I can’t tell you how many times I have thrown a sweater into the donate pile, or passed up on a really cozy one at a thrift or yard sale because it was too “pilly.” You know what I mean, those little balls of fuzzy fabric that cover every inch of an otherwise attractive garment. It makes sweaters, tee shirts and blankets look well-loved and like they’ve gone through the washing machine one too many times.

I have tried all sorts of fuzz busters—battery powered shavers and expensive detergents—but nothing seemed to work. A friend was recently showing off her newly decorated laundry room. I was surprised by the couple of razors sitting next to her detergent.

“Razors?” I asked. “What do you use those for?”

Her answer was simple…To shave her sweaters! A simple shaving razor makes fuzzy sweaters and tee shirts look like new. Even the least expensive razors will work (just avoid the ones with moisturizing strips).

Run the razor carefully over the sweater lightly in a vertical direction. Watch as all of the fuzz comes right off into small piles. When done, just throw the fuzz away!

Include razors on the laundry room stockpile list!

Thanks, Mommysavers

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10 thoughts on “DIY: Make An Old Sweater Look Like New!”

  1. Teresadawn2011 says:

    You can also buy an inexpensive sweater razor, runs on batteries and you don’t have to worry about cutting the material. I have had mine for YEARS. I think it came from a fabric store.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Its a great tip! Adding to this, I recently ran across a tip in my annual farmers almanac which suggested saving dryer lint and clothes lint, placing them in brown paper lunch bags (which can be bought at the dollar tree 60/ $1.00), crimping the top, and saving them for fire starters for fall and winter fireplaces and fire pits. I will be trying them in my chimnea and fire pit on my patio this year.

    • Couponinggirl says:

       I put lint from the dryer and hair from cleaning out my hairbrushes in the yard in the spring for the birds to pad their nests with.

  3. Kylie says:

    What a great tip! :) …and who decorates their laundry room? Lol

  4. J Bouchaleun says:

    Make sure you lay your garment completely flat, and DO NOT do this in a hurry!! There have been times where there was a small kink and I went over it with the razor and it cut the garment. This is a slow process, but well worth it to save your clothes from the donation pile :)

  5. Ashley Black says:

    wow I will definately have to try this. I have some favorite shirts that I can’t bear to get rid of but never wear. Thanks!

  6. I just got done shaving my heels this morning. You know the cracked callast kind. In the bath run a razor over them and the dead skin comes off easily. Knock on wood I have NEVER cut myself!!!

  7. ircha says:

    i shaved my tights many times before

  8. Azkoehler says:

    You can try a sweater stone also.  It is a fine pumice block, just rub it gently on the article of clothing.  I got mine at Joann’s in the sewing notions area.

  9. lyuba says:

    wow! great idea! love it!