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Free LEGO Monster Fighters Accessories Pack at Toys R Us!

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of stepping on Legos with bare feet. Want more Legos for your kids to scatter across the floor? Stop by Toys R Us on Saturday, October 27, and get a free Lego Monster Fighters Accessories Pack! Between 12:00 – 2: 00 PM Eastern Time, help build a monster fighters spooky city and receive one free Lego pack per child. Quantities are limited; go here for more details. It’s probably a good idea to call ahead to be sure that your store is participating.

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5 thoughts on “Free LEGO Monster Fighters Accessories Pack at Toys R Us!”

  1. Erika Gossett says:

    The website says the 27th has it changed?

  2. I’m still waiting for my reimbursment from the $5 coupon they had a few months ago. I took mine to the Toys R Us and they weren’t scanning so they took my name, address and promised to send a gift card to replace the non working coupons.
    Two months later & still nothing. Did anyone else have the same problem?

  3. Sarah says:

    Is it the 6th or 27th? Thanks!

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s the 27th. I’ve updated the post for everybody. It looks like the Toys R Us website was wrong originally.