After making a big pot of homemade mac n’ cheese and eating myself into a buttery coma, I skulk into the kitchen late at night faced by the daunting task of scrubbing the dried cheese sauce off my favorite stock pot.  “Why didn’t I just clean this before the sauce turned into a hard crust?”, I always ask myself.   But I never learn.  Instead, I go through pot scrubbers like they’re going out of style.

If you’re in the same boat and you don’t want to pay for another scrubber–check this out!  You can make your own pot scrubbers from your leftover produce bags (think navel oranges, clementines, grapefruit, potatoes, onions- you get the point)!

Here is what you will need:

  • Save the netting from your ‘plastic’ produce bags. The stiffer the better.
  • 6+ inches of yarn or string.
  • A pair of scissors.

Now you can start creating

  • Gather your bags and accordion fold them into segments 2-3 inches long. One bag will work, but the more you use, the fluffier the scrubber.
  • Tightly tie off with center with string.
  • Use your scissors to snip each loop of the bag so they are now open.
  • Fluff your scrubber into shape.

That’s it! Add a dab of dish soap and your scrubber is ready for action. Simple enough for your kids to do with you!  Now, your job will be to see if you can get them to do some of the scrubbing!

 Photo Credit Rock Farmer

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6 thoughts on “DIY Pot Scrubber from Just a Potato Sack and a String!”

  1.  Great advice. I tend to be O.C.D apparently, a lot of times I’m scrubbing EVERYTHING down….. maybe that’s not so healthy for my stuff……. hm

  2. Paige Medvedeff says:

    What’s going on, I figured everyone had a little pile of pink foam scrubbers from Target; they were free several times around with a Target printable coupon in the last few months.

    Also, I REALLY like the Dobie sponges from Scotchbrite (they last forever,) and I’ve found those for $1ea. at BigLots.

  3. Very cool, my kids and I are very into recycling – in this case reusing – whatever we can. :)

  4. The Dollar Tree as well as the Dollar Section of stores like Kmart have scouring pads in packs of 2-4 for only $1 no coupon needed!

  5. Dream Photos says:

    i have a better way: no scrubbing after i am done and put food away i fill dirty pot with water +a drop of dish soap by the time i get to it, it is already all of the pot floating in the water – no scrubbing – i hate scrubbing. Nice idea on the scrubbers though…..I noticed that sponges went up in price …hate throwing money away!

    • yes it’s ridiculous to pay like $6 for 2packs of scouring sponges (I say 2 because the coupon was $1 off 2… needless to say I just got the generic it was still cheaper). I also usually just soak it but sometimes it still needs scrubbed. Especially my electric skillet which can’t be soaked of course.