Reusable grocery totes are ideal for so many reasons. Not only do they help save the planet, but most grocers will give 5 to 10 cents back toward your grocery bill for each bag used.

Don’t have an arsenal of reusable grocery totes? Well, head over to York to create a custom grocery tote for only $1.00, plus $3.99 shipping. Make your bag stand out with a pop of personality by adding your own design or use one of the many ones York has available. Don’t worry. These nifty totes are not lightweights. They can hold up to 30 pounds of groceries! You can order up to 3 bags at the promotional price of $1.00; think back-to-school teacher’s gifts.

To create a custom grocery tote:

  • Visit York today!
  • Click the orange “Go” button.
  • Choose either “Browse our Designs” to pick a pre-made design, or “Build a Design” to begin designing your own.
  • Upload pictures if you wish.
  • Add bag(s) to your cart.
  • Use the code YORKTOTEAD and your price will drop to $1.00 per bag.
  • Pay $3.99 shipping for 1 bag or $7.97 for 3 bags.

This offer expires August 31, 2012, so hurry over to York and start designing yours today!

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10 thoughts on “Personalized Tote Bag, Only $4.99 Shipped!”

  1. Livy says:

    They must have changed it because as of Friday you could order three at this price.

  2. sassmo says:

    I tried to order three as well, only got the discount for one bag,the other two are being billed at full price :( waaahh, and I spent so much time designing all three of them.

  3. Jen says:

    Ordered one for my daughter with pics of our puppy on it…she’ll be all smiles!!

  4. Aimee says:

    Same problem here…

  5. Paramy Blake says:

    got my done but discount only good for one bag bcuz i tried purchasing other bags too but was full price!

  6. Mandy says:

    I had same issue, tried to order 3 of the same tote and didn’t get discount.

  7. Lee Anne says:

    I added three bags to my cart and it came up at the full price on all but one. Looks like this offer is only good for 1 bag for $1.

  8. Nicole Conklin says:

    just ordered a bag for my daughter’s teacher who tutored her and my son this summer. can’t wait to give it to her.

  9. Ashley G says:

    It is only letting me get the discount for ONE bag; anyone else have this issue? First I made three different bags, and then I tried ordering three of the same design, but both times it only gave me one of the three bags for $1. Suggestions would be appreciated!

    • Carol Morgan-Statham says:

      same problem! Very frustrating after all that time spent designing three bags! So I cancelled entire order….