January 2 begins the busiest travel booking season of the year. In fact, nearly half of all American vacations are booked in the first six weeks of the new year. To help you decide where to go, all 50 US state tourism departments offer travel planning literature for free. Many books also include maps and discount coupons for attractions, restaurants and hotels in their state. If you aren’t taking advantage of this gold mine of free information, you should. (However, just like you wouldn’t take more blinkie coupons than you can use, be responsible and don’t order more literature than you need.) Below are links to get your free travel guide at any of the 50 states. Do you need the information fast? Many state tourism departments also offer virtual editions that you can download instantly.

Where are you and your family headed for vacation in 2012?


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2 thoughts on “Free US State Travel Guides”

Wish there was a way to submit a form to all the states at one time. My hubby will be out of work for three weeks next year and we’re wanting to either drive all the way up the eastern coast or drive out west. We can’t decide which way is better. 🙂


But I should say thanks for rounding up the links and making it a lot easier to request info! Thanks KCL!