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Why is Aldi so cheap?

Aldi keeps its prices low primarily by not stocking brand-name products. When you do find brand-name, it’s likely overstock that Aldi’s purchased at a reduced price, passing those savings along to you. When you shop at Aldi, you’ll notice the store is small compared to other grocers with a smaller selection of items. This smaller footprint keeps both real estate and labor prices lower. The savings can then be passed down to you, the consumer.

What is Aldi's return policy?

The Aldi return policy is generous. There is no time limit on returns – except for electronics, which you have to return within 90 days. If you’re returning an item, not only will you get your money back on your return, but you’ll also get a replacement item. The only exclusions are non-food Aldi Find deals and alcohol. 

You can make returns without a receipt at Aldi, but you’ll only get a store gift card – no cash back without a receipt.

Does Aldi deliver?

Yes, the Aldi grocery delivery service is run through Instacart. There is a $5.99 charge for 1-hour delivery and a $3.99 charge for 2-hour delivery.

Does Aldi accept coupons?

No, Aldi doesn’t take coupons. That’s okay, though, because their prices are already dirt cheap.

Does Aldi offer grocery pickup?

Yes, but fewer Aldi locations offer pickup than delivery. Rather than offering a grocery pickup independently, this service is run through Instacart. It costs $1.99, and there may be additional bag fees.

Is Aldi cheaper than Walmart?

A lot of times, Aldi is cheaper than Walmart. But there are some exceptions. Some of the things you should buy at Walmart instead of Aldi include: 

  • Animal crackers

  • Flour

  • Dish soap

  • Dish sponges

  • Plastic cutlery

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Aldi is a no-frills grocery store with over 2,200 store locations nationwide. Aldi doesn't accept manufacturer coupons and doesn't have aggressive weekly sales. Instead, 90% of the items sold are Aldi's exclusive brand. Look for items marked "Aldi Finds" for some of the best Aldi deals in store.