If you own clothing, chances are you’ve come across a lot of hangers. A lot.

This DIY is such a cinch and makes use of the cheap plastic hangers that come with everything from underpants to scarves.

Of course, they come in handy for keeping my shirts and skirts organized, but every time I blink it seems I have accumulated ten more.

Snap off the clips and reuse them as handy chip clips!

Also use the clips to secure cereal bags, bread sacks, frozen veg, etc.

This is the perfect trick to not only get some new life out of your plastic clip hangers but to extend the shelf life of food. Now that is sensibly savvy! So go raid your closets (I think I have two or three of these hangers on my bedroom floor right now) and start snapping away.

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9 thoughts on “From Closet to Kitchen: A New Life for Clip-On Hangers”

  1. Mel says:

    Wood clothes pins work great too!! Really inexpensive – and you get a whole bunch in a pack.

  2. cody1erik2 says:

    Love this Idea, TYVM

  3. Debbie F says:

    Neat idea! Pants hangers could also be used to hold a full-page recipe. I have a full-width wooden pants hanger – not the individual clips – that I use for holding my recipes. I hang the hanger on the cabinet handles.

    I use spring-loaded clothespins for keeping bags closed in the kitchen.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I got an email recently showing using the entire hanger, hooked over the knob on an upper kitchen cabinet with the clips holding open a cookbook. Now that is genius.

  5. Jennifer says:

    OMG!!! Genius idea!

  6. June says:

    If you ask nicely at Old Navy they will give you extra hangers.They are intended to be sold with the clothing but most people don’t want them.

  7. Jillian says:

    I’m laughing and tickled to bits you Krazy ladies have posted this neat idea! What a great way to recycle and see to keeping food fresh in the process!

    Off to raid the closets! ;)

  8. Susan says:

    A pack of binder clips from an office supply store is also a cheap alternative to “chip clips”

  9. sully says:

    what a great idea. thanks a lot.