Rush to print a super coupon for $2.00 off Lindt chocolate products! Save it for the week of 9/29, when Lindt Truffle pouches will be on sale for $3.00 at Rite Aid. Buy two and receive a $2.00 +Up Reward. That means free chocolate!

Buy 2 Lindt Truffle Pouches, 4.9-5.1 oz $3.00 each, when you buy 2, sale price 9/29-10/5
Buy 2, Receive $2.00 +Up Reward 9/29-10/5, Limit 2
Use two $2.00/1 – Lindt Products, 3.5 oz or larger – (
Pay $2.00, Receive $2.00 +Up Reward
Final Price: Free, when you buy 2 


Lindt Excellence Chocolate is only $1.33 at Target! 

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55 thoughts on “Free Lindt Truffles at Rite Aid, Starting 9/29!”

So I’m a little confused – the coupon states “one coupon per purchase” and if they are 2/$6 with $2 off, that’s $4 plus the +up reward taking it to $2. I haven’t calculated free yet :/ Two transactions won’t help due to the deal you get when you buy two as well as the reward (from what I’ve seen you can’t use it right away) …confused!

And to add to it, my printer wasn’t set as my default so the first coupon I printed was “dead.” Now I can’t print a second :(

DANG IT! I wish I could get more! I already used mine at walmart for a bar at .49cents! I tried my husbands account but, it goes off of computer! It should let me have more so i’ll buy more! I wanted the balls not the bars but was trying to be cheap now I wish I would have saved them!

weird–try clearing your history or using a different browser; perhaps rebooting your computer and/or printer if that does not work

I have four coupons ,so can I use the +up reward to do the second transaction again? Will I receive the up reward for second transaction as well ???

You do not have to separate the transaction to get the Up rewards, but if you want to you can. Yes, you can use the Up reward form the first transaction on the second and earn the UP again, but you will have to wait until the next day. The Up rewards are not good until 6am the following day when they are earned. Many of us use the UPs from week to week if we only go to the store 1x a week.

Yes, you can, but you can’t use the +Up Reward until the day after you earn it. Click on the “101” tab at the top of our Rite Aid page for more information.

Lindt sure has been generous this past year :)

My favorite chocolate!

They have!

what does HTH mean?

If someone comments, “HTH,” it usually means “Hope that helps!”

or “Happy to Help”

Thank you


So do I!

Will Rite aid let me use two coupons to get two chocolates for $2 instead of $6? And will I still receive a two dollar reward if I use those coupons?

If you do the deal as we wrote it above, you will get the +Up Reward as indicated.

Okay thank you

Wow! Free chocolate for watching Curtis Stone? I TOTALLY didn’t mind having to watch him twice for two coupons!

Ha! I had the same thoughts! My favorite chocolate with a bit of eye candy…how much better can my day get?!? ; )

I know huh? And how much guilt do I have to feel if I watch the video another two times on my husband’s computer for another two coupons and even more chocolate?

Now you’re talking! Guilt free and happy. I guess I’ll follow in your footsteps and borrow my sons computer, its all for a good cause! ; )

watched on another computer for 2 more coupons

Hehehehe! Love this!

It let me print two :) I’m sooo excited I love Lindt Chocolate the Extra Dark is my favorite!!

I was able to print twice too :) I love there chocolate !!



Hmm, I’m getting the following error message: Sorry, this coupon has already been printed the number of times allowed or this coupon link is no longer valid. Is the coupon already out of prints?

Okay, I watched the video again and now the coupon is printing.

Free chocolate is exactly what I need now =p

Me too!

Can i use the $2off on the bars they will be on sale for $1.99 on the 29th at RiteAid

The coupon is for chocolate 3.5 ounces or larger, so the bars are probably not included.

bars are pictured on the coupon

The bars are 3.5 oz, so, yes, the coupon can be used.

submit button inoperable….hate when this happens

Can you try a different browser?

They are asking for access to friends list, etc.

It’s worth it for free chocolate! I have nothing to hide…

I have a FB account that I use just for couponing that only has “friends” that are in to couponing too :)

Good idea!

I do too Laura, makes all the sense in the world and not having my non-couponing friends bothered with my deals etc makes them happy!

Grrr…..I could only get the coupon to print once as I kept receiving a msg that said it was printed the number of times allowed :(

You have to watch the video all over again for another coupon.

I watched the video all over again, and it still said it’s been printed the number of times allowed.

It didn’t do that for me.

You can try to “unlike” and then “like” the page again.

I was able to print 2 without having to watch video again. Just hit back until I saw the coupon button, and printed.

Didn’t find a coupon on the Lindt Facebook page. Is there a specific post they put it in?

Go to the FB page again and look under where the button is for “Like” and “Message” and you will see the box with the Lindt logo in brown and yellow and below it says coupon. Click on it and after you watch the video it will allow you to print the coupon. HTH!!

Thanks! Was looking so fast completely missed that. Unfortunately the coupon is no longer available for me… I get the dreaded “it’s been printed the number of times allowed”.

Was able to print mine. Thank you! :)

Just click on “Coupon” at the right side of the screen and watch the video to print the coupon!