This week at Rite Aid, spend $15.00 on select Sally Hansen cosmetics and wax kits and receive a $5.00 +Up Reward! Plus, included cosmetics are 40% off! Buy an Insta Gel Manicure Starter Kit, regularly priced at $29.98, and use a high-value $10.00 coupon. Remember that the $15.00 can be met before submitting coupons, so pay only $7.99 out of pocket and still receive the $5.00 +Up Reward! This coupon may not last, so hurry to snag this offer.

Sally Hansen Insta Gel Strips Starter Kit $29.98, regular price
40% Off through 7/27
Spend $15.00, Receive $5.00 +Up Reward through 7/27, Limit 2
Use $10.00/1 – Sally Hansen Salon Insta-Gel Starter Kit or Salon Gel Polish Starter Kit – (
Pay $7.99, Receive $5.00 +Up Reward
Final Price: $2.99 


Thanks, Reader Teresa S

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34 thoughts on “Sally Hansen Gel Starter Kit $2.99 at Rite Aid—Hot Price!”

Today a rite aid employee told me a coupon could not exceed$5.00 I asked where that was and she showed me a coupon policy hanging up near her register and sure enough it said coupon value cannot exceed $5.00.i went home and checked their website but I couldn’t find the same wording…so I’m not sure lol.

I think you did a great thing! I’ve done it few times myself, either helped a cashier get a deal on something she liked or gave my coupon away to someone in the store… It makes me feel happy when I share! We get great deals on products all the time and sales come back around. So don’t feel bad that you gave it away! Be proud of yourself!
P.S. you can always get a second computer and print another coupon

I was almost going to do the same thing!! Cause my cashier was also surprised by what a deal I got and had told me she has had her eye on that kit for a while now. If I would have had the other set of coupons with me I probably would have done the same. You should feel happy though! You made her day. Maybe you’ll get lucky and score another good deal before your sister’s birthday.

Just consider it a good deal that you got one! And don’t feel bad for being nice to the cashier!

So glad you posted this. Used both the $10 off coupon and the free gel strips coupons (had two each). Regular retail would have been around $90. Paid $20 and got $10 back making them $2.50 each!!

Unfortunately, you misused your coupons… you are not suppose to use both coupons when buying only 1 starter kit, KLC explained it in her posts above…

im so excited ive been wanting to buy this forever! thank you

You’re welcome!

Picked mine up yesterday 😀 Plus my free gel strips!!!! Wahooo 😀

when did you scan your RA wellness card..before or after scanning coupons???

I did this deal as well, and scanned my RA card last.

thanks a lot..:)

What is the difference in scanning before vs. after? Very curious :)

If you are using a BOGO coupon it will deduct the full regular price of the item instead of the sale price if you scan your card last.

If you scan your wellness card before you scan your coupon and you’re buying an item on sale, then the coupon for that “free item” adjusts to cover the price that you’d pay for the item…so in this case 40% off the gel strips makes them $8,99, If you were to scan your BOGO coupon for the gel strips before you scan your wellness card, the coupon takes the full $14.99 off your purchase…but I don’t believe that’s ethical. I’m just explaining what I’ve figured out from what people are saying about things…Free is good enough for me, without taking advantage of a company (and I don’t know who gets stuck with the $6. difference there…Sally Hansen or Rite Aid, but regardless that’s dirty couponing IMO),

It adjusts the value of the coupon after you scan your card, though, so it’s the same. In the end, the coupon value will be the same no matter what order you scan your card and coupons.

It doesn’t matter what order!

KCL, it makes a difference if you are using the BOGO coupon for free gel strips WYB the starter kit, I posted a lil’ something about that above…

There is also a coupon on Sally Hansen for a free insta gel strip kit (regularly 14.99 but 40% off so its 8.99) when you buy the starter kit!! Just did this deal myself (:

can you explain the deal in detail and what coupons you used.. i want to do this deal

Manufacturer coupons don’t allow for combining, so you can either use the $10.00 coupon OR the coupon for free Strips. If you want to use both coupons, you’d need to purchase two starter kits and one package of the Strips!

i used 10$ for starter kit and BOGO gel strips with starter kit MQ’s both worked well.

Here is an important video that explains why that is incorrect coupon usage:

thanks KCL ,,what you said is right

yesterday i got a 5$ +up for sally and it says “buy 15$, get 5$+up total spent :$7.74” . Does that mean if i spend another 7.26$ (15$-7.74$) i will get 5$ +up ???
or should i do a 15$ purchase to get another 5$ +up??

No, it tracks! You only need to spend $7.26 to get the next $5.00 +Up Reward!

I saw this deal on the nouveau cheap site, and I didnt think it was correct either, but part of the coupon policy says that a BOGO may be used with a $ off coupon, so I believe that it is alright.

If you watch the video I linked to, we address that Rite Aid policy toward the end of the video.

Wow! I have watched the video on bogo & read it a dozen times. It is already late, “but i am going to lie down & take a nap” plus throw in a deep sleep. Just when I thought the coupon policies for each store was confusing, I was thrown a curve ball with the bogo & cents off explanation. I will be refreshed tomorrow. Thanks. I never heard it explained quite that way before. I must explore your site more.