Use a new high-value coupon from today’s Red Plum insert and score a hot deal on Gillette Shave Gel or Foam at Target! Gillette Shave Gel is regularly priced at $1.97 at Target. Pick up three Gillette Shave gels and pay nothing after coupon!



Buy 3 Gillette Shave Gel, 7 oz $1.97, regular price
Use one $6.00/3 Gillette Cartridges, Razor, Shave Prep or Skin, excludes Gillette Bodywash, Deodorant or Hair Care Products, excludes trial/travel size, Limit 4 like coupons per household per day from RP 8/11 (exp 9/30)
Final Price: Free, when you buy 3 


Buy 3 Gillette Shave Foam, 11 oz $1.54, regular price
Use one $6.00/3 Gillette Cartridges, Razor, Shave Prep or Skin, excludes Gillette Bodywash, Deodorant or Hair Care Products, excludes trial/travel size, Limit 4 like coupons per household per day from RP 8/11 (exp 9/30)
Final Price: Free, when you buy 3 

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70 thoughts on “Free Gillette Shave Gel or Foam at Target!”

I used these same coupons on shaving gel for myself. The Gillette for womens has great variety! 😀

i did this deal this week at target

bought the small size, and used the overage + 20% off cartwheel to buy a very nice bookcase for my house!

now every time i look at it i’ll think that i bought that bookcase just from couponing!

it was great!

Free razors and free shaving gel or cream – has been such a great two weeks! Thanks for all the great posts and deals!

I was able to go to dollar tree and pick 6 women up today but target has the women also i did that to

what coupon do w use

Talk to the manager

I’m not sure anyone will be able to help me on this one, but i have a question. Where i live everything is always more expensive, but id rather get more full size shave products than trial size ones, so i was hoping to get some of each and have it all even out. I have two newspapers worth of all three coupons i am going to use on these, is there a way to make sure they won’t waste my $6 off 3 coupon and adjust down on the $1 gels, and use my $1 coupons on the more expensive ones? I didn’t want to have to do multiple transactions. Thank you so much to anyone who read this (and i hope I made sense!) Thanks! :)

should’ve bought another item..they’ll give you full credit if you buy another item and use the overage on could be a candy bar …they did that to me with the schick razor and I later realized that was why..

yeah it didn’t go through for me either but luckily the cashier overrode it for me without hesitation….lol he even tried to hand me the coupons back ay! lol

print out the policy…shame her next time

this is a great deal
can’t wait to pick it up =]

Luckily our Walmart allows us to, (Vancouver, Washington) ..I had a $10 coupons for General Mills items, misunderstanding the coupon I just grabbed one box of hamburger helper and ended up getting almost $9 cash back. I was shocked lol (the coupon allowed multiple items to be purchased, with the single coupon, would love to find more!)

Does walmart have the little shaving cream for women?

i tried using this coupon to get this awesome deal and the shaving gels were 1.99 each. However when i brought them up to the register the system said error and on the coupon it doesn’t say shaving gel/cream it states shaving prep. When cashier tired overriding the system it didn’t let him. He said because the coupon states shave prep not gel/cream. Wondering if anyone else had this issue.

I had the same problem!!

I had the same problem but my cashier WAS able to override…never heard of them never being able to override it

Got this deal at Target, bought two womens and one mens shave gel. The cashier first told me he couldn’t do it because I had to spend more than $6.00. I explained to him that he can and he finally gave me the deal. I don’t like it when I have trouble with my coupons it makes me feel like im stealing.. :( lol

I feel the same way!!! i thought i was alone haha

This is a P&G coupon, and to the best of my knowledge, these aren’t regional. It’s in the RP 8/11, which is the Sunday paper and in some (not all) Saturday papers. Hope you find it! :)

I just used my coupons at Target. $6/3 for the 7oz satin care and the $3/2 and $1/1 for the travel 2.5oz satin care. 6 cans… All free!

This worked for me. I purchased 3 Women’s Gillette Shave gels, 3 Men’s Gillette Shave gels, and 4 Men’s Gillette Shave Foams. No issues what so ever when my coupons were scanned, but then again my Target never gives me any issues like some other Targets seem to do.

Better hurry, because the stock was quite low when I went.

it is a good product for the gentlemen

TWarner • I get the ones for free at my house and they came out if you want more it don’t hurt to ask the neighbors who u see never pick theirs up if you can take them ooh here’s the picture of the front

Oh! I’ve noticed that the ones that come free RARELY have these nice coupons. They’re sort of “reserved” (???) for the sunday newspaper. Anyways… the front looks like an ad for purified water for home delivery.

No size restriction on the coupon, even though post says there’s is. I read it twice and the cashier cashing me out read it four times, matched all items, scanned three then 1 coupon, and still called a manager over.. But hey when I made $11 and used that to pay for gas I was NOT going t complain. Now I did have my mom and grandma with me and they helped with the limits.

Moneymaker at Walmart!

(12) Gillette Shaving Cream
(2) BIC 10pk Razors

Coupons used:
(4) $6.00/3 Gillette Cartridges, Razor, Shave Prep or Skin
(2) $3.00/1 Bic Disposable Razors Pack

Total OOP = $0 and got $7.89 Cash Back!


do some peoples coupons exclude trial size cause mine didn’t

On the Gillette coupons, it didn’t have the “exclude trial/travel size” restriction.

Anyone else get a third coupon for $1/1?? That would make the trial size free and if I used 4 of each of the 3 coupons that’s so many and a huge MM! I’m so excited I have 70 of each of these coupons!!!

WHOA. That is a looot of coupos!

yes! my paper had $6/3, $3/2 and $1/1
all moneymakers!

Suggest that if you haven’t gone to target and Walmart go soon! Went to mine this evening n the shelves were pretty much cleared!! There was hardly anything left. But I was able to grabs some women’s ones to so it help make up for it! Thanks for sharing the great deal! The customer behind me in line was so surprised! I even heard her talking about me and my coupons walking in the parking lot as I was getting into my car!

My Sunday paper contained two coupons, one being a six dollar off of three and a three dollar off of two Gillette items. Target has the Gillette gel at 1.99 and has
the foam for 1.50. So, with my four newspapers I was able to bag 20 cans for my future shaving adventures. No problems at the register… Awesome.

Target just declined me to use this coupon on the Gillette gel. Cashier did not seem to know how to read and he called his floor supervisor. She stated this only applied to the Proglide gel because they go by what is pictured. She also gave me a problem using the Target webcoupon for Degree. I was purchasing 4 degree products and she only wanted take either the 2/2 web coupon or the .75/1 but not both. She finally agreed to accept both coupons. Horrible service!!

I had the same issue with the Gillette coupon–they didn’t accept it at all, so I took them off my order. So insane.

Look in ur Saturday paper…I get my redplum on Saturdays which is weird to me as Well but check ur Saturday newspaper next week and see if it’s in there!!!

Another deal idea for those with a Food4Less nearby:

Buy 4 Gillette shaving creams $1.28 (with b4save$4 Mega sale)
Use $6/3 RP MQ

Total: 5.12 with .88 overage

Or buy 3 Gillette $1.28 shaving creams And 1 Gillette body wash $2.48 (with b4save$4 Mega sale)
Use $6/3 RP MQ

Total: $6.32 OOP .32

What an awesome deal!


Thanks for the heads up!

I used this today at a Target by my house and it was pretty much a battle. The cashier didn’t want to accept the coupon at all because I wasn’t buying 6 dollars worth of cream. After 30 minutes the manager finally reduced the coupon. I don’t understand why they don’t train cashier to understand the print on coupons ( more so since target has their own coupons) or at least the coupon policy in the store.

It kinda happen to me too at target today~ I was checking out there were people behind me. The old guy checked me out he pulled out every single item I bought to match with coupon. He said I can’t use it because it didn’t say it’s for Shaving Gel it said “Gillette Cartridges, Razor, Shave Prep or Skin, excludes Gillette Bodywash, Deodorant or Hair Care Products” He called over someone to help she said it should be able to because it didn’t even say not for shaving gel, then she did the same thing pull everything I bought start matching all what I bought. Then she said yeah just type this in and I’m taking the coupon inside and see. Even though they let me used it that still makes me mad how the way they treat you. People wait in line behind you stear at you like you are crazy!!

That is crazy, people should be inspired when they ring up coupons at such awesome deals. I don’t care how long I have to hold others up, saving money is worth is :)

My cashier today was inspired! i loved her. My sister and i went and i said ” im going to warn you we have alot of coupons!” she said “oh that’s fine! it’s so fun to ring them up and see how low your total gets” she was the sweetest girl. We got 12 cans of shave gel ( both women’s and travel size mens because the full size was sold out) for free, plus some overage on the rest. used 2 $1/1, 2 $3/2 & 2 $6/3/ I love that i could give them to my sisters! Also, i swear i never have shaving creme.

I work as a cashier/customer service desk manager at a local grocery store. I work on Wednesdays which are double coupon days I love coupons and enjoy watching customers orders go down.

Hah! The cashier did the same thing to me. She pulled every item aside and before she was ringing it up, she was trying to tell/convince me that it might not work because it’s taking too much money off the item. I even told her that I would pay the full price then go over to customer service to have it looked over. She said “No” and made everyone wait in line for me. It was so embarrassing and some people were snickering in line because of it. It clearly says “… or shaving prep” and she was still trying fight over going on what’s in the picture. Even though there’s a picture of shaving gel in the picture, she was trying to tell me it has to be that exact one. So crazy

training means money spent..Target would rather save that money

Some coupons are regional.

okay so all I have to do is use this $6.00 off 3 coupon and I can buy 3 of the shaving cream and not pay ANYTHING is this correct ?? I can use this at walmart ?

Yes! It’s a money maker at Walmart. The price at my local store was $1.98 so they actually owed me money! You can use 4 coupons in the same shopping trip if you have more than one!

I just used 4 of these at Target, Walmart has the same gel for $1.97 for a 9 cent MM. I also noticed while at Target that there is a Travel Size Gillette Shave Gel for $0.97. Now Target doesn’t give money back but Walmart does, has anyone found the travel size gels at Walmart? The one I went to didn’t have any but they are notorious for having a small travel section.

Used two of the Gillette coupons ($6 off 3, $3 off 2 $1 off 1) @ Target today in trial sizes (12 @99cents) and used the $8 overages for foods…

Bring the coupon policy with you and stand your ground. Every time I have a MM at my Wal-Mart it’s a battle but I win every time because I’m in the right. I usually would rather not make the money and buy it at Target, unless it’s a decent amount of money.
As for using the overage on other stuff, I was going to argue that you can’t do that; however, the coupon policy states that the coupons MAY be reduced…, it does not say WILL be reduced, IMO that leaves it up to the cashier/manager to decide.

You know, my boyfriend has enough shave gel to last him months but I just can’t pass up free! Maybe I’ll have to start a collection for donating.

I give bathroom packages out at Christmas to all the guys and girls in he family. Its a great little something and helps me move through my piles :)

That’s great!

Or you could just leave it there until the last day of the sale to see if anyone else needs it. Too many couponers get stuff just cause its free and get it even though they have a huge supply already. Thats great if you donate it, but maybe wait til the last day so someone else could try. I coupon cause I have 5 kids, not to generate a huge stockpile, and its frustrating when something is cleared out.

I am glad you donate your free stuff!! What a hospitable and charitable thing to do!! Wish there were more people like you. 😉

Anyone try this on the womens Gillette shave gel? I didn’t see where it states mens on my coupon.
Also does this beep or go thru at walmart and/or target? Just wanting to know if I will have to argue or not…LOL
I mean as in beep for mens or womens shave gel?

I used this one this morning at Walmart and it worked fine on the regular mens gillette shave cream

Curious to if it’ll work on women’s, maybe ill try it :)

It does work on women’s! Bought 6 at Walmart today and the coupon scanned. :)

Yes it does work for womens. I bought 6 womens and 6 mens and used (4) $6/3 coupons and they all went thru at Target.

worked fine on men’s at Target, not sure about woman’s

I used it at Target and got 4 men’s and 8 women’s, and it worked fine. They said as long as it’s Gillette it’s fine, the coupon doesn’t specify men’s. I’ve never had this much shave gel in my house at once! LOL

actually, I don’t see anything about restricting trial sizes on the coupon….

Wasn’t it in Red Plum?

Yep, I think that was a typo since in the scenarios, it says RP

Yup you’re right!