Aldi Return Policy


The ALDI return policy may be one of the more generous out there for grocers. From their "Twice as Nice" guarantee to full replacements and/or refunds for certain items, they really can't do any wrong.

Read on to learn what makes ALDI's return policy so great.

Chart summarizing the ALDI return policy

1. ALDI's Twice as Nice guarantee will refund and replace your purchase if you're not satisfied.

The policy states verbatim that "if for any reason you're not 100% satisfied with the quality of any product," ALDI will replace the product and refund your money.

To get this awesome deal, you have to return the product with its packaging and any unused product to your store's ALDI manager.

2. ALDI's Twice as Nice guarantee doesn't cover non-food ALDI Finds and national alcohol brands.

Hand holding up a pumpkin shaped dish in an Aldi store

While this is a pretty awesome policy, it does have its exclusions; that is, alcohol and non-food ALDI Finds deals.

So you're aware, ALDI Finds are food and/or products ordered months in advance that are available for a limited time (think seasonal stuff like Halloween costumes to kitchenware).

3. You can only return alcohol if your state allows it.

National alcohol brands aren't covered under the Twice as Nice guarantee, meaning you won't get a full refund and a free sixer of Coors Banquets if you return with a receipt.

But, you can still return alcohol if your local regulations permit it and get your refund.

4. You need a receipt to get your original payment back.

If you make a return with a receipt, ALDI will refund you in your original payment.

5. If you don't have a receipt, ALDI will issue you a merchandise credit gift card.

The inside of an ALDI grocery store with groceries on the shelves.

You'll be refunded the current retail value of the item, which is pretty awesome considering stores like ShopRite will refund you at the item's lowest price within the last 90 days.

Also, your ALDI merchandise credit gift card isn't limited to the store of purchase — you can use it at any ALDI in the U.S. and it won't expire. Win!

6. There are no limits on returns (except electronics).

This goes for produce, packaged goods, really anything, except for electronics.

If you buy electronics at ALDI, you have up to 90 days of the date of purchase to return your item, and you must return the product with all its contents and original product packaging.

7. Use ALDI's Warranties and Manuals page for non-food product returns and complaints.

If you have any complaints, questions, or just want to return a non-food-related purchase, you can use ALDI's Warranties and Manuals page for assistance.