Lean pockets are on promotion at Target: buy four and receive one free. Combine this promotion with a buy two get one free coupon, a Target mobile coupon and Target Cartwheel offer and pick up six boxes of Lean Pockets for just $0.78 each!

The coupon policy at Target doesn’t restrict the use of a coupon on an item made free by a promotion, but remember that your store may refuse to accept it.


Buy 6 Lean Pockets, 2 ct $2.04, regular price
Buy Four Get One Free through 8/3
Use two B2G1 FREE – Hot Pockets or Lean Pockets Brand Sandwiches, 8 oz – 9 oz, up to $3.99 – (facebook.com)
And use $1.00/1 Any Frozen Item, $1.00 or higher, Target Mobile Coupon (exp 8/31) Text FRESH to 827438
And use 5% Off – Lean Pockets Stuffed Sandwich, Target Cartwheel Offer (exp 8/3) – (cartwheel.target.com)
Final Price: $0.78 each, when you buy 6


Shopping at Walmart? Pay $1.33 a box for Hot or Lean Pockets, or $1.33 at Kroger.

Get good deals at Rite Aid and Walgreens too!

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27 thoughts on “Lean Pockets Coupon, Only $0.78 at Target!”

I just did this deal, use 4 of the B2G1 and 3 $1 off 4 Target Coupons. I mixed Hot Pocket and Lean Pocket, the price was between $2.04 and $2.29. After Cartwheel 5% off, my total was $1.43 for all 12 boxes. :)

That’s a crazy good deal! Here in Chicago, we aren’t allowed to use more than one of the same Target Q in the same transaction and our prices are higher, too.. HP/LP were both $2.29 each. But this was my transaction:

Buy 4 Lean Pockets and 3 Hot Pockets – $2.29 x7 = $16.03
$16.03 – $2.29 (B4G1 Store Deal) = $13.74
$13.74 – $1/3 AND $1/4 (Target printable coupons) = $11.74
$11.74 x 5% = -$.59 (Cartwheel on BOTH LP/HP as 2 separate offers) = $11.15
$11.15 – $1 off one HP/LP (Manufacturer catalina I had from Target from June) = $10.15
Use (TWO) B2G1 coupons which scan at $3.99 off = $2.17 for all 7 or $.31 per box

No beeps from the register, except for the B2G1 MQ printables.. as they scanned at $3.99 off instead of $2.29. The cashier simply clicked a button which approved them through.. no hassle at all.

Holy Cow. I did this deal twice yesterday and today I see a Target coupon for
$1.00 off of 4 boxes. :(

Wouldn’t you be buying 4, getting 2 free from the mqs and then 1 more free from the Target sale making it a total of 7 boxes? I’m planning on going tomorrow and don’t want to make a mistake. Thanks! :)

I did it purchasing 7 boxes and paid $2.17 for all seven.. price per item was higher in Chicago, though, at $2.29 each.

Can cartwheel be scanned more than once? like if on my cartwheel i have something i want to use for one transaction and something else for another, can i scan it twice?

Yes, according to the rules, each customer is limited to a total of SIX transactions per day using Cartwheel barcodes. Each Cartwheel offer may be applied to 4 like items in a single transaction and only ONE Cartwheel barcode per transaction (so you can’t, say, apply it to EIGHT like items if you have 2 different phones, but you CAN use it for EIGHT like items if you did 2 separate transactions). And as always, each individual item can only have one Target coupon, one Manufacturer coupon and one Cartwheel offer applied to it. I believe the Cartwheel offers stay good until they expire.. so you can do them as many times as you want through expiration, so long as you don’t do more than 4 like items per transaction or 6 Cartwheel transactions per day. Unless I’m understanding it incorrectly?

Does anyone know when this sale ends??

The B4G1 Target promotion ends 8/3.

How did you use 10 b2g1 coupons??

So in reference to printing out the cartwheel bar code page you really don’t have to ever change the bar code paper after you have changed items in your cartwheel?

dreaded AD AFTER the coupon prints…press cancel on your printer to save ink

Dang regionsl prices. These were on sale for $2.24 but still a good deal

Great deal today! Only $1.22 for 6 boxes. I used(2) buy 2 get 1 free mqs (both took off $3.99) minus ($2.04) the Target promo buy 4 get 1 free and a $1/1. 6x$2.04 =$12.24-Targ promo $2.04 =$10.20 -$7.98=$2.22-$1/1mq=$1.22 plus tax for all 6 boxes! I wish I could figure out the cartwheel thing but I dont have an Iphone :(

You don’t need a smartphone for Cartwheel. I have internet access on my laptop and then print out the cartwheel list. You only have the print the list one time, and then keep that bar code that prints out. The barcode is the link to your Cartwheel account, so no matter how many times you change what’s in your Cartwheel, that barcode will work. Hope that helps (and makes sense)

Thank you Kathryn I will have to give it a try! :)

no just on time

Question, can I use my mobile coupon, plus my boyfriend’s mobile coupon on his phone in the same transaction?

There was a target web coupon up a while ago for $1/3 Lean or Hot pockets. I have been holding on to mine for a good deal and I am happy I did. They expire on 07/20, so the timing is perfect.

I have already used the $1/1 frozen coupon, but with the MC and 2 $1/1 TC, I should be able to get these for around $0.62 each. Yay!

I really need a bigger freezer though. I keep having to plan my frozen purchases around the room in my tiny freezer.

Is it only breakfast?

Cartwheel says that this excluses Lean Pocket varieties unfortunately :(

What? The cartwheel offer specifically says its for lean pockets it doesnt exclude them. I just did this deal yesterday no problem. The only thing that stinks is the 5% come off the price of 1 box only so its not much of a savings but its better than nothing.

Mine says 5% on a maximum of four. So Im guessing I can get the 5% off of 4 boxes

You should be able too but my Targets registers didnt when I bought them yesterday. Not sure why but it didnt.

I have a cartwheel one that is for regular hot pockets and another one for lean pockets.

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