Update: These codes will no longer work for any Huggies Enjoy the Ride accounts.  

Sign in or sign up for a Huggies Enjoy the Ride account to take advantage of all the special offers that they have! When you accumulate enough points, you can redeem them for prizes like toys, books, diapers and more! Here are a bunch of new codes that will add 612 points to your total. You do have to enter these through the toolbar on the top of the page for them to work. Each code is worth 34 points. Remember that if you regularly enter codes into your account, you may have already used some of these. Good luck!


 Thanks, Raking in the Savings

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88 thoughts on “GONE! New Rewards Codes: Add 612 Points to your Huggies Enjoy the Ride Account!”

  1. I wonder why KCL hasn’t made any comments whatsoever on this topic….?

    • Mindi Morin says:

       yes i would like to know the same thing, i entered my codes and used my previous points and my new ones for a toy for my son and they canceled my order and said they adjusted my points. not only did they take they points from these codes but they took several of MY points from my diaper packs too.

    • Anonymous says:

      We’re sorry about this! I entered the codes myself and was so disappointed to find my balance wiped out : (  I’m assuming that there were a lot of disappointed moms last weekend, as the codes were all over the coupon blogs the day before.

  2. None of these worked for me at first it was saying 0 points added now its saying Oops the code is incorrect :(

  3. Huggies has stopped honoring these codes because the program prohibits sharing. If you have entered them or do enter them now, the value has changed to zero.

  4. Nic ola says:

    its asking for an offer code where do i find i just signed up for the account so i dont know how it works

    • you dont have to enter an offer code but all these codes are no good!! Huggies didnt authorize the online release of them and they will give you 0points added… sorry

  5. Huggies emailed me today, said they were taking the points away because so many duplicates were used apparently…

    • Angelina says:

      Yes and then they give you one code for 25 points for the inconvenience and if you placed an order with those points it is invalid and they will not honor any of it. I knew it was too good to be true. It was too easy to get those points. That code for the 25 points is already posted on another freebie site. That too will probably be invalid once everyone gets a hold of it. 

  6. Becky says:

    Just so you know Huggies has said on facebook that these codes are fake and they have wiped out most peoples Huggies Rewards if you added these points. Check your Huggies account! Most people are blowing up facebook with complaints including me because I now have 0 points!

    • Heather Lee says:

       I just checked my account and they took all my rewards too. I can understand taking back the codes that weren’t authorized to be released but don’t take points away that people earned from purchasing diapers and wipes! I am heading their facebook page to file my complaint and will be calling customer service tomorrow

  7. Huggies put up a note about the codes. Tried them all but none work anymore! 


  9. Anonymous says:

    Update from my last message: the site is now NOT accepting any codes and has a statement about this site sharing these codes and they aren’t too happy

  10. Anonymous says:

    Its telling me thank you but giving me 0 points lol

  11. I tried the 1st one wouldn’t take did 5 more kept saying congrats but 0 pts. So I emailed the company and they said people have been sharing these codes which is against their policy for this program so they are not allowing these codes to be used.

  12. Wendy says:

    None of these worked for me.  I think they must have deactivated them  :-(

  13. samanthal says:

    Huggies has posted a message in the right column (under where it says “Hi, ______! You have __ points”) saying:

    “Thanks for contacting about the HUGGIES Enjoy the Ride Rewards program.

    There have been several 34-point Rewards codes recently shared online. Per the terms of this program, codes are not to be shared. These codes are no longer valid and will show a zero point value if entered.

    We are sorry for any disappointment and appreciate your interest in the Rewards program.”

    Bummer! Wish I had entered these codes yesterday asap! I could have been up 612 points!!!! :(

  14. I entered the codes and they took but its not reflecting the number of points says I only have 15?

  15. They aren’t letting anyone get points for the codes now :(

  16. sarah lucero says:

    Nothing works :(

  17. Anonymous says:

    none of the codes worked for me.

  18. Heather says:

    looks like their website caught on and you can no longer get points for these codes. Bummer :(

  19. Cathy says:


  20. Anonymous says:

    I noticed KCL has not commented on the issue.

  21. Kali Rollins says:

    Huggies just posted on facebook that these codes were released without their permission and they are working to fix the situation so no points will be awarded for any of these!!

  22. Anonymous says:

    Page is really slow.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Why don’t these codes work for me?

  24. Anonymous says:

    why don’t these codes work for me??

  25. Anonymous says:

    Why don’t my codes work?? They say they have been used already.

  26. Katie Mort says:

    Everytime I put in a code it says: Congratulations

  27. melissa says:

    OKAY i just tried and no points for me it reads congratulations Melissa you have just added 0 points

  28. none of them work for me. They all give an error code page :(

  29. fucccck says:


  30.  That’s totally what happened to me too :(
    Really could have used those

  31. none of them worked for me

  32. Not a single one worked for me :(
    and I have NEVER used this program before. I only have 10points in it for signing up a few months ago before the baby was due.

  33. I cant get any of them to work!?!?

  34. Anonymous says:

    They are not adding points. It is accepting the code, but adding 0 points and if you retry it it says it has already been used. Help!

    • There have been several 34-point Rewards codes recently shared online. Per the terms of this program, codes are not to be shared. These codes are no longer valid and will show a zero point value if entered.

      We are sorry for any disappointment and appreciate your interest in the Rewards program.

  35. Anonymous says:

    I tried like half the codes and they all said congrats 0 points have been added.

  36. When I enter the codes it says 0 pts why is this?

  37. They didn’t work for me  :/

  38. When I enter the codes it says 0 points, any ideas why?

  39. Anonymous says:

    None of these are working now. They all say 0 points.

  40. Becky Liette says:

    I received no pts for any of the codes :(

  41. These didn’t work for me either, getting the “0 points added” message as well.

  42. Anonymous says:

    I cannot get any of these codes to work. :( I just added a bunch that I’ve saved up from diaper and wipe packages, and they all worked. Maybe there’s a limit on these codes? 

  43. Jade Dalton says:

    None of them worked for me, they all said “0 points have been added to your account” :( Is it because this wasn’t a new account (I already had an account)??

  44. S Wong says:

    I enter the 1st five so far and they all said 0 points added???

  45. Anonymous says:

    I got all of them but two to work.  Awesome!!  I got a new toy for my daughter.

  46. so i tried all of them and in the end one worked , one i already used before and all the others said congratulations you added 0 point to your acct

  47. None of them added points, they all said, Congratulations 0 points will be added to your account. Oh well.

  48. Katie says:

    lol… and the 2nd to last one either… are there only so many points you can add in a day or something?

  49. Katie says:

    the bottom one wouldn’t work either

  50. Katie says:


    Wouldn’t work… it kept saying CONGRATULATIONS YOU HAVE EARNED 0 POINTS!


  51. Stacey Mott says:

    yea, looks like they caught on.  I got about 4 codes on and now it says 0 points are added and then now, it says the codes are incorrect.  BUMMER :-(  Most of my points just recently expired too. I was waiting for Pullups coupons.  Oh well, thanks for the codes while they lasted.  To those that got them all, that was a major score!

  52. Tried to enter these codes into my sisters account after having added them to mine and it isn’t giving any points. Sayes “Congradulations! 0 points have been added to your account”

  53. the 1st one worked , the 2nd i guess i used before so that didn’t work and i tried like 4 more and each one said  congratulations you have earned 0 points!! so i gave up cause i guess they r not working , i can see if it said that the code was already entered , but no , i guess they work but give you no points!!

  54. most of them said for me “congratulations! 0 points have been added to your account.”   :(

  55. Becky Jones says:

    Thank you! Really appreciate the extra codes!

  56. It stopped adding points after I got about 5 in :(

  57. Carrie Luna says:

    Where did these codes come from? Are they bonus codes from Huggies or are they from diaper packs?

  58. and moms if you have enough points left over after you get your kiddie something donate them :)

  59. Lisa Tullis says:

    Thank you. Towards the bottom codes BBLWG-GKMQL-SNPGB and BBWPP-SDLLF-SFPGB did not work but all the others did! = )

  60. Kali Rollins says:

    Try BBLWG-BKMQL-SNPGB (in the second section, there was a typo)

  61. most of the ones at the bottom did not work for me, and I don’t used reward points? :) i’ll be able to get something tho with what points i did get.. Thanks!

  62. April says:

    All of them worked but two codes for me!!  YAY!  Thanks :)

  63. Anonymous says:

    This is awesome only two didn’t work for me thanks KCL!

  64. Sara Clukey says:

    Thanks for the codes!! I’ve never joined a site like this, but I really needed to; this was the perfect excuse!

    The only 2 codes I had a problem with were:

    Other than that, it worked perfectly! And there are a lot of really nice rewards available!

    Thanks again KCLs!!

  65. Yay!! Yay and Yay!! just finished punching all the codes and had no problems. Thank you ;)