tap-shoesTap shoes can be pricey! Rather than investing in a fancy pair of tap shoes for your aspiring Shirley Temple or Gregory Hines, try this fun project until your child commits to the dancing arts. Kids will enjoy hearing their little feet make all sorts rhythms while your wallet sits this one out.

You need:

  • An old pair of shoes.
  • A dozen  pennies.
  • Super glue or hot glue.
  • Ear plugs (optional).

The steps:

  • Glue the coins to the ball of the shoe (the area right below the toes) and the heel of the shoe.
  • Allow at least an hour to dry.

Let your kids start tapping away. Homemade taps shoes work well outside or even on sturdy tile. Not recommended for wood floors.  Be prepared for impromptu recitals!

Thanks, Real Simple

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2 thoughts on “DIY: Make Your Own Tap Shoes!”

  1. Tina Harris says:

    What a CUTE idea..and my boys have always LOVED to pretend tap now I’m going to have to pull out the glue and some ol kicks and let them rip. 

  2. Chris says:

    I was surprised to see tap and ballet shoes at payless a few days ago! if you have AAA show your card and save 20%.  The pennies are a cute idea too!