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DIY: Make Your Own Colored Nail Polish


As Krazy Coupon Ladies, we tend to get makeup and nail polish at really cheap prices. But, on occasion, our stockpiles get low enough that we have two choices: pay retail or get crafty. I prefer to get crafty. I’ve figured out how to stretch my dollar, save some time, and recycle all my leftovers and make fun custom colors.

You Need

  • Eye shadow
  • Clear nail polish
  • Paper to make a funnel
  • Toothpick


After you’ve picked your favorite (unneeded) color eye shadow, grind it up into a fine powder using a fork or other tool. Use the paper funnel to pour it into a partially-used bottle of clear nail polish. The more eye shadow you use, the more opaque the color. Using the toothpick, stir the polish and eye shadow together. (If you get it too thick, use a small amount of finger nail polish remover to thin it out.) Paint your nails and shock everyone with your chic, crafty abilities.

  This has been a guest post by August from Granite Falls, NC
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4 thoughts on “DIY: Make Your Own Colored Nail Polish”

  1. dayna lloyd says:

    I saw this on Pinterest the other week and was thinking of trying it!

  2. sully says:

    what an awesome idea, do you know if bare minerals eyeshadows will work with this. i have tons of them, don’t even know what to do with them they last so long. but i love them

    •  I absolutely love Bare Minerals makeup. If I remember correctly, one of their infomercials said that you could use any of the makeup products together (eye shadow with lipstick to change the shade) so, I would think it would work fine. Eye shadow is a powder anyway, so you’d just be saving yourself a step.

      • sully says:

        you are right you can use their eye shadows as lipstick i even have the little thing you use for mixing. thanks i will definitely give it a try