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Trust me on this one: Walmart back to school can save you some serious cash if you keep an eye on sales. This makes Walmart the easiest choice for back-to-school shopping, especially if you’ve gotta pick one place rather than shop multiple stores.

But just in case you need more convincing, I’ll show you how to buy Walmart school supplies so you can walk away paying 50% – 75% less than everyone else.

First, bookmark KCL’s back-to-school page so you don’t miss a single deal this summer. And remember to download the official KCL app for more useful tips.


1. Walmart back-to-school sales begin in June.

Two women shopping through the Back to School display shelves at Walmart.

Walmart doesn’t offer a weekly sale on back-to-school items like other retailers. Instead, they have a large section of rollback prices that begin early into the back-to-school shopping season.

Walmart school supplies will start popping up in stores as early as June, with the bulk coming in July.


2. Use the Walmart school supply list to shop easily.

A person's hand holding up their phone, showing the Back-to-School shopping school list on Walmart app.

I know most schools send home the next year’s school supply list on the last day of school. But school papers don’t survive summer at my house. Go online and you can get your Walmart school supply list. Just type in your location and school name and boom!

Nobody will judge you for relying on Walmart to have your back here.


3. Price match Walmart school supplies with Walmart deals you’re seeing online.

Walmart stores price match sales that are being offered online, so if you find a really great online offer that’s potentially sold out, consider grabbing the deal in-store. That’s one of my favorite ways to save.

4. Print coupons and combine them with Walmart school supplies sale prices.

A person's hand holding some manufacturer's coupons for Post-it products in front of a shelf filled with post-it products.

As long as you have your eye out for Walmart school supplies, look for coupons for common back-to-school brands like Crayola, BIC, Kleenex, and more.

Since Walmart takes manufacturer coupons, you shouldn’t have a problem using one coupon per item and using them with sales. How many identical items and coupons you can use in one transaction is up to the store manager’s discretion and the coupon limits set by the manufacturer. Keep in mind that many school supplies coupons have a limit of two.

Find back-to-school coupons here:


5. Look for under $1 deals while you’re shopping Walmart back to school.

A person's hand holding up a box of Crayola colored pencils and a box of Crayola markers in front of a price sign advertising $0.97 inside Walmart.

Every year, Walmart back to school offers “special buys” on lots of different school supplies. These are items priced insanely low without using coupons.

Always double-check the stock-up price list, though — just because an item’s under $1 doesn’t mean it’s guaranteed to be at the lowest price available.

Here are a few under $1 deals we’ve seen that are worth getting excited over:



6. Score Walmart free school supplies through Ibotta.

Woman sitting and pointing her thumb at some school supplies, bread, peanut butter, jelly, and a box of Kleenex on the table next to her.

Ibotta is a rebate app that offers cash back on items after you make your purchase. At Walmart, you simply unlock the offers you’re interested in and then scan the QR code on your receipt with the Ibotta app or link your Walmart and Ibotta accounts before shopping.

In 2021, Ibotta released eight 100% cash-back rebates for Walmart free school supplies totaling approximately $20. These free-after-rebate items were available to new and existing users. To redeem, you must link your store loyalty account in the Ibotta app, then add the rebates to your list before you shop. Rebates will be credited automatically, with no need to upload a photo of your receipt.

Free-after-rebate products from Ibotta in 2021:

  • Five Star 3-Subject Notebooks
  • Paper Mate Pink Erasers, 3 ct
  • Ticonderoga #2 Pencils, 12 ct
  • Nature’s Own Butter Bread, Whole Wheat, or Honey Wheat, 20 oz
  • Skippy Peanut Butter, 15-16.3 oz
  • Smucker’s Squeeze Strawberry or Grape Jelly Fruit Spread, 20 oz
  • Del Monte Fruit Cups, 4 ct 4 oz
  • Kleenex, 110 ct
ONLINE or In-Store Deal
$0.00 $2.94 (100% Off)
Pay $2.94
Exp 05/17/24

7. Use Ibotta’s “Any Item” offers toward Walmart school supplies like crayons.

A person's hand holding a box of 24 count Crayola crayons next to a Walmart rollback price tag for $0.50

Speaking of Ibotta, I’ve seen an “Any Item” offer that gave me $0.25 back on anything I bought at Walmart.
You can use this for any Walmart back-to-school supplies — I recommend you save the offer for items that are already on sale to get the most bang for your buck. So if you see Crayola Crayons available for $0.50, use the “Any Item” rebate to cut your cost in half.

ONLINE or In-Store Deal
$0.25 $1.44 (83% Off)
Pay $0.50
Exp 05/17/24

8. Use KCL’s Back-to-School Supply Stock-Up Price List.

Two women Back-to-School shopping in an aisle at Walmart.

KCL’s 2022 Back-to-School Stock-Up List is here! Check it out before you start back-to-school shopping.
Access it on your smartphone while you’re at the store, or print it and use it as a hard copy reference.
We update it every year to make sure it’s accurate and that it reflects price changes from year to year.


9. Save on Walmart back-to-school polos and khakis.

A rack of polo shirts with a sign and a balloon that both read, "School uniforms" inside Walmart.

Starting early in the season — possibly even already on the shelves at your Walmart — you’ll find super cheap uniform polos and khakis. There’s no need to wait for a school uniform sale since these prices are Walmart’s everyday low price. You can score this 2-pack of kids’ polos for $9.94 and kids’ uniform pants for $12.97 right now, without a sale.

ONLINE or In-Store Deal
($4.97 ea.)
Exp 05/17/24

10. Get Walmart back-to-school backpacks for under $10.

A person's hand holding up a Frozen themed backpack in front of a display of more licensed character backpacks with a sign that says Rollback $7.50 inside Walmart.

Walmart is the place for kids’ backpacks with characters from Star Wars, LOL Surprise, Super Mario, and more. Why? Because where else can you score them for as low as $9.98 each? Not every character backpack will be under $10, but I’ve been surprised at how many big names end up being on the cheaper side.

Or, if you go the non-character route, you can grab a kids’ backpack for as low as $5.

In-Store Deal
Eastsport Geo Backpack
$5.00 $19.96 (75% Off)
Exp 05/25/24


11. Find college dorm supplies at Walmart, like laptops and microwaves.

A person looking at a display Chromebook laptop in the electronics section at Walmart.

Your college-bound kiddo is going to need a lot before they head to the dorms. Check Walmart for college dorm supplies first.
Right now, they’ve got Chromebooks for as cheap as $99 and microwaves for $44.96 (reg. $55.88).

Exp 05/17/24

12. Order Walmart school supplies through Grocery Pickup.

A Walmart employee loading groceries into the trunk of a vehicle parked in the Walmart Pickup spot.

If you shop for school supplies online through Walmart Grocery, you can avoid going into the store completely. I was able to find all the items from my kids’ school supply lists in previous years. Best part? Grocery pickup is free.

Select your pickup time before you place an order, and then when it’s time to pick up your school supplies, just park in a designated “Grocery Pickup” stall and call the number on the sign or check in on the app. An associate will bring your order out and put it into your car for you.

Plus, you can use Ibotta with Walmart Grocery Pickup by connecting your accounts – no receipt required.


13. Or get free Walmart shipping with Walmart+ or when you spend more than $35 online.

Two Walmart boxes stacked on a front doorstep.

If you don’t even want to leave your house for Walmart school supplies, I don’t blame you.

You can shop Walmart.com and get free shipping with Walmart+ or on orders of $35 or more. Alternately, choose free store pickup, at select locations.

You won’t be able to use manufacturer coupons this way, but if you just can’t stomach Walmart crowds, it’s a great option.

Wanna try Walmart+ out for free? Sign up to get a free 30-day Walmart+ membership, no credit card required.


14. Hit up Walmart back-to-school clearance a week or two after school starts.

A person's hand holding up a Texas Instruments calculator up in front of a display of more calculators inside Walmart.

Don’t worry, procrastinators. Walmart might reward you for putting off shopping with a glorious offering of end-of-season clearance.

If you wait just a week or two after the kids go back to the classroom, you’ll score major clearance savings on Walmart back to school.

In the past, I’ve seen TI scientific calculators for $4.50, binders for $0.25, pencil boxes for $0.10, and shoes and clothing for $1—not joking.

Hey, even if you already did your school supply shopping, consider shopping Walmart clearance for next year’s stash!


15. Check BrickSeek if back-to-school clearance inventory is low—another Walmart might have what you want.

A person's hands holding a cell phone displaying BrickSeek.com's Walmart Inventory Checker in front of an empty shelf.

Using BrickSeek at Walmart can alleviate a few headaches when you’re clearance shopping. You can look up your clearance item on BrickSeek either online or in the store.

Just use the SKU finder to search your product, add your zip code, and check out nearby stores that have your item in stock.


16. Feel free to stock up—Walmart’s school supply inventory is legit.

A Walmart shopping cart full of school supplies including binders, notebooks, pencils, pens, markers, glue, and more.

Whether you want to stock up on paper for the year or you want to donate your Walmart school supplies to a charity, the store will probably have plenty on hand.

In the past, KCL bought 100 notebooks to donate to local refugees through the KCL Foundation, and we got them all the same day at Walmart.


What major deals have you seen while Walmart back-to-school shopping? Let the KCL community know in the comments below.

How to Save on Walmart Back-to-School Shopping