Vistaprint has really outdone themselves this time! They are offering so many free products right now that it’s kind of nuts! There is something for everyone: free business cards, 4″ x 6″ photo flip books, sticky notes, postcards, mugs, tote bags, checks, notepads, mouse pads, and t-shirts!  You can order as many different types of items as you desire. But–only the first one of each type will be free. These would make great Mother’s Day or graduation gifts.

Here’s how to get your FREE Vistaprint products:

  • Visit Vistaprint.
  • Browse the selection of free products.
  • You can order one of the free product options or all ten of them. However, for each different product option you are limited to one free product. For example, you can order one free mug , one free note pad, and one free set of checks, but if you want to order two notepads you can only get one notepad for free.
  • Customize your products using the tools on the site.
  • The easiest way to add multiple items to your cart is to add one and go all the way through checkout and then come click this link again and add your next item.  This process will save all your items in your cart until you are ready to check out with all your items.
  • Caution: you will have to click through several pages of “offers” to get to the final pages of checkout. Make sure you do not click any of these offers as you will be charged full price for them.
  • Check out. You don’t need a coupon code for this deal.
  • Shipping costs vary according to product type and quantity purchased. When I added one free sticky notes to my cart, shipping was $4.51. I then added a set of business cards to my cart and my shipping only went up to $5.67 for both items.

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7 thoughts on “10 Free Vistaprint Products Available, Just Pay Shipping!”

  1. Paid $25 for a T-shirt, Labels, Sticky Notes, Photo Album, Cards, Mousepad with my son’s picture and a shopping list pad.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thank you so much I got the tote,Mouse Pad,Sticky notes,checks,t-shirt,photo book,mug and the paper notes and only paid 18.86.Did several gifts for Mother’s Day plus a few things for myself..Thank you so much for posting   

  3. I have gotten their cards before.. good product….

  4. Anonymous says:

     How much is shipping?

  5. Anonymous says:

    Just paid $6.17 shipping for a T-shirt, tote bag, notepad, and mug. I love Vistaprint!

    • Amy Q Woods says:

       Nice! I’m trying to do an order, but it keeps trying to charge me 3.74 for back side printing on the tote and I can’t see where to unselect this option?? any ideas?

      • Anonymous says:

        When stuff like that happens to me, I just select every option until it’s free. Or I start over. I’m sorry that’s all the advice I have. :( I hope you get it!