The holiday can be draining–literally. Between toys, cameras, lights, and decorations, my battery supply becomes nonexistent. And stocking up is draining on the wallet (pun intended). Luckily, Staples is offering 16-packs of Duracell AA or AAA batteries for free after Staples Rewards. This offer is available in stores only, with a limit of 2 total purchases (2 AA packs, 2 AAA packs, or one of each size).

If you’re not familiar with Staples Rewards, you will need to purchase the item(s) at full price and present your Staples Rewards card at checkout. Rewards are issued monthly online into your account for future purchases at Staples stores. On items that are free after rewards, you will receive back the amount paid, minus tax and any store or manufacturer coupons.

Make sure to save your receipts for this deal, as Duracell is also offering a $25 rebate when you purchase $100 of products between Oct. 1 and Dec. 31. Last year, Staples, Office Depot, and Office Max repeated this battery deal numerous times during the holiday season, which means you might be able to replenish your battery stash without draining your wallet!

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12 thoughts on “Power Up: Duracell Batteries Free after Staples Rewards”

  1. purplesky says:

    do we have to get to $100 for the Duracell Rebate, *before* coupons and taxes?

  2. LALINDA82 says:


  3. Jessica says:

    can we use a MQ as well?

  4. My store rep was trying to explain some things about Staples rewards the other day, but I was a bit foggy on it since I was filling out the form for the card. So, here’s my question.

    Could you do this, get the Staples credit, then use that to purchase an Easy Rebate item that would still send you a check back for the purchase?

    • Chrissy says:

      I had this same question. I figure pay up front now, but use the Staples Rewards on items that end up free or cheap with Easy Rebates and I’ll eventually get my money back. Is this possible?

  5. Anonymous says:

    Omg, I bought some batteries last week and cant find receipts :((( Hate when that happens :(

    • fireflies says:

      The rewards are part of this week rewards program. I am guessing it is because we didn’t see it last week. So, the purchases need to be this week to qualify for the rewards.

      • Anonymous says:

        I was thinking about rebate, I bought $20 worth of batteries that would count toward rebate :)

  6. Anonymous says:

    So I read the staples FAQ about their rewards and am I right in that you use it like cash? Meaning I can use the rewards on other products that earn rewards? What about using them on products that you get easy rebates on?

    • laughingchild says:

      I use them on easy rebates all the time, but I don’t know if you can use them toward other items that earn Staples rewards.

  7. Anonymous says:

    so if I were to get these I would get the money back (on the card) within a month? or at the end of the quarter? I havent done this staples rewards thing before.

  8. Thanks for the heads up this is something that I need for every toy it seems and to bet it free and rebates is a plus – I will be a Staples tomorrow. I also saw a couple other rebates that I can get.