Canned biscuits are a cheap refrigerator staple. Since coupons are frequently available for this product, many a Krazy Couponer has an abundance of these tubes. And while the shelf life is usually several months, even hungry kids can tire of eating these if prepared in their traditional method: oven baked and spread with jam.

These little refrigerated cans are so much more versatile than the packaging suggests. We will give some tips for getting refrigerated biscuits for not much, well, dough. And then we will tell you how to use them!

How to get ‘em

Print Manufacturer Coupons: Since Pillsbury has a veritable monopoly on the canned biscuit market in most supermarkets, sign-up at to access coupons. The site routinely offers printable coupons for biscuits and other refrigerated breads and rolls. Alternately, carries printables for the Immaculate Baking Co. label. A current printable offers $0.50 off 1 canister of biscuits (perfect if your store doubles!)

Eye the Peelies: Pillsbury brand frequently affixes end-of-canister peelies, usually for a multi-volume purchase (like $.60 cents off 3). These peelies generally have a generous expiration date, so never throw unused ones away; save them for a later sale.

Buy Generic: Store brand biscuits and those produced by lesser-known companies can work just as well as more expensive brands if using them as part of a recipe. My local H-E-B store in Texas carries a 7.5 oz. can of 10 Economax biscuits for the everyday price of $0.48. Less than 5 cents a biscuit with no coupon? That’s a bargain, in my book!

Consider Small Packages: Some manufacturers make small-sized cans that you may not have seen before on the shelf if you are not used to looking for them. These canisters usually contain 5 biscuits (instead of the standard 8 or 10). If you have a coupon that is good on ANY size, compare the price-per-ounce after coupon for the small size; it just might equal big savings!

What to make with ‘em . . .

Now, once you have stockpiled all those canisters, get ready for some creative cooking!

Mini PB&Js: Bake biscuits as directed on package. Cool, then halve for small peanut butter and jelly sandwiches perfect for kid-sized snacks (and easy to pack in a lunch box as well)!

Pigs-in-Blankets: Flatten each refrigerated biscuit, cut it in half, and roll one Lil’ Smokey small breakfast sausage inside. Bake as directed on package.

BBQ Muffins: Cook one-third pound ground beef in skillet, then drain. Add brown sugar and chili powder to taste, along with a few squirts of ketchup and a dash of red wine vinegar. Smash one refrigerated biscuit per hole into the bottom and sides of a cupcake pan. Fill with cooked beef. Bake for 15 minutes at 375 degrees. Remove from oven, add shredded cheddar cheese, and return to oven until cheese melts. Serve warm.

Monkey Bread: Cut each refrigerated biscuit into fourths. Roll into balls, then roll each in a mixture of equal parts brown sugar and white sugar. Stack balls in bread pan until half full. Pour ¼ c. melted butter over the dough. Bake for 15 minutes at 375 degrees, or until tops and sides are golden brown. This pull-apart bread is perfect for breakfast or brunch. Note: As an alternative, you may also roll each ball in finely-chopped nuts along with the sugar mixture before baking.

Cream Cheese/Veggie Appetizers: On cookie sheet, lay refrigerated biscuits side by side, and press together to create a seamless sheet of dough. Bake for 10 minutes at 375 degrees. Remove and let cool. Spread with cream cheese, top with chopped veggies and shredded cheddar cheese. Cut into squares and store in refrigerator. Serve chilled.

Fruit Pizza: Following the same technique as with the appetizers above, create another seamless sheet of dough, but in a circular shape on a pizza pan. Bake for 10 min. at 375 degrees. Remove and let cool. Spread with prepared fruit dip, marshmallow cream, or Greek yogurt. Arrange your choice of chopped fruit on top. Cut into triangle slices and store in refrigerator. Serve chilled.

Chicken Pot Pie: Mix a can of diced chicken (drained), a can of mixed vegetables (drained), and a can of cream of chicken soup. Bake in casserole dish until cooked through. Add baked biscuits on top for an easy, kid-friendly chicken pot pie.

Parmesan Cheese Bites: Cut each refrigerated biscuit into fourths, dip the tops in melted butter, then in grated Parmesan cheese. Bake for 8 min. at 400 degrees. These little bites are perfect as a quick snack or as a fun side to salads or spaghetti.

Donuts: This quick recipe allows you to make carnival-style (non-diet) biscuits at home. Deep-fry each refrigerated biscuit in hot oil. Once golden brown (usually just 2-3 minutes), remove, drain on napkin, and roll in powdered sugar. Serve warm. Kids love these treats, but they also make a delicious pairing with coffee for adults.

Strawberry Shortcakes: In a pinch for a dessert, bake biscuits according to package directions and let cool. Slice in half, and fill with fresh chopped strawberries and whipped cream. Dust with powdered sugar before serving.

If you are tired of biscuits in the morning, try some of these quick recipes. Share your own in Comments. Are you seeing this cheap refrigerated staple in a whole new light?

This has been a guest post by Audrey in Texas
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21 thoughts on “Foods to Make from Cheap Refrigerated Biscuits”

  1. Great article!  I use the Pillsbury crescent rolls to make mini quiches for my 2.5 year old.  I press the dough into mini cupcake pans and then make a quiche mixture with eggs, milk or cream and cheddar cheese.  I add chopped, cooked frozen broccoli.  She eats them up!  I think she likes that the eggs cook into the dough!

  2. Leisa says:

    pigs in a blanket. cut hotdog in half, roll hotdog into half a slice of cheese roll up into biscuit bake at 350 for approx 10 mins (until golden brown)

  3. Jasmineschwartz says:

    I use them for a Latin Spin. I make Picadillo, which is ground meat, onion (lots), garlic, seasoned salt, pepper, bell pepper, sauteed until done. I then use this mix to make turnovers. Give them an eggwash and enjoy! Yummy.

  4. Dewberry4411 says:

    I have been making doughnuts with cheap canned biscuit for years. You take each biscuit
    and poke hole in center and stretch to the hole diameter is about dime size. I put the stove on medium heat and fry them turning when each side is a golden brown. You may have to reduce heat so they don’t get too brown. It only takes less than minute one each side. Lay on paeper towel then place in a bowl of confectionate sugar and toss till evenly coated. You
    can make about 40 of these for the price of a 4 pack of biscuits.

  5. cg says:

    My mom has been making turnovers with canned bisquits for 30 years or more. So much easier. I also make personal pizzas. I let the kids top them themselves. Makes it fun and they’re more likely to eat them.

  6. Jens3angels says:

    I buy the Pillsbury crescent rolls too. I unroll them, add mini pepperoni, and half of a cheese stick then roll them up and bake according to the directions on the package. Then we dip them in marinara sauce. The kids love these! 

  7. Anonymous says:

    Great article.  I do clip the Pillsbury coupons in case a good sale comes on but honestly I have the best luck with the store brands in terms of cost savings.  Every time I visit a store (particularly Albertson’s, Krogers and Tom Thumb) I do a quick run through the dairy and refrigerated sections looking for markdowns and have scored some good buys.  Tom Thumb makes it easy by putting the markdown dairy items in a special section. 

    Question: Can you freeze the canned biscuits?  In the can? Out of the can?  Thanks for feedback.  The KCL readers have been more than generous in responding to some of my previous comments.  I learn something everytime.

    • pyrmom, short answer, don’t freeze. According to Pillsbury, freezing the unbaked dough can keep it from rising when you bake it.

    • Lisa says:

       Thanks pyrmom I bought Kroger brand tonight and was a bit worried as I have never bought off brand biscuits.  Can’t wait to try.

      • Anonymous says:


        All you can do is try. While I don’t buy the canned biscuits often, the only brand that I would probably not buy again is the Albertson’s Valu (the yellow and red labels). I found the size a bit too small. I have noticed that Albertson’s near me has discontinued some of the Valu label items so it is possible that the Valu biscuits are no longer available. Most of the canned biscuits I buy are from Kroger’s where I can use the seniors 10% discount when I buy the store brand.

  8. c1ster says:

    FYI – I buy surplus and stick them in the freezer extending the shelf life. 

  9. Sarah says:

    We use them to make mini pizzas the kids can help made. Use the round bottom of a small glass (or shot glass) to make an indentation in the center of a biscuit. Spoon in some pizza sauce then top with whatever you like (my girls like mini pepperoni). Then you just back as you would if you were make biscuits.

    • Lisa says:

       Sarah, we did this too when I was a young girl.  It’s funny I actually bought some biscuits tonight to do just this.  We used tomato paste but I think the pizza sauce would taste much better.   The biscuits are also good on top of brown beans after they are cooked float them on top about the last 5 or so minutes turning once.  They puff up nicely.  After awhile they go down but taste so good.

  10. Sarah says:

    We use these instead of hamburger buns, you have to pre-cook the patties and add the cheese then wrap them in the biscuit dough and bake until golden with the smooth side up (so the baking sheet seals the wrapped part) they are fantastic! And no buns needed!

  11. Hathaway says:

    When camping we roll them out like a log and wrap around our roasting stick and toast them over the campfire.  When done we roll them in melted butter and cinnamon sugar mixture.  Campfire cinnamon rolls.

  12. Jadda says:

    I lOVE making fruit and veggie pizza.  For the veggie variety I mix in a packet of ranch dip mix with the cream cheese, and with the fruit you can make an organge marmalade drizzle to add sweetness so it’s more like a dessert!  You have made me hungry with this post!!

  13. HRHMom says:

    Chicken & Dumplings.  I make and roll my own, but a friend uses these.  Roll them flat and cut into strips.  

  14. ThreadyorKnot says:

    We make something we call pizza bubble using refrigerated biscuits.  It’s super versatile based on what you have in the house and it’s a fast and easy meal.

    Spray a casserole dish.  Cut your biscuits into quarter size pieces.  Add a jar of pizza or spaghetti sauce.  Then throw in whatever veggies you have around.  Brown up some italian sausage if you want.  I recommend sauteing the veggies first.  Mix it all together.  Bake according to the biscuit directions just double the time.

    We’ve also done this and instead of spaghetti sauce we’ve used bbq sauce.  Added shredded chicken and pineapple.  The possibilities are literally endless!