Score two free trial size Softsoap body washes this week at CVS. If you received the $3.00/2 Softsoap body wash coupon with no size restrictions from the “Magic Coupon Machine,” make sure to look in the travel section for this freebie! Here’s the breakdown:

Buy 2 Softsoap Body Wash, 2 oz $1.49, regular price
Use one $3.00/2 Softsoap Body Wash, CVS Coupon Center Week of 8/18
Final Price: Free, when you buy 2



Didn’t get this CVS coupon? Coupon center coupons are customized to your shopping habits, so not everyone will get the same coupons. But don’t forget to check your online ExtraCare account for personalized coupons as well! Visit our weekly Coupon Center post for more information.

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57 thoughts on “Free Softsoap Body Wash at CVS!”

There are also some 7.5 oz Softsoap bodywashes for 1.99. I’m pretty sure these aren’t trial size so you can even use manufacturer coupons on them. And a % off coupon.

The printable card scans fine for me.

I did not see where to print the temporary card so this is what I did. Where did you find that?

When you signed up, a screen pops up and say print temporary card. If it didn’t you may need to turn off pop up blocker. I believe you can go back to your account and under one of the tabs you should be bale to do it.

this is a lie today I went to a store cvs and not at that price is $3.49

The price quoted is for the trial size. You probably looked at the full size.

Not is the same size

this is a lie today I went to a store cvs and not at that price is $3.49 this not is free lie , lie, lie

She’s talking about a much cheaper trial size

I got the $1.50 off any $5 CVS brand hair care and also a $2 off any 2 shampoo/conditioner/styler. Can I use both together and purchase the CVS brand shampoo. I don’t know how much the shampoo/conditioner is but would like to stay as close to $5.00 as possible.

Yes, you can :)

this is a lie today I went to a store cvs and not at that price is $4.99 this not is free lie , lie, lie

Or look for clearance Pantene.. And use your 2/2 and any Pantene coupons you have.

$2/2 CVS Q is on 2 items, if you wanted to use a second $2/2, you’d have to get 4 CVS body washes. They would not be free.

ooops sorry.. i had a $2 off body wash from last week that I combined with the $2/2.

I love these deals you KCLs cook up! I just started couponing not long ago and I am beyond amazed at how much I’ve saved since! You guys are awesome! Cheers!

There are definitely a lot of combos on CVS brand this week– lots of opportunities for free stuff!

I got the $3/2 right guard from the coupon center, what’s a good deal idea

If you still have any $2 off right guard coupons you can use two of those to get two free right guards.

I got the $3/2 Right Guard and also still have 2x $2 off Right Guard deodorant coupons. Although my CVS has them marked up at regular price at $4.49 each, so after all is said and done it’ll still be about $1.98 OOP with no ECB rewards. Guess still a decent deal if you actually use them.

Just thought I’d leave a blurb if you go to CVS everyday this week and get the $2/2 CVS body washes they will be free when you buy 10 of them I am up to 6 right now so I need 4 more. They are spitting out everyday. Good Luck. Crystalrose

Buy 2 – CVS Body Wash, 2/$4 Use $2/2 CVS Body Wash Coupon printing at the Coupon Center this week
Pay $2 and get $4 towards your $20 Purchase to Earn the ECBs!

After 5 visits you would have $20 in qualifying purchases in order to earn your $10 ECB and you would have spent $10 out of pocket making.

So, if you go back every day and scan your card, the same coupons print out? Is that right? Wow! I never knew that!

Only certain coupons will print out every day.


Not necessarily — only some coupons will print more than once.

Thanks! I didn’t know that.

I was just about to share that same deal. I need to go today after dinner and get today’s set of coupons

Thanks for sharing!

Your welcome.

i’m planning to do this too, but i was wondering with this week’s deal – buy $10 cvs products get $3 ecb or buy $20 get $10 ecb – if i spend $10 on cvs products to get $3 ecb, will another $7 ecb print when i reach $20? or should i just spend $20 at once to get the $10 ecb? i’d rather have the 3 and 7 than one big 10 ecb that’s harder to spend.

I was short $0.14 of the $10 ECB, bummer so I purchased the trial cotton swab for $0.99 used $1 cvs cotton coupon and still didn’t count so beware of the trail stuff may not count. so now I have to work something out before the week is over to get my $7 ECB while keeping my cost down

They give you additional $7 ECB if you keep shopping?

Yes, that should work. CVS has been doing these spend either/or promos lately and if you meet the lower amount you get the lower EB, but if you later reach the higher amount, you should get the remainder of the larger EB amount

You should definitely talk to the manager next time. Usually they will manually issue the ECB anyway if you’re a few cents short. Depends on location I guess.

Yes it will

Thanks so much for posting this! I did this today and was actually able to make it a money-maker using a $4/20 coupon as well. (And in case anyone is wondering, I didn’t clear the shelves – there was plenty left.)

Thank you for posting this. I got 10 body wash bottles and 4 trial size q-tips, paying .76 (including tax) using the coupons from the Red Machine and 8 ecb and got back 10 ecb. mm of 1.24 plus will get Beauty Reward points/money.

I didn’t get this coupon :(

Can anyone tell me how to get a cvs card after signing up online. I signed up about 2 weeks ago and never got a card? Can I still use the coupon machine with no card?

You’ll have to get a card from the store. Then, go back to your online account and add your card number. And no, unfortunately you can only use the coupon machine with a store card. hth :)

Thank you.

You can do the mobile app….

Actually you can do it by downloading the app on a smartphone and either scanning your phone while the app is opened, or doing a screen capture and emailing that to yourself for printing. I had to do it that way as the machine will no longer scan my crusty old card and I don’t want to chance changing cards as I can see all the problems people are having with not getting the coupons emailed to their accounts.

Thank You =]

The card will come almost 4 weeks after. You can print a temporary card and yes you can use it at the coupon machine. It may take 3 to 4 times to scan it. I have done it several times.

Thank you.

Not all CVS stores have these trial sizes right? I couldn’t this pricing at my local CVS.

wow! just in time for my California trip this weekend. Thank you!

for the $1/1 CVS cotton or nail polish remover, be sure to use it on the $0.67 CVS cotton swabs from the travel section – it works perfect!

There are also $0.99 cotton swabs that contain much more and come in a hard plastic box similar to the johnson & johnson ones

I didn’t even think about using it on cotton swabs. I was going for the cotton balls lol

How do you know what the next weeks deals are going to be?

Go to CVS website and click on Upcoming weeks ad. It comes out every Thursday. You can also google I heat CVS and see ads up to 4 weeks ahead of time.

Got a $2 off any two CVS brand body wash or bar soap instead. Bummer!

CVS body wash are 2/$4 at cvs, so if you use your coupons they’ll be 2/$2.

Thanks for the heads-up, Erika! :)

Got another Speed Stick Lady and Mens coupon from my online acct at CVS hoping to walk in since I have to get other things and score this deal as well PLUS I still have the Free Poof coupons wyb 2 body washes so whoo-oo!…we shall see