Spend $6.00 on Suave items this week at Walgreens and earn 2,000 Balance Rewards Points. 2,000 Points are worth between $2.00 and $2.50, depending on when they are redeemed. Read more about the Walgreens Balance Rewards Program here. Redeem a $1.25 Ibotta offer when purchasing Suave Moroccan Infusion Styling Oil, on sale this week for $3.00. Finally, use two coupons from yesterday’s Red Plum newspaper insert. The final price is as low as $0.13!



Buy 2 Suave Professionals Moroccan Infusion Argan Styling Oil, 3 oz $3.00 each, when you buy 2, sale price through 8/31
Spend $6.00, Receive 2,000 Balance Rewards Points through 8/31
Buy 1 Suave Moroccan Infusion Styling Oil, Earn up to $1.25 with Ibotta 
Use two $1.00/1 Suave Professionals Moroccan Infusion Styling Oil, excludes trial/travel size, Limit 2 identical coupons in same shopping trip from RP 8/25 (exp 9/22)
Pay $4.00, Submit for $1.25 Ibotta Credit
Final Price: $1.38 each, when you buy 2, Receive 2,000 Balance Rewards Points 


Here is this week’s list of cheap Walgreens filler items!

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23 thoughts on “Suave Moroccan Infusion Styling Oil, as Low as $0.13 at Walgreens!”

Hopefully someone can help me. I always seems to run into an issue at Walgreen’s when you have to spend a certain amount ( Suave example spend $6.00 and get 2,000 points) of money to get the points because of course my coupons bring down the total. (Same example I would be spending $4.00 on Suave instead of $6.00) Am I missing something? I have spoken to the manager several times who isn’t exactly helpful and the next closest Walgreen’s is significantly out of the way. Is there something in the coupon policy that I’m missing that someone can point out? Any input would be great.

Did this deal last night. The bottles were hidden in between the shampoo and conditioners. I realized I didn’t cut the coupons out of the paper and only had 2 $2 RR with me. I asked if I could use both RR in 1 transaction and the cashier said no (still trying to understand wags coupon policy). So I asked her if she could hold the bottles for me because they were the last two on the shelf and I live right down the street. She was the sweetest (and smallest) employee in my local Walgreens. I came back and used 1 $1/1 and $2 RR and paid $3.?? minus the Ibotta. So it was $2 and some change for both bottles! Why spend more when you can pay less? :)

Good job! I’m glad you had a friendly cashier!

Me to! Thanks :)

Okay so I need help. I want to cash in on this deal but I don’t fully understand coupons. I have 4 of the 1/1 coupon so can someone please do a break down for me. Thank you.

The promotion is spend $6 on Suave products and get 2000 points. The oil is $3 each this week, so the total before coupons is $6. Use (2) $1/1 manufacturer coupons and the total comes down to $4 out of pocket. Submit your receipt for a $1.25 ibotta credit and your new total is $2.75 or $1.38 each. Points are worth $2.00- $2.50 depending on when you redeem. If you redeem when they’re worth $2.50, that brings your overall total down to $0.25 or $0.13 each! You can do the deal again with your second set of coupons. Hth!

Good explanation!


Thank you so much for explaining :)

No problem!

how do you know when 2,000 points are worth $2.5?

18,000 points is equal to $20.00 instead of $18.00. That’s incentive to let your points build. 30,000 points is equal to $35.00 and 40,000 is equal to $50.00. So, it’s best to let your points build until you get to at least 18,000 to get the most money for your points! Hth!


Is this a deal that is going on at all Walgreens? I checked at mine and this product did not have an on-sale price tag. I am just wondering if they left it off on purpose or if it is simply not on sale at my store.

I think your store probably didn’t put the sale tag on these, but they should have! Ask the cashier to check the price. He or she can tell you if they are on sale!

we are lucky to have 1/2 of the sale items marked in our stores. Like KCL suggested – get a cashier to price check it.

I’m not sure it works out to $0.13 each, but even at $1.38 each, it’s still a bargain for a product that normally sell for $6.99 each! Thanks!

I think the $.13 depends on how much the Wags rewards come out to. i.e. $2-$2.50

Thanks Stacer! I saw “Final Price: $1.38 each…”, but I thought the Balance Rewards Points were already factored into that “final price.” :) So yes, $0.13 each is a really sweet deal! I just wish I had more than one coupon!

2,000 Points are worth between $2.00 and $2.50, depending on when they are redeemed. After the coupons and Ibotta offer, the total cost is $2.75. $2.75 minus $2.50 is only $0.25. $0.25 divided by two is just $0.13 each!

Thank you for breaking it down that way. I’m still learning, even though I’ve been doing this for a couple of months now. Thanks again!

I don’t think WAGS will take a target coupon…

It is a manufacturer coupon from Target’s website. Buy it looks like it’s gone!