DIY: Peep S’mores For Easter — S’meeps!

Happy Easter! Here’s a recipe that’s simply genius! Peep S’mores–I guess you could call them S’meeps! Take advantage of the Easter sales, bring your campfire indoors and make S’meeps!

Here is what you will need:

  • Graham crackers
  • Hershey’s chocolate bars
  • Peeps! Chicks, bunnies, you decide!

The next part is simple. Place a square of chocolate on a graham cracker. Top with your choice of Peep. Place on a plate and zap in the microwave for just a few seconds or until softened. If you wish, you can also place these in the broiler for a few minutes until warmed.

This recipe puts a colorful spring spin on the traditional s’more. Now go grab some Peeps on sale at your nearest store, or wrestle a few away from your kids!

Thanks, Eclectic Recipes!

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7 thoughts on “DIY: Peep S’mores For Easter — S’meeps!”

OMG i busted up laughing when I saw this.  Then I thought, wouldnt it be fun to SMASH those annoying little things and eat em with chocolate!  lol  THANKS for the giggle.


I like to buy them after Easter and save them for our campouts.  They are the best “marshmallows” ever!  The kids would rather roast peps then anything else.


My kids used to microwave peeps just to watch them grow into a giant peep. They seldom ate them.


That is too funny. I’m gonna try that “experiment” with my kids tomorrow morning.


What about using the peeps dipped in chocolate.  I had a ton of them left at my Target last night. It would totally save on not having to buy the Hershey’s. :)


A friend made cute gift bags by placing a peep, mini chocolate bar, and 2 graham crackers in a clear candy bag…secured with a tag.


The Walgreens and CVS near me were pretty much wiped out of Easter candy this morning.  When I was at Publix and Target yesterday, they were in much the same shape.  I don’t think there’s going to much clearance candy tomorrow! :(