Sometimes Mom needs to grow a few more arms. Since genetic engineering hasn’t progressed to the level of a four-armed mother, a child sling is the next best option.

Seven Slings is offering a free baby carrier in any of their great patterns. Just use the code ENBABY at checkout. This is a $39.00 value, so snap this one up!

These baby carriers let mom carry infants to toddlers in the sling

Click on this link. Select any baby carrier (be sure to visit the sizing page first so you get the right size). Tip: It is better to order the next size up if you are unsure. Click on the size and get directed to the “Shopping Bag.” Enter the code ENBABY, which takes 100 percent off the purchase price.

The site automatically adds $3.50 size exchange insurance to the order. Choose whether to remove that. Shipping fees are $11.95.


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6 thoughts on “Get a Free Baby Carrier Sling, Pay Shipping Only”

  1. andrea says:

    there is no catch! i have gotten the baby sling, the car seat canopy, and the udder cover. all of them have been wonderful to use. who says this is not a deal is crazy those are like $40 at target and no more than $15 for shipping how is that crazy? your crazy not to use it.

  2. ana says:

    Shipping price for this is like paying for shipping&the WORTH of the product.

  3. couponlee1 says:

    Perfect! I actually need one of these.

  4. Jamie says:

    Incredible deal! And at the checkout they give you another code for other free products from their sister sites! Thanks!

  5. Melissa says:

    No catch?

    • Jamie M says:

      No catch. I bought one when they had this deal in the spring and it was a wonderful sling to use. I used it all summer.