A couponer’s credo involves giving up loyalty to specific brands and opening up to the world of savings. I break that rule when it comes to Olay. The product is great, but their ongoing promotions guarantee that I can score high-dollar products at a fraction of their retail cost—especially when I stack their coupons with more than one promotion!

Here’s how to save big and look good while doing it!

First-weekend-of-the-month P&G coupons: Olay is part of the Procter and Gamble family of brands, which prints the P&G Brand Saver coupon insert in newspapers on the first Sunday of the month. There are generally multiple coupons for Olay products, which are valid through month’s end. Remember, the P&G policy allows you to use up to 4 of the same coupons in one shopping trip!

Club Olay: A free online program that delivers coupons and promotions right to my inbox! Sign-up here.

Olay Company Rebate: Often $10 back when you buy $30. Rebate offers change periodically with Olay. Rebate forms are here.  Here’s an offer for a $5 rebate on $25 worth of P&G products, with an added $5 donation to Communities in Schools (CIS).  Valid through Sept. 16.

Catalinas: Stores routinely pair with P&G/Olay to offer amazing deals. Until Aug. 14, spend $30 on any P&G products, and receive an instant $10 Catalina at H-E-B to use on a future in-store purchase of ANY product (that means free produce, meats, and bread!). Through Aug. 4, spend $35 on certain P&G products shown on p. 3 of their ad circular and receive $5 in rewards. This promotion will most certainly continue to cycle in other stores in the future, so be on the lookout for one in your area.

Product and Gift Promotions: To further entice buyers, P&G offers generous product and gift promotions. Consider the P&G Earth Day sustainability promotion, Bob’s Shoes promotion (spend $30 in P& G products, get a free pair of women’s Bob’s Shoes by Skechers), or their Lawn Chair and towel promotion from June (spend $30 in P&G products, get a customizable blue folding lawn chair and towel). Be on the lookout for more to come, which are featured in coupon inserts, magazine ads, and in-store circulars.

Gift from Marie Claire: Marie Claire magazine, which frequently includes ads on Olay products, has on-going promotions of free gifts with purchase. Through Aug. 13, purchase a Olay Age-Defying Anti-Wrinkle 2-in-1 Day Cream + Serum and receive a free gift from Marie Claire. Send a receipt copy or UPC and keep the actual receipt to use in another rebate offer! Send to Marie Claire, Olay August GWP, Attn: Stephanie Reisender, 300 W. 57th St., 34th Floor, New York, NY 10019.

So grab those coupons and ad circulars, and enjoy the commotion of these beneficial promotions. Then, let us know in the “Comments” section below if there are any regional promotions in your area this month involving Olay.

This has been a guest post by Audrey from Texas
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11 thoughts on “Only Olay: Promotions Encourage Brand Loyalty”

  1. Anonymous says:

    What’s the GWP from Marie Claire with the purchase of Olay?  Is that the purple bottle?  Can it only be the copy of the receipt?  I opened the bottle today before I read this post and the box went to the recycle, which I dropped off today…  Therefore I don’t have the UPC anymore :(  Oh, one more question (sorry to have asked so many):  what’s the purchase period?  TIA :D

    • aa0715 says:

       The gift with purchase is not identified for the Marie Claire promotion.  Previously, they have given make-up bags or jewelry rolls . . . You are correct; it’s for the new purple bottle of serum.  What I like about this promotion is that a receipt copy is fine.  You only need the actual receipt, a copy of the receipt, or the UPC–but not all of them.  (P.S. Kudos for recycling!)

      • Anonymous says:

        Cool!!!  Thanks for the reply :D  I don’t have the original receipt because I had already sent it for the Olay rebate, so I’ll go ahead and print the copy of my receipt that I have in my computer and will send it…  It’s funny that I had had the bottle there in my stockpile for a few weeks and yesterday started using it and threw the box in the recycle AND dropped all the recyclable stuff yesterday…  Lol… And then I read this post…  Lol…  I was not supposed to go yesterday but was around the area and dropped it off…  Lol…  I try to recycle as much as I can…  In FL, where I used to live, they would pick up the recylables and it was easier…  I moved to Louisiana at the beginning of the year and I collect and separate paper from plastic and from metal and bring it to the recycle center of my parish…  It’s more work but I believe in recycling…  The glass I bring it to Target because they won’t take it at the center… 

  2. Cruzvw says:

    i do like the cleansing clothes, ahhhhhh is so easy! i love coupons as well so keep them coming Olay, and i will be a customer for life!

    now i still have 3 BOGO of Olay from last Sunday, what’s the best deal this week? to use the 3 BOGO 

  3. Littleteau says:

    does the $30 and /or $25 purchase have to be on one receipt for each rebate? For example, I purchase three olay products one day and two on another. Together they are more than $30 Can I submit the two receipts on olay products for the rebate? And the three receipts for the $25 worth of other P&G products for their rebate?

    • Cruzvw says:

      i sure hope so cause that is what i did, i dint know of the rebate so i went back and got some more and enclosed both receipts in one envelope for the $10 rebate>

    • Unless the fine print on the rebate says otherwise, you can make multiple purchases to meet the $30.00 requirement. Most rebates require an original receipt so if you plan on submitting for to different rebates from the purchase of the same product(s), ask the cashier for a re-print of the receipt. 

      It’s always best to consult the fine print for all the details and restrictions.

  4. Alice says:

    is it possible for one to get both rebates? the $10 rebate for spending $30 on Olay, and the $5 for spending 25 on other things P&G?

    • Guest says:

      If you spend $30 on one receipt and $25 on another then yes.  You have
      to send in the original receipt so you can’t spend only $30 and send in
      the original receipt on one and a copy of the receipt on the other.

  5. Sandra says:

    Thank you for this post.  I just signed up for Olay Club.  I tried their cleansing cloths over the weekend; and love, love, love them.  The special offers and deals are converting me to an Olay fan.