Totino's Pizza Rolls Target

Hurry and print a rare, high-value Totino’s coupon for a hot deal at Target! Target has Totino’s Pizza Rolls on promotion: buy three and get one free. Score four bags of pizza rolls for just $0.84 each!

To print, go to and click on your profile in the top right corner. Change to Texas zip code of 77477. Then come back to this post, click the link below and the coupon will be selected.


Buy Three Get One Free through 1/4

Use two $1.25/1Totino’s Rolls Snacks, zip code 77477 (

Final Price: $1.47 each, when you buy 4

If you can print from two computers try this deal:

Buy Three Get One Free through 1/4

Use four $1.25/1Totino’s Rolls Snacks, zip code 77477 (

Final Price: $0.84 each, when you buy 4

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44 thoughts on “Totino’s Pizza Rolls, Only $0.84 at Target!”

just so everyone knows there is an ibotta for totinos as well:)

These coupons won’t print for me even when I change state and zip code! Any ideas on how it will work?? I need these for my shopping trip tomorrow. Thanks :)

Same here. I followed the instructions posted for changing the state and zip code with no luck. Changing browsers didn’t help either.

Is this coupon still available? I followed the instructions, but it looks like it is gone :(

Yea, I couldn’t get the $1.25 mq either…looks like it is gone :(

had no problem printing them either, the steps that are given work exactly to T!

June, which browser did you use? I have tried doing it (changing zip code to 77477) on Firefox, IE, and Chrome, and it still won’t work. Any suggestions?

This deal worked out perfectly for me when I bought 4 & I even found a couple varieties that had an extra 8 pizza rolls in them! Thanks KCL, these are great for lazy weekend lunches =)

so mad went yesterday then realized I needed 4, had 2! should have just at least got the 2! didn’t look that they expired yesterday! grrrrrrr….oh well better luck next time.

Must be half asleep, I thought it was jan 2 but its feb 2,, just in luck, :)

Can these be used on any size or just the larger varieties?

Thank you!

Thanks for the tip!

If anyone is willing to donate the box tops on these please I would greatly appreciate them for my daughters school! It is such a small school and very low enrollment… only about 2 classes per grade level… Please let me know via my email! I can post it once someone ask for it…

Is the q one per computer? I tried to print the first one but the printer error end out so it did not print and when I tried to print the second one it says limit reach :(

I print mine then hit the back button it usually prints again

sweet printed four coupons they took all four so worked out for me …thanks

I changed the zip and I still dont see it..

You will… I just printed them out. I have 2 computers and they printed! Going to try this deal tomorrow and I hope to get an extra 5% off with my target card!

There is a target coupon for $3/3 frozen snacks too..would that work?? in the world do you install the dumb coupon printer on used to work for me and now Ive installed it and uninstalled it about 50xs and used different browsers and NOTHING. So frustrated..

Have you tried printing from a different browser?

yes!! Ive tried firefox..and it never installs and on internet explorer it crashes the website.. :/

I managed to get 2 coupons off of one computer just fine. When I go to my other computer I can get to home page but when I click on "log in" it is saying page cannot be displayed. Is anyone else having this issue?

I have three computers and was able to print from each one just a few minutes ago. It does appear that it is zip code specific. Make sure you are changing the zip code to 77477

where do you change the zip code?

Yes, seems like im having the same issue. Does t require for the user to be logged in to get the coupons? Tried everything but does not appear like the coupons is available.

Go to the walmart coupon site and change zip there and try to print. That is what I had to do to get them using my other computer!

how can you 4 coupons if the 4thitem is free?

You can still use a coupon on an item that is free in a promotion.

not sure I gave girl all four system took all four no issues

How do I change the zip on

sign in. click your profile. change state to Texas and zip to 77477. Click Save.

Don’t forget the .75 ibotta offer!!!! WOOT!

Thanks for the reminder!

coupon is no longer on :(

i just printed no more than 15 mins ago

use zip code 77477

The coupon says one coupon per purchase of specified products, so how are we allowed to use 4 in one transaction? I was able to print 2 from my phone and 2 from my ipad.

How did you print from your phone?

How did you print them from your phone? It wont let me

You just said it yourself: "one coupon per purchase of specified products", "one transaction". You are purchasing four items, meaning one coupon can be applied to each of the four items purchased, in one transaction. A "purchase" and a "transaction" are two different things.

This just means you can only use one coupon per item that is being purchased. If it said only one per transaction than you wouldn’t be able to use more than one. I hope that makes sense!

QUESTION!! Do you know if you can change the print settings on the ipad?? I know how to print but hate printing in full ink..rather do fast draft. My pages litterally come off wet from the printer..such a waste of ink.

That’s great!