put in $7 when the Q kept beeping and said that “oh, we owe you money!”.

Is there any way to determine what “region” certain coupons come up in? I missed out on the palmolive deal a few weeks ago as well. : (

In Texas, we never get the good “regional” coupons such as Finish, Nabisco, etc.

uthorns – I seem to always get the “good” coupons and I am in texas. Houston – and I get the paper delivered (don’t know if it makes a difference).

our local paper does not carry the “good coupons” it seems. that is why i buy a dallas paper (and you have to check to make sure the inserts are in the paper before you buy it) because it is much better on coupons.

I’ve noticed that too, in small towns, the coupons are sparse, my sister gave up, she is in Nacogdoches and just orders from a coupon clipping service, I get the Houston Chronicle, and sometimes if a deal is really good, order extra from coupon clipping service. HTH

After a while, you start seeing a pattern; in my area, we never get the schick coupons (like those for the awesome hydrosilk deals) and we never get almay coupons. Of course, there are probably some other little differences, but the coupons that show up every few inserts, you’ll notice.

Another thing is you should try a different paper. I get two different papers every week. One is on saturday, which has a horrible RP (you can literally feel the difference in the thickness of this one and the other sunday paper), but it’s half the price, so this is where I use up me ECBs at CVS! :) I actually get this one if there’s a really good SS coupon and also for the publix coupons (like the $5/40). The more expensive sunday one, I usually get less of since it’s pricey and I get it from friends anyway.

My point in this overly long spiel is that if you find some of your inserts are REALLY bad, check a different paper (maybe from a neighboring county?).
Good luck! 😀

That true when ever say free is good.:)

not in my area :(

Where are you located?

Coconut Creek , FL

free is always good :)..thanks for the tip