You Gotta Ibotta: Here’s Why it’s My 2nd Favorite App!

The Ibotta app isn’t new. I barely know anyone who doesn’t yet have it downloaded to their phone.

It’s my second favorite app for saving on groceries (first favorite, obvs). If you’ve been sitting on the fence, weighing pros and cons for the last three years, or even if you’ve been an avid user all along, here are some things you might not know about Ibotta. I sat down with the Ibotta team to get the scoop on where the company is headed.

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1. Ibotta is moving away from manual receipt upload.

Ibotta’s basic shtick has always been all about uploading a pic of your receipt to receive rebates for your qualifying purchases.

Now, Ibotta is trying to move to a more streamlined model by syncing up with your store’s loyalty card program or requiring you to scan a QR code at checkout for automatic redemption.


2. Best Buy now uses QR codes to track your purchase.

To redeem Ibotta offers at Walmart or Best Buy, first unlock the rebates you intend to purchase, then pull up a QR code and scan your phone at checkout.

Your purchase info is automatically sent to Ibotta and your account will be credited in the amount of each rebate within 48 hours.


3. Rite Aid & other stores who’ve integrated Ibotta technology can now track purchases automatically through your loyalty card.

Stores who’ve signed on with Ibotta and integrated Ibotta technology with their in-house loyalty programs include: Rite Aid, Food Lion, Weis, Giant Eagle, Lowes Foods, Redner’s Market, Raley’s and more.

Like the Best Buy QR system, stores listed above also require shoppers to ‘unlock’ offers before making a purchase.


4. Walmart stores print a QR code at the bottom of the receipt for easy redemption.

Instead of snapping a photo (or multiple photos) of your entire receipt when redeeming offers from Walmart, just scan the QR code on the bottom after purchase and watch your account total rise. You’ll still need to scan individual product UPCs to unlock products, however.

Note: Unlike Best Buy’s QR code that requires action from you at at checkout, you don’t have to touch Ibotta until after you receive your receipt.


5. Offers can be ‘unlocked’ for purchases up to a week old.

Ibotta users shouldn’t throw away their receipts for at least one week.

Retailers that don’t require QR code at checkout or loyalty card sync, (that’s most everybody besides Best Buy & Rite Aid), allow you to upload receipts up to a week old. If you purchased Challenge Butter six days ago at Kroger and a new rebate becomes available today, you can still upload that receipt and earn cash back.

Your receipt must be submitted within seven days of printed receipt date. Multiple submissions of receipts older than one week may result in account deactivation.


6. Ibotta reports first month earnings at $20-$25 per user.

Average earnings in the first month is between $20-$25, which can be transferred directly to you via PayPal or Venmo.

Dudes. This is fantastic. Get Ibotta right now.


7. Walmart has more Ibotta redemptions than any other retailer.

Walmart has nearly double the Ibotta redemptions as any other store, and it’s no surprise when you browse the app by store. Walmart offers are consistently the best.

Ibotta’s next most popular stores are Target and Kroger.


8. New Ibotta offers go live every Wednesday.

The best time to look for new offers is on Wednesday afternoon, when the bulk of new rebates hit Ibotta. Check back on Thursdays, as new offers keep trickling down for the first 24 hours.


9. The best Ibotta offers include savings on any brand milk or eggs.

Every week, Ibotta has offers including save $0.25 on any brand milk, save another $0.25 on any brand eggs, save $0.50 on any brand shredded cheese.


10. Or, get savings on fresh produce like lettuce or bananas.

Weekly produce offers include rebates such as $0.25 off any brand lettuce, $0.25 any brand yogurt, and $0.25 any brand bananas. About half of these any brand offers are sponsored by a brand.

When I go to “unlock” the avocado rebate this week, I’m prompted to watch a 10-15 second commercial for Stella Artois. Other “any brand” offers come straight from Ibotta. For example: When I unlocked this week’s offer on bananas, I had to read a “fun fact” about Ibotta bonuses.

If you do nothing but take advantage of these offers on a weekly basis, you’d save $130/year, (based on $2.50 per week savings). Get started with Ibotta!


11. Ibotta has expanded into the mall.

How about saving on apparel with Ibotta? It’s easy! Find rebates like 6% cash back on any in-store Charlotte Russe purchase. Other retail partners include Kohl’s, Gap, and Payless ShoeSource.


12. Ibotta can even save you money on dining out.

Ibotta works with restaurants including Rock Bottom Brewery, Jet’s Pizza, Gordon Biersch, and Modern Market.

But, the best offers, like the one shown above, are ‘any restaurant’ or ‘any bar’ offers like receive a $2 rebate for a glass of Cupcake wine and any appetizer.


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13. Only 24% of Ibotta’s users are men.

The bulk of Ibotta’s users are millennial moms ages 24-44. But Ibotta is trying to appeal more to male users. They’re upping their game in automotive, home improvement and electronics.

Ladies, the easiest way to save money is not just by using the Ibotta app; it’s also having your husband use the Ibotta app. Plus you’ll earn a $5 referral bonus just for signing him up.


14. Ibotta’s bonuses are the easiest way to increase earnings.

Average savings on any one Ibotta rebate is about $0.75. So, it can sometimes seem like a lot of work to accumulate earnings in your account. The best way to speed up your savings is to take advantage of bonus rebates.

Watch for bonus banners like the one shown above, or browse the bonus tab any time for a full list of bonuses such as: redeem any three rebates in a week and get an additional $2 credited to your account.


15. Ibotta teamwork bonuses add another $2 per month to your account.

Each month, on top of regular offers and individual bonuses, Ibotta also has teamwork bonuses. For example, August offered four levels of teamwork bonuses worth $0.50 each.

Join the Krazy Coupon Lady Ibotta Team on Facebook to begin! When you’re part of a 27,000+ member team of Krazy Coupon Ladies, you never have to worry that your team minimum won’t be met. 🙂 Get Ibotta!


16. Scan products to find applicable rebates.

One great way to use Ibotta is to scan the items you’re buying before placing them in your cart. If there’s an applicable rebate, Ibotta will let you know.


17. Ibotta rebates can be ‘stacked’ with manufacturer coupons.

Ibotta rebates work on purchases where manufacturer coupons are also redeemed. Use coupons at checkout, then upload your receipt after and get the full rebate value — even if it’s greater than the price you actually paid for the item!


18. The Krazy Coupon Lady app enhances Ibotta savings.

Saving $0.25 a week on milk from now until forever is reason enough to download Ibotta, but to really maximize the earnings-to-effort ratio, download The Krazy Coupon Lady app as well.

Each week, KCL’s team of super savers scours popular stores like Walmart, Target, and Kroger for the best sales. Then, we find coupons and Ibotta rebates to stack with already low sale prices.

In the end, instead of saving 10% here and 12% there, by following the step-by-step instructions from Krazy Coupon Lady, you’re saving 50-80% in minutes!

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19. Ibotta offers are still valid on sale items and clearance prices.

Stack Ibotta rebates with sales and clearance prices like this deal I found at Kohl’s:

Buy 2 Trimfit Tights two-packs (reg $10) $4.00, clearance price

Buy one, get one half-off sale

Pay: $6.00, submit two different $1.00 off Ibotta rebates

Final Price: $4.00, or $1.00 per pair of tights (80% savings)


20. When compared with other rebate apps, Ibotta is the clear leader.

Ibotta has more offers than any competitors, more variety, and more name brands.

While other grocery apps have some great features and are totally worth downloading, it really all comes down to whether there are rebates for the items you buy, and Ibotta is your best bet for diverse savings.


21. Ibotta has the highest cash-out threshhold in the rebate app industry.

Ibotta doesn’t allow users to cash out (via PayPal or Venmo) until they reach a $20 minimum in their Ibotta account. This is double what many other rebate apps require.

While it may seem like bad news, some users like to treat rebate apps like savings accounts and cash out once a year to offset holiday expenses or summer vacation costs.


22. Get cash back on travel sites like Expedia and

An extra 5% cash back from Expedia or 6% cash back from can add up quick. I saved an instant $200 on my recent trip to Sandals resort by booking my trip through Ibotta’s Expedia shopping portal.


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